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One of the challenges that nurses may face from time to time is locating veins in some patients. For example, finding the veins of the elderly, children, or patients with dark skin can sometimes be difficult for nurses and paramedics doing cannulation and venipuncture. If you are not using a vein finder, most of your patients will need an additional stick, and this can be traumatic for them as well as you.

Vein finders can help you find the right veins quickly. When you use these devices you will reduce wastage of PICC, syringes, needles and midline trays on stick after stick. These venipuncture devices are non-invasive and use light to help you see the veins in the subcutaneous tissues.

Types of Vein Finders

There are two types of vein finders; active and passive devices.

Active devices use infrared and red light to shine the hemoglobin in the blood. On the other hand, passive vein finders change the amount of visible light entering your eye so that you can see the veins easily.

Majority of the recommended vein finders for nurses are the active devices.

How Do Vein Finders Work?

how do vein finders workIf you shine a flashlight through places with light tissue on your hand, e.g., the palms, you are likely to see the veins. The light from the flashlight cannot, however, penetrate thicker muscles to show the veins.

A vein finder works in a similar way to a flashlight in that it shines an infrared light on your muscles to reveal the veins. The infrared light can, however, penetrate a few millimeters into your muscles to show the veins.

When infrared light shines on your muscles, it is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. In turn, the light “highlights” the superficial vasculature. The veins will be seen even if a person has thick muscles or dark skin.

How to Vein Finder Glasses Work?

Vein finder glasses are passive vein finding devices that look like the conventional sunglasses. These devices alter the color of visible light to enable you to see veins more easily. For best results, the glasses have to be used with powerful illumination.

Now that we know how vein finder glasses work, let’s review the best available on the market.

Best Vein Finder Glasses

O2Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses

O2Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses The Paramedic vein glasses look like conventional sunglasses but will protect you from UV rays. The vein finders help you to easily see superficial vasculature, determine if a patient has cyanosis, view rashes, and detect the levels of oxygen in the blood. When wearing the glasses, the veins appear to fluoresce.

You can wear the paramedic vein finder all day. These glasses have anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-static coatings.

For best results, you should wear the glasses in areas with adequate indoor lighting or under bright sunlight. If you are working at night, you can have a portable lamp or strong flashlight nearby to improve the brightness of your work areas. After wearing the glasses, it will take a few minutes before your eyes adjust to them.


If you have prescription eyewear, contact O2Amp to ground your prescription for you. You can also get special glasses from the company if you are colorblind. The special glasses as known as Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses, which follow below.

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Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses

Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction GlassesIf you are color blind, O2Amp also has vein finder glasses that will work for you. Wearing the glasses also enables you to easily distinguish between bile and blood. Moreover, you can see if the arm is flushed or pale.

These special vein finder glasses help to correct color blindness. The lenses are also scratch resistant and do not break easily. Finally, the lenses have an anti-fog coating and will protect your eyes against UV rays.

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Benefits of Using Vein Finder Glasses

Paramedic glasses are an excellent addition to active vein finders.  The vein glasses are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be worn just like regular sunglasses. When you wear the glasses, you will not only be able to detect the veins but also see a patient’s overall well-being. These devices are an excellent addition to your medical kit.

Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to clean the vein finder correctly. For example, cleaning the lighted area with alcohol can damage it.

Vein Finder Accessories

If you would be using vein finder glasses on different patients, you should purchase the disposable slipcovers sold by the manufacturers. These covers are crucial in preventing cross-contamination.

Below are the vein finder accessories you would need when performing cannulation and venipuncture.

#1.  Hand Wash

Hand WashCarry a suitable hand wash all the time to disinfect your hand without having to wash it multiple time during the day.

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#2.  Gauzes

GauzePlace a gauze under the bandage you place on the patient’s puncture wound, just in case it would be needed.

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#3.  Bandages

BandagesAfter drawing blood or giving an injection, you may need a bandage to cover up the puncture wound.

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#4.  Disposable Gloves

Disposable GlovesAlways wear a fresh pair of medical grade gloves to protect yourself and practice optimal hygiene when using a vein finder and giving injections.

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#5.  Preparation Pads

Preparation PadsUse a prep pad on the area of the patient’s skin where you plan to puncture with a needle.

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#6.  Disposable Tourniquets

Disposable TourniquetsYou should uses disposable tourniquets for cleanliness if you will be treating many patients.

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#7.  Disposable Container

Disposal ContainerAfter using the needles, you should dispose them off in a disposable container.

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#8.  Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant WipesThe vein finder glasses should be cleaned after each use with a disinfectant wipe to keep it clean and suitable for use with different patients.

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#9.  Disposable Covers

Disposable CoversIt is critical to use disposable covers if you plan on using the vein finder on more than none person. Using disposable covers help to prevent contamination and spread of germs among patients.

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Using the above vein finder accessories will ensure you are running a hygienic and safe practice. Moreover, you will be more confident in your ability to treat patients.

Patient Safety When Using Vein Finder Glasses

Before treating your patient, you should find out their history. For example:

  • Is there any part of the body where the blood should not be drawn, perhaps because of an earlier surgery?
  • Does their blood take time to clot, perhaps because they have hemophilia?
  • Are they an MRSA carrier?
  • Do they have a blood-borne disease such as hepatitis or HIV?

Here is a good video about cannulation:


Vein finder glasses are a worthy investment if you have frequent treatment to perform for someone like a hemophiliac or if venipuncture is a regular part of your job.  The above are the best vein finder glasses on the market.

If you would like to purchase active vein finder devices, check this article here.

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