Reviews of the Best Cardiology Stethoscope


The invention of the stethoscope brought a big revolution to the world of medicine. Unlike pre-stethoscope days where doctors had to undertake harsh cumbersome procedures to diagnosis patients, this new technology presented an easy way of diagnosing by simple auscultation.

To this day, the stethoscope has remained a stronghold for physicians. In fact, some medical practitioners like cardiologists wholly rely on it to reach the organ they have specialized in.

However, with technology come some challenges:

  • What model is better than the other?
  • How to choose the best model?
  • Which alternative models can serve the same purpose?

Read on for a guide on how to choose the best cardiology stethoscope.

Reviews of the Best Cardiology Stethoscope

Littmann Master Cardiology
USA6.6 ounces27 inches7 years
Littmann Cardiology STC
USA1.9 ounces27 inches6 years
Littmann Cardiology IV
littmann cardiology iv stethoscope
USA6.6 ounces27 inches7 years
Welch Allyn Harvey DLXPediatric StethoscopeUSA3.8 ounces28 inches10 years

#3M Littmann Master Cardiology

The 3M™ Littmann® Master Cardiology Stethoscope is an acoustic stethoscope with a one sided chest piece and a tunable diaphragm technology. The tunable diaphragm allows listening to high pitched sounds and low-frequency sounds without the need to turn the chest piece. The stainless steel chest piece is uniquely handcrafted and has non-chill rims.

This good stethoscope comes with a comfortable, lightweight headset with a special adapter for pediatric auscultation. It also has a double leaf binaural spring and gel-like snap-tight ear tips. The sound acoustic quality of these ear tips is praised especially for their ability to tap sounds of all frequency range.

This Littman stethoscope comes with a 7-year warranty. Customers can take their steths for free repair unless the device has been accidentally damaged. Like is expected of the best stethoscope brands, 3M Littmann also offers replacement parts and accessories at a fair price.

Click here for more information on the 3M™ Littmann® Master Cardiology Stethoscope.

Why Customers Love it

  • The headset is set at a permanent angle that is anatomically perfect. The angle keeps the headset from loosening with time and at the same time reduces air leaks.
  • Has a patented tunable diaphragm technology that allows one to shift between high and low frequencies without having to turn the chest piece.
  • Gel like 3M patented snap-tight ear tips that perfectly block out background interference
  • The double leaf binaural spring incorporates two tubes and therefore eliminates noise arising from two tubes rubbing together
  • The special procedures adapter is perfect for examining emaciated or pediatric patients and complex body parts
  • Available in a variety of colors including grey ear tips and chrome ear tubes, smoke and copper ear tubes and black ear tips with black tubing and brass
  • An excellent length of 27 inches
  • You can customize the stethoscope’s head with your initials

Advantages of the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology

  • Has a lightweight headset that is easy and comfortable to use
  • Has a single tube with a double bore
  • Can distinguish high pitched and low pitched sounds without the need to turn over the chest piece


  • If the tube gets blocked, hearing with them becomes challenging
  • The stainless steel bell can rust when cleaned too many times with alcohol

 See Amazon Customer Reviews Check Price at Amazon


#Littmann Cardiology STC Stethoscope

3m littmann cardiology stc stethoscopeNot only does Littmann Cardiology STC Stethoscope look impressive, but its acoustic capabilities are also above average. The steth’s chest piece allows for a perfect grip, making it easy to move around during auscultation. This is the best cardiology stethoscope for nurses.

This cardiology stethoscope features the tunable diaphragm technology for swapping between multiple frequencies by just altering the pressure. Its excellent acoustic capabilities allow for perfect sound reception even through different body site auscultation.

The double bore tube design of this model ensures that only necessary sounds are transmitted and that there is no noise interference by the rubbing of the tubes together. The tubing comes in a variety of colors.

In addition to being durable and flexible, the headset is anatomically positioned for perfect sound transmission. It also has a quality latex-free tubing. The stethoscope has a seal tight gel ear tips that prevent background noise interference during an examination.

The warranty period for this professional stethoscope is six years. The warranty includes free repair services of any of the parts. If the warranty is void, you can purchase replacement parts.

Click here for more information on the Littmann Cardiology STC Stethoscope.


  • The double bore tubing keeps off noise disturbance that results from rubbing of the tubes
  • The tight seal ear tips provide a comfortable wear while at the same time blocking out background noise disturbance
  • The tunable diaphragm makes swapping between frequencies easy


  • It is an expensive stethoscope compared to  other models (Current price is at Amazon)
  • The sound acoustic quality is not as good as that of the Master Cardiology stethoscope

 See Amazon Customer Reviews Check Price at Amazon


#3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

littmann cardiology iv stethoscopeThe Littmann Cardiology IV is the latest Littmann stethoscope model on the market. The device has the latest most reliable technology and is made with new generation materials, which makes it the best Littmann stethoscope.

Unlike most stethoscopes, this unit has an open bell system where one can swap the bell to either a traditional or pediatric bell. Its next-generation tubing is high quality and durable as it is resistant to alcohol and skin oils. The cardiac stethoscope uses the tunable diaphragm technology.

This is the best Littmann cardiology stethoscope you can buy.

Read 3M Littman Cardiology Stethoscope Review by Nurses.

Why Customers Love this Stethoscope

  • It has a single piece diaphragm with a smooth surface. The diaphragm is easy to attach and clean due to the absence of crevices
  • The one-piece adjustable diaphragm has a better capability of capturing high pitched frequency
  • Both sides of the chest piece have an adjustable diaphragm that is perfect for both pediatric and adult use
  • It has a great-looking precision-machined chest piece with has a stem on the open side indicator. The chest piece is less angular in shape
  • It is open-ended with a bell that allows the pediatric side to change to the traditional bell through replacement of the one piece diaphragm with the non-chill sleeve
  • The next generation tubing is not prone to corrosion by alcohol and skin oils and doesn’t easily get dirty. The tube is also durable.

Do More With the Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

  • The easy to convert pediatric side converts the traditional bell with the non-chill rim
  • Excellent high-frequency sound audibility gives you an easy time diagnosing your patient
  • The double bore tubing eliminates rubbing noise by combining two sound paths in one
  • The double-sided tunable diaphragm enhances both low and the high-frequency sounds, making the stethoscope perfect for both adult and pediatric use
  • The next generation tubing that is phthalate plasticizers and latex free is resistant to skin oil and alcohol, and therefore more durable.
  • Ideal for use on latex sensitive individuals
  • The open bell is easy to maintain as it simply entails using the small diaphragm
  • Has a 7 year warranty. This means no shopping for a new steth in a long time


  • The double bore tubing that eliminates rubbing noises ensure more definite sounds
  • There is an allowance for easy size conversion for different patients
  • The next generation tubing increases the lifespan of the stethoscope


  • Does not have a rubber bell cover

 See Amazon Customer Reviews Check Price at Amazon


#Welch Allyn Harvey DLX

welch allyn harvey dlx stethoscope

The Welch Allyn Harvey DLX stethoscope model features a trumpet brass construction design. This design enables users to hear even the most critical sounds of vascular, pulmonary and cardiac issues without relying on the variable pressure technique.

A double lumen tubing is present in this model and generates two different acoustic paths that work with the fine weight brass chest piece to relay perfect sounds. The crisp and clear sounds generated by this cardiologist stethoscope will help you develop your auscultation skills.


  • The materials used to manufacture the steth are free of phthalate plasticizers and latex
  • Has a pediatric chest piece
  • Has rotatable binaural with comfortable interchangeable tight seal ear tips
  • Is a full range of pulmonary and cardiology stethoscope
  • A suitable length of 28 inches
  • The binaural includes a triple leaf spring enclosed in polyurethane to allow for size adjustment and therefore preventing breakage
  • Has a double head chest piece
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year

Click here for more information on the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX


  • Has a double head chest piece
  • The double lumen tubes create two sound channels
  • It is latex free
  • Has a long tube length


  • The tubing in conspicuously longer. Thus, it might take you some time to adjust to it
  • It does not have a pediatric diaphragm

  See Amazon Customer Reviews Check Price at Amazon


#MDF ProCardial C3

mdf procardial c3 stethoscope
Featuring an ergonomic design, the MDF® ProCardial™ C3 Stethoscope is the only stethoscope that comes with a six conversion attachment. The attachment is alterable to nine different configurations, including a child, infant and adult stethoscope.

The steth is manufactured from premium grade stainless steel and provides an accurate auscultation of lungs and heart sounds. The acoustic reliability of this professional stethoscope allows healthcare professional to provide excellent diagnosis of their patients with just a single stethoscope.

Not only does this device have excellent craftsmanship, but also performance and durability like models from other top stethoscope brands.

Features of the Cardiac Stethoscope

  • Comfortseal™ ear tips – This unit is packaged with 3 different-sized soft silicone ComfortSeal™ ear tips that ensure a perfect fit.
  • Acoustic tubing – The double bore tubing of the stethoscope is thick and dense, which ensures perfect sound transmission. The latex-free PVC used to make it blocks out background noise. The tube has an average length, which allows you to examine your patient without them feeling like their space is invaded.
  • Ergonomax™ headset and Safetylock™ – The headset of this device is a hand polished, pre-angled stainless steel. The patented SafetyLock™ ear tip adapters are ranked top when it comes to safety. The top rated stethoscope also has a patented double leaf spring that ensures durability
  • Attachment Clip – There is an extra attachment clip that can be worn on your wrist, belt or pocket to increase accessibility.
  • Chest Piece – This is made of handcrafted stainless steel and features a hand polished dual head and a precious machine. The chest piece is designed with a patented full rotation acoustic valve system which includes the SoundTight™ GLS technology that blocks out noises. It also has a green indicator that alerts the user of an active sound channel. The chest piece has an adult ultrasensitive diaphragm and an extra-large cardiology bell. The stethoscope allows nine different configurations by simple screw attachment. Each diaphragm has a non-chill rim that not only enhances sound amplification but also gives safe acoustic transmission. The diaphragms also isolate extreme low sounds.
  • Accessories – This stethoscope is packed with an extra ultrasensitive infant’(complete set), child and adult diaphragms, two extra sets of ComfortSeal™ ear tips, an ID tag and an attachment clip.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Replacement for any of the parts of this scope is done for free over the lifetime of the steth.

Click here for more information on MDF ProCardial C3


  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Can be configured differently up to nine times
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • It is stiff and will tend to hurt the ears
  • It is relatively fragile and should be therefore used with care

 See Amazon Customer Reviews Check Price at MDF Website

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for Cardiologist

There are different brands of stethoscopes you can choose. To find the best model for you, you should read cardiology stethoscope reviews of past buyers. Here are some things to keep in mind to find a good stethoscope.

Parts of a Stethoscope

Quality acoustic stethoscopes have various parts unlike cheaper brands. The following are the integral parts of a cardiologist stethoscope.

  • The chest piece
  • Tubing
  • The ear piece

The Chest Piece

A chest piece can be either single head or double head. The double head chest piece has a bell on one side for hearing low frequency sounds and a diaphragm on the other for hearing high pitched sounds. To listen to the different sound frequencies, you have to apply some pressure to the chest piece in relation to the frequency you want to hear.

Models also come in different diameters. This is important due to the different sizes of patients you will be handling. While infants can be examined with the 25mm size, you will need the 35 mm for examining adults. The 45mm is more ideal when listening to subtle heart beats.

The non-chill rim diaphragm is recommended irrespective of the patients that you will be dealing with as it makes the patient more comfortable.

Tubing Length and Style

An average tubing length is between 22 to 28 inches. Some steths having lengths that can easily go a physician’s neck.

The tubing can either ba e single or double lumen. There are also bi-lumen tubes that combines two tubes in one. The bi- lumen tubing prevents noise interference from the rubbing of the tubes together.

Choosing a stethoscope with a reasonable tube length is important as some patients always feel intimidated when the distance between them and the clinician is small.

The wider the tube, the better the sound quality. This is useful for intensive care practitioners, emergency care providers, cardiologists and respiratory therapists.

The type of material that the tubing is made is also an important factor to consider. This is because some patients might be sensitive to some materials like latex. Also, the type and material quality will determine how vulnerable the tube is to breakages and splitting.

Although black is the most common color, some top rated stethoscope models come in an array of colors.

Ear Pieces

Ear pieces come in varying sizes and types. They can either be hard or soft. Choose stethoscopes with interchangeable earpieces.

The material used, for example, rubber or gel, can help to reduce background noises. This makes such ear pieces perfect for emergency room workers, paramedics and anesthesiologists.

In settings like cardiology units, intensive care units, emergency rooms and medicine offices, the type of ear piece can make a huge difference in your overall performance.

If you have irregular ear lobes that even adjustable ear pieces don’t seem to fit, go for customized headsets. These will also have customized ear pieces for a comfortable fit.

Acoustic vs. Electronic Stethoscope

Even today, most physicians still identify more with and prefer traditional acoustic stethoscopes.

Cardiologists  need to pick high quality acoustic stethoscopes that can tap both high and low frequency. For medics that can’t hear specific sound frequencies, maybe because they have hearing imperfections, the amplified electronic stethoscopes will be right for them. Most of the amplified stethoscopes have a noise reduction feature.

There are also electronic stethoscopes that can capture electrocardiogram data and oxygen saturation levels and transfer the information to a PC.

So, what model is the best cardiology stethoscope?

The 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope easily scoops the medal for the best stethoscope for cardiologist. It has enhanced audibility of high frequencies and double bore tubing that eliminates noises made when the tubes rub together. This tube also comes with a one piece tunable diaphragm on both sides, which makes it ideal for examining both children and adults.

The Littmann Cardology stethoscope also has the next generation tubing. The tubing is durable and resistant to alcohol and skin oil.

 Check Price of Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope at Amazon

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