3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope Review

littmann classic ii se
3M Littmann Classic II S.E.

Although an excellent quality product, the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope can be a cash bank-breaker. Given that Littmann products are never a let-down, this model is trusted by healthcare and other professionals who use a stethoscope in one way or the other. It is indeed a great equipment to invest in, either for general or specific cardiology use.

The acoustic sensitivity of the 3M Classic II S.E. is extraordinary. This gives it an edge over other stethoscopes that are way affordable. Of course, most brands do not match up to the standards of the Littmann models. Littmann stethoscopes are of high quality and unbeatable durability.

Money is a big factor for most students, doctors, nurses and other professionals in the medical field. But compromising quality due to cash limitation is costly in the long-term. Besides, with the Littmann SE, you don’t just hear cracks and murmurs-features. You will also hear sounds you were not looking for.

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Why Buy a 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

  • Quality Body

The stethoscope is manufactured by 3M, a reputable company. The Classic SE is built to last. Even better, you will get a great bargain with the two year warranty given on purchase.

  • Convenient

The two-sided chest piece makes it easy for a medic to alternate sides depending on the age of the client. Although you have to apply force on the diaphragm when listening to low-frequency sounds, you don’t have to turn the chest piece.

  • Excellent Acoustic Clarity

All its pieces enhance the clarity of sounds of the earpiece. While the diaphragm and chest piece assist you to hear body sounds more clearly, the ear tips enable you to work in even the noisiest of environments such as in an ambulance.

  • Comfortable Body

This model has a chest piece built to round the blood pressure cuff. This enables you to assess the blood pressure and perform other body examinations comfortably.

Features of the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

There is a lot of hype about the 3M Classic SE  diaphragm and chestpiece. The two-sided chestpiece and the adjustable diaphragm make this model tick as they enhance body sounds. However, there are also other important features:

  • Fitting Headset

The anatomical design of this stethoscope provides a perfect fit when you insert the ear tips in the ears. Therefore, it will not carelessly fall off while you are working on a patient. Expect an impressive listening experience.

  • Non-chill Rim

Most patients are uncomfortable with the coldness of scope’s diaphragm. The Classic SE does not have this  discomfort.

  • Two-sided Chestpiece

The two-sided chestpiece makes the Classic SE convenient to use. You can use the larger side to assess adult patients and the smaller side for pediatric use.

  • Adjustable Diaphragm

The two-sided chestpiece allows you to switch from the diaphragm to bell easily. You can use the bell to listen to low-frequency sounds and the diaphragm for high-frequency sounds. And it’s as easy as putting more pressure on the chest piece during an assessment.

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There is no stethoscope that is completely perfect, and this one is not spared. Its disadvantages include:

  • It’s costly

When compared to other stethoscopes, the Littmann Classic SE is quite expensive at . The stethoscope is  however a great investment if you consider its features.

  • Tubing wear

You will have to replace the tubing after some years. This is because it will get uncomfortably stiff.

If you are all about quality, the limitations of this stethoscope will not be a major issue. Most reviews of the stethoscope at Amazon show customers are satisfied and happy with it. Among the features praised are the noise-proof ear tips. Customers indicate they could hear many sounds that weren’t possible with the other stethoscopes. This makes the stethoscope perfect even for medics with a mild hearing loss.

Health workers in emergency units and those who work in medical helicopters or ambulance also praised this model. They recommended it for its ability to hear body sounds even in the presence of clothing.

Medical students were also impressed by this make. Although they complained of its high price, it being lightweight was admirable because you can carry it for hours on your neck without getting a stiff neck. In addition, its ability to let you hear even the tiniest of sounds makes it the best for learning.

The stethoscope’s ability to perfectly fit the cuff is also another notable feature. Taking patients’ blood pressure is thus easy and comfortable.


Reading reviews only many not convince you of the uniqueness of the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope. However, when you pick one, you will agree it is worth the price. The ease of use of the stethoscope makes it one of the best for experienced medics and nursing students.

What we loved most about this model is that it’s lightweight. This makes it comfortable to carry along in anything, even your pockets. The tunable diaphragm also allows you listen to all frequency sounds just by increasing pressure on it.

If you need a steth that provides accurate body sounds without picking up surrounding sounds, this is your must-have model. EMT practitioners will especially love it.

We recommend this model for professionals in search of high quality stethoscope. Check out Amazon prices for the best price of this item.

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