Best Pulse Oximeter for Nurses


As a nurse, one of the medical devices you will need to use on a regular basis is a pulse oximeter.  Today’s digital pulse oximeters come with a range of features and capabilities that make them must-have accessories for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals.

In this article, we will review the best oximeters for nurses. But before that, let’s get an overview of what these devices are:

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a digital device that is used to measure the amount of oxygen in your body. The get your oxygen saturation levels, you simply have to place the oximeter on your finger or earlobe.

There are different types of pulse oximeters that you can purchase. The best oximeters for doctors and nurses are the hospital grade types. These oximeters have advanced functions and ability to track various data that may be required by your physician. Hospital grade oximeters have excellent accuracy levels and are available at different price points.

With that said, continue reading this pulse oximeters review for recommendations of the best pulse oximeters for medical professionals (nurses, EMT, doctors, etc.)

Best Pulse Oximeters for Nurses

#1.  Facelake FL-100 Pulse Oximeter – Best Oximeter for Nurses

Facelake FL-100The Facelake FL-100 is an affordable pulse oximeter that will help you to easily check blood oxygen saturation levels as well as the pulse rate.  This model has been rated the most accurate pulse oximeter on the market.

The oximeter has an alarm function that will notify you of irregular heartbeats when you are measuring the pulse rate. The device takes less than 10 seconds to measure your SpO2 Oxygen saturation and shows the results on a large OLED display that is viewable even in sunlight.

The only downside with this pulse oximeter for nurses is that it only displays the oxygen level but does not indicate whether the levels are good or bad. Moreover, some people find it difficult to operate.

Overall, the Facelake FL-100 tops our list as the best pulse oximeter for nurses.

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#2.  Acc U Rate Pro 500DL – Best Oximeter for Doctors

Acc u Rate 500DLThe Accurate Pro Series 500DL is another recommended pulse oximeter for medical professionals. The device has a silicon cover that prevents it from getting scratches, has a lanyard and is powered by batteries.  This oximeter is accurate and rates the best oximeter for doctors looking for accurate readings.

The Accurate oximeter is approved for use by the FDA and its blood oxygen saturation values reach up to 100%. The device is constructed of premium metal and other hypoallergic and latex free materials.

However, the Acc U Rate oximeter may be a little complicated for use at home.

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#3.  Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse OximeterThe Innovo pulse oximeter is a high-performance device with a multi-directional display that offers six different layout options. The oximeter has Perfusion Index, which indicates your pulse strength in numbers. There is also the Plethysmograph that provides a visual representation of your heartbeat. The oximeter also has an audio and alarm function.

However, the Innovo oximeter is a little expensive and is not suitable for monitoring oxygen levels at night.

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#4.  Zacurate 500B Oximeter

The Zacurate oximeter is approved for use by the FDA and manufactured according to CE guidelines. This is also an excellent oximeter for nurses and other health professionals. The oximeter is quite accurate and has a deviation of just 2%. This portable gadget is the best fingerprint pulse oximeter if you have a small budget.

The only downside you may find is that the oximeter is not as durable as some of the models we have in this list.

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#5.  Acc U Rate 430-DL Oximeter

zacurate 430-dl pulse oximeterThe Acc U Rate 430-DL is another accurate oximeter that is recommended for nurses. This device is FDA-approved and rarely deviates more than 1% under strict lab conditions.  The oximeter features an improved sensor and light and is covered by ABS plastic to prevent damage from infrared rays.

The Acc U Rate 430-DL is an excellent oximeter but a little bit pricey.

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#6.  Facelake FL-350 Oximeter

Facelake FL-350 Pulse Oximeter1Another Facelake oximeter that is on our list of best pulse oximeters for nurses and doctors is the FL-350. This oximeter records accurate readings of a patient’s pulse strength and blood oxygen saturation. In less than 10 seconds.

Its large OLED display has vibrant effects and is rotatable, which makes reading the measurements convenient. The oximeter comes with a 1-year warranty.

However, using the oximeter for a long time can make it get hot.

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#7.  TempIR

TempIR pulse OximeterAnother accurate oximeter for doctors and nurses is the TempIR. This oximeter is portable and easy to use. The device measures the heart rate and oxygen saturation fast and accurately. You can visualize your heartbeat through the Plethysmograph Waveform of the device.

The only downside of this pulse oximeter is its price.

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#8.  MeasuPro Digital Oximeter

MeasuPro Digital OximeterThe MeasuPro is another FDA-approved oximeter for nurses that is durable, lightweight and features a Smart Design. The pulse oximeter has a rotating LED screen that can rotate through six different views. This hypoallergic oximeter measures the pulse strength through Perfusion Index and visualizes your heartbeat through waveform (Plethysmograph).

MeasuPro Instant Read Digital Pulse Oximeter Features

This is a good oximeter for nurses and doctors but is not suitable for long-term use as it uses a lot of battery power.

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Editor’s Verdict: Best Pulse Oximeter for Nurses

All the above oximeters are FDA-approved and measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels accurately. Our top pick is the AccUrate 500 DL. This nurse pulse oximeter is accurate and fast. Moreover, it is FDA-approved and made from latex-free materials.

The Facelake FL-350 and Innovo tie a close second in our recommendations.

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