Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review


Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor ReviewOne of the best heart rate monitors on the market is the Polar FT7. This device will help you not only track your game but also surpass it. In this Polar FT7 review, we will look at how this device performs in relation to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Overview of the Polar FT7

The Polar FT7 is a high-end heart rate monitor that helps to take your fitness regime to the next level. The device comes with a number of features such as accurate calorie burn, exercise guidance, Energy pointer and more.

The heart rate monitor is available in different colors that can fit your personality or mood. The colors are:

The device supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Swedish, German and Finnish.

Check the video below for an overview of the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor.

Lightweight Design

The Polar FT7 is lightweight and, hence, will not dominate your arm. However, it is also sturdy enough to remain attached to the arm as you engage in rapid and high-intensity cardio training.

The fitness watch comes with in-built technology with a lot of features.

If you are planning to buy the FT7 sports watch, consider also getting the Polar H1 chest strap. The strap is comfortable to wear and will start taking your heart rate when it comes in close contact with wet clothes, e.g. when you are sweating.

The Polar FT7 has a replaceable battery.

Polar FT7 Features

The Polar FT7 does more than just track your heart rate. With the device, you can record, track and surpass your health goals. This heart rate sensor has various analytics and feedback mechanisms that will help you to improve your fitness.

The features we love include:

Training Load Adjustment and Smart Alerts

The device has a “Training Load” feature that tracks the load you are currently working at and suggests various adjustments.  If you are breaking into a routine and need to ease into it, you will find this feature quite helpful. The Training Load will help you know where the routine could see more intensity or where you are exerting too much.

Visual and sound alerts are produced by the heart rate sensor as you work out. The device will help you to adjust your training program to reach your goals no matter activities you are doing. For example, it can alert you to slow down or speed up your workout to stay in your target heart rate zone.

The alerts are helpful if you are working to achieve a particular point in your regimen.

Captures Several Sensor Data

The FT7 performs basic tasks as counting calories, measuring the percentage of the maximum heart rate, and recording heartbeats per minute easily. Therefore, you can use the device when training outside, during yoga classes as well as for the gym.

Built-in Training Programs

The FT7 heart rate monitor has built-in programs and a training diary. You can track the stats that are relevant to your training every day, week or month through the training diary.

Button-Free Operation

You can operate the device without a button thanks to Polar’s HeartTouch technology that is inbuilt in it. To switch to different training information, simply move the watch next to the transmitter.

The button-free operation is handy if you are working out while wearing gloves.

Polar FT7 Analytics Mechanisms

The Polar FT7 smartwatch has adequate memory and can store up to 99 workouts. Therefore, you can see your performance increase over time.

The graphics target indicator will help you track your current target heart rates.  After every workout, the device shows a summary of the number of calories you have burned, average heart rate and the maximum heart rate.

Training Features

Graphical Target Zone Indicator

The FT7 shows the zone that you are currently in as you train. The zone is shown graphically. Therefore, you can maintain the desired intensity zone during your workout from the information that will be displayed.

You can set the target zone for your training as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR %), the percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as beats per minute (bpm).

The Polar FT60 and FT80 can automatically set the training target zone for you.

Energy Pointer

The Energy Pointer will let you know whether you are increasing your fitness level or burning fat during your training. The device will show a mark at the level that you are operating. When the mark is above the center point, this indicates that you are improving your aerobic fitness. If it is below the center point, this shows you are burning fat.

You can transfer the FT7 data to your PC through the Polar FlowLink accessory that is sold separately.

Polar OwnCode Technology

Polar OwnCode technology by Polar is also incorporated in the device. The technology allows you to enter a special code to ensure that the recorded heart rate is synced only to the device you specify.

Analytical fitness stats and heart rate data is also displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical form.

Watch Features

Water Resistant

You can go swimming with the FT7 and view your readings. However, the buttons do not function when the heart rate is under water.

You can go down up to 30 meters with the device. For deeper diving, you will need to go for another monitor.

Watch with Time and Alarm

The heart rate monitor displays the date and time like a conventional watch. You can set audible alarms.


The device has a large display that is easy to read. The display is backlit and, hence, comes in handy if you are working out in dim light.

Summary of Features

The FT7 heart rate sensor is easy to use and has a host of features, including:

Comfortable Materials

The heart rate sensors is made of a soft fabric cloth that is machine-washable and comfortable to the chest. You cannot feel the chest straps when wearing the device.

The chest strap comes in M to XXL sizes, which fit people that have 30-45 inches chest. If you have a smaller chest size, you can order the XS or Small chest strap sizes separately on Amazon here.


This feature allows you to see the current time and other readings quickly. To activate the feature, simply bring the watch near the chest strap for a few seconds. On doing this, the current time will be displayed before the device goes back to the previous screen.

Continuous Heart Rate Reading

The device continuously shows your heart rate reading without you having to click any button. Therefore, you can see your heart rate without touching the device as you work out.

Value for Money

The FT7 is an excellent heart rate monitor and is packed with tons of features. The cost of the device is worth its benefits. Coming with a 2-year warranty, you can be sure that this is a high-quality heart rate monitor.

However, to transfer your data online or to a computer, you will need to buy additional accessories, which will increase your cost.

Editor’s Verdict

The Polar FT7 heart rate sensor comes with lots of important features. The User Manual details all the features of the device.

We recommend you check how this device compares with the FT1 and FT4 before buying.

The Polar heart rate sensors have unique features, some that are not available on all models. The FT7 is one of the best heart rate monitor that will help you to reach your fitness goals.

However, the device does not have GPS, pedometer, and stopwatch. Moreover, it does not support Bluetooth or any wireless data transfer. If you would like these features, consider getting the FT60 or the FT80.

The smart technologies such as OwnCal, smart calories, energy pointer and others in the FT7 makes it a winner. The cost of the device is nothing compared to the value it provides. Overall, we highly recommend this excellent heart rate monitor.

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