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Finding a good stethoscope can be a nerve wrecking process. Medical students and clinicians are always put to task whenever they have to search in the market for the best stethoscope. Different brands prop up every other day affirming that position in the market. Because of all these companies going haywire with their marketing, it can be confusing to decide on the right stethoscope to buy.

However, we have made your work easier. We have conducted in-depth reviews of stethoscopes so that you can know which one will fulfill your needs. These reviews have been updated for 2018.

Top Rated Stethoscopes of 2019

No one stethoscope will satisfy the needs of another person as everyone has unique demands. We have analyzed the best 8 stethoscopes in the market that are used and trusted by over 75 percent of nurses and clinicians.

Knowing exactly how you will need to utilize the device is important to choose the right one. Below is an overview of the best stethoscopes in the market in 2017.


3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

27 Inches385.6 GramUnited States5-Years Littmann Warranty

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

28 Inches317.5 GramUnited States3-Years Littmann Warranty

Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope by American Diagnostic

27 Inches521.6GramTaiwanLifetime

Dual-Head Stethoscope Cardiology by R.A. Bock

24 Inches453.6 GramUnited StatesLifetime

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

17 Inches198.45 GramUnited StatesLifetime

Pro Physician Single Head Cardiology Stethoscope

27 Inches212.6 GramUnited StatesLifetime

Adscope 615 Platinum Clinician Stethoscope by ADC

30.5 Inches453.5 GramTaiwanLifetime

Prestige Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope

30 Inches204 GramTaiwanNot Specified

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Cardiology stethoscope is praised for the way it’s been made. At a price of , the stethoscope is the only one in the cardiology category sold with a dual-sided chest piece. The stethoscope has patented diaphragms that are tuneable. This makes it possible for the stethoscope to be used with both high and low sound frequency. The stethoscope’s ability to reduce sound with the rubbing of the tubes makes it great for use with both minors and adults.

Advantages of 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

i) Versatile headset

The tubes of the stethoscope have been designed for a perfect fit for any ears. The tips have a tight grip for safety purposes.

ii) Adaptable tubing

The 3M Littman’s tubes are open-ended to withstand strain and stress. This means the stethoscope will not wear out due to folding. The stethoscope is also made of natural rubber with no traces of phthalate plasticizers. Hence, it can be used by people who are latex-sensitive.

iii) Adjustable diaphragm

The technology of the 3M Littman’s Cardiology stethoscope chest piece can be fine-tuned to enhance sound frequency. You can easily monitor the heartbeat or breathing of your patient without making them uneasy. Very few 3M stethoscopes have an adjustable diaphragm.

iv) A variety of colors

If you don’t like black stethoscopes, the 3M Littmann is also available in brown, purple, or chocolate.

Although users have complained of the stethoscopes  weight, they love the ability to alternate the chest piece from pediatric to adult. They stethoscope easily picks up even the smallest whispers of sound. However, it is recommended that you buy a vinyl protector for the steth’s tubing to make it last longer.

Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope by American Diagnostic

Popular for its unique make and spectacular features, the Adscope stethoscope is another stethoscope widely sort by clinicians. Unlike the 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, this stethoscope’s chest piece is one sided. However, its meticulous make prevents disturbance. At the moment, the stethoscope goes for at Amazon.

Pros of the Adscope Stethoscope

  • Clarity

Its acoustics are so sharp that working in a noisy environment will not worry you.

  • Enhanced chest piece

This is one of the features that make the stethoscope a favorite among clinicians. The design enhances hearing.

  • A fitting diaphragm

The diaphragm is designed with a gasket. This allows you to hear multiple frequencies.

  • Chill-free diaphragm

Patients, especially children, often get uncomfortable with the coldness of the diaphragm. The Adscope stethoscope’s diaphragm does not make patients feel cold.

  • Double-leaf internal spring

The stethoscope’s internal spring is set 15 degrees. This makes it more comfortable for both you and your patient during usage.

Some users who reviewed this stethoscope were disappointed that the scope is not stable and continually falls off. Some users have also complained of its weight.

Overall, medical practitioners are happy with the Adscope stethoscope because it’s affordable (currently sells for ) compared to the 3M Littman (currently sells for ) and also because of the enhanced volume clarity.

Dual-Head Stethoscope Cardiology by R.A. Bock

Although the Dual Head Stethoscope by R.A. Bock does not provide great hearing like the other scopes, consistent users have praised it for a its features, which include:

  • Affordability

Compared to other brands, the cost of this stethoscope is more pocket friendly at only . This is also the best stethoscope for clinicians who move around.

  • Adjustable diaphragm

The scope’s adjustable diaphragm lets you switch sides when need be while studying to varying frequency sounds.

  • Rust-free

This stethoscope is made of stainless-steel and hence, you don’t have to worry about it rusting.

  • Permanent Headset

This is important as you will attain a proper fit and a right angle using the stethoscope. The permanent headset also restricts air leaks.

Although the overall experience of the Dual-Head stethoscope will highly depend on your skills and knowledge, you will gain experience with time. Despite it lacking the uniqueness of the Littman’s, you will surely love it like most customers on Amazon.

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

If you doubted whether there’s a good stethoscope below $100, then doubt no more. The MDF MD Stainless Steel Stethoscope is one of the cheap stethoscopes in the market, and currently retails at . Made of Stainless Steel and weighing only a pound in weight, the features of this product have healthcare practitioners in awe.


  • Comfortable ear tips

The MDF stethoscope has patented sealed ear tips. These ear tips make it more comfortable and durable.

  • Acoustic chamber

The MDF MD stethoscope has a patented pyramid chamber that can be opened to enhance sound clarity.

  • Stainless Steel head chest

Apart from the chest piece being dual, it is also made of unbeatable steel. This not only increases its performance but also durability.

  • Non-stick thick tubes

This model is not prone to wear and tear from repeated use. This is due to the acoustic non-stick tubing that also blocks disturbance.

  • Extra accessories

The stethoscope kit is sold with an extra set of ear tips and diaphragm. You won’t need to part with extra cash when the original ones wear out.

  • Lifetime warranty

Very few stethoscope models in the market come with a lifetime warranty. Count yourself lucky if you purchase the MDF stethoscope kit.

Although some users have criticized the sound clarity of the MDF stethoscope, the product is still popular due to being light weight and affordable (sells for ). You will not be disappointed if you don’t want a heavy stethoscope on your neck.

Pro Physician Single Head Cardiology Stethoscope

This Pro Physician stethoscope is mostly preferred by cardiologists but any medical practitioner will be happy with its wholesome features. With it’s fair price of , some people may be apprehensive about purchasing the stethoscope. However, its features make it one of the best stethoscopes in the market.


  • Quality chest piece

The chest piece is made of stainless steel to make the stethoscope durable.

  • Noise proof

The chest piece has an excellent design that ensures minimal disturbance when in use in noisy environments.

  • Rubber gasket

The stethoscope’s rubber insulation ensures prompt response in cases of multiple-frequency.

  • Lifetime warranty

The stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty. This is proof of its durability.

With the Pro Physician stethoscope, you may not get the 100% accuracy you need. However, its light weight features and affordable price make the steth irresistible as is obvious from the reviews on Amazon.

Adscope 615 Platinum Clinician Stethoscope by American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC)

If you don’t have a high budget for a stethoscope and don’t mind a basic one, the American Diagnostic stethoscope only goes for . Although not as fancy as some of the top rated stethoscopes reviewed above, this model still offers what you need when assessing your patients. Moreover, you will save when you buy the stethoscope from Amazon.


  • Non-Chill rims

This is the ultimate comfort giver for your patients. The uncomfortable cold that comes with some models is eliminated with this steth.

  • Comfortable wear

With its ear tips made of threaded PVC, expect maximum comfort when you wear the steth.

  • Clarity

The steth offers unrivaled clarity. You do not have to worry about clarity of the body sounds when examining patients with faint bodies.

  • Lifetime warranty

The manufacturer believes in this product and offer a lifetime warranty.

From Amazon reviews, some users find the American Diagnostic steth to be uncomfortably heavy. Another thing you will have to deal with is the uncomfortable ear piece. However, if you choose the steth, you can buy other ear pieces for replacement. Overall, the steth is a good choice for cardiology practitioners that want a cheap stethoscope.

Prestige Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope

The Prestige Clinical stethoscope is a favorite among cardiologists. The stethoscope is affordable at only and also good quality sound.


  • Sound clarity

The stethoscope has been designed with double tubes to provide clearer sounds during patient assessments.

  • Stainless steel

The Stainless Steel make ensures you do not have to worry about a rusty look after long, repeated use.

  • Apical pulse transmission

This may give you a problem hearing heart sounds. However, you can use it to hear other faint body sounds.

  • Excellent weight

If you don’t like moving around with a lot weight on you, this stethoscope will be an excellent choice.

The Prestige Clinical stethoscope may seem low quality compared to the other high end ones discussed before. However, users who recommended it praised it for its ability to transmit faint sounds even in busy environments, unlike normal stethoscopes. Investing in it will therefore not be a bad choice.

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

Check Amazon reviews.

Find the Best Stethoscope for You

A stethoscope is one of the most important tools medical practitioners need. The acoustic medical device is useful for auscultation or listening to internal sounds of animals and humans that require medical attention.

With that said, every clinician has unique requirements and expectations of their stethoscopes. The criteria when choosing a stethoscope may range from their specific work departments and budget.

The above are the best stethoscopes in the market that offer value for your money. We did not just pick these brands based on the Amazon reviews, but also durability, colors, acoustic sensitivity, diaphragm flexibility, and materials used to make them

We hope that this review will guide you in purchase the right stethoscope for your individual needs. However, sometimes you may find that your best choice is not listed here. Thus, it would be best to do more research on Amazon to see what other people recommend. However, if you are not happy with your current stethoscope or are new in the healthcare industry and are confused about which device to buy, follow our guide to make the best choice.

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