Polar Heart Rate Sensor H1 Review


Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor ReviewThe Polar H1 is a slim, stylish and comfortable heart rate sensor that comes with a chest strap. The device is a heart rate sensor but not a monitor and, therefore, does not come with a wristwatch.

Majority of Polar heart rate monitors come with H1 heart rate sensor.

Features & Design of the Polar H2 Heart Rate Sensor

Easy to Use

The H1 heart rate sensor has a chest strap that easily takes on the shape of your body. The device is lightweight and made of soft material. Therefore, you will not feel as if you are wearing anything.

The Polar H1 fits people of different body sizes as it’s available in XS-S and M-XXL sizes.


The H1 is one of the most accurate heart sensors on the market. The device transmits data in 5kHz form, which ensures it is not interfered by other devices.


Majority of Polar heart rate monitors use the H1 sensor. As a result, the H1 heart rate sensor is compatible with other Polar models such as the FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80 and Polar Loop. Any compatible device will allow you to view your heart rate reading from the H1.

The H1 also features GymLink technology. Therefore, you can use it with a wide range of gym equipment and also view your reading on them.

One of the features that the H1 lacks is Bluetooth Smart. This means you cannot connect it to your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices.


The heart rate sensor uses replaceable Lithium batteries

Water Resistant

The GymLink technology allows the H1 heart rate sensor to transmit data under water. If you would like to monitor your heart rate when swimming, the H1 would be perfect for you.

How to Wear the Polar H1 Heart Rate Monitor

To ensure the H1 records accurate heart rate, you have to wear it correctly. Before wearing the sensor, warm up a little bit. A little bit of sweat help to create a better connection between the skin and the contacts. If you cannot warm up, apply electrode gel on the contacts.

Rotate the chest strap towards the left side of your torso. Make sure the device is not on a hairy area or its performance can be inhibited. Moreover, excess fat can block the device’s signal. Therefore, try to wear it on an area that is lean.

Editor’s Recommendation

The H1 is an excellent basic heart rate monitor for anyone that would like to track their heart rate. The device is easy to use, accurate and affordable. The H1 is the default sensor for many Polar heart rate monitors.

However, the H1 does not support Bluetooth. Therefore, to view your heart rate data on a smartphone or mobile app, you would need a higher end Polar heart rate monitor such as the H6 (supports Bluetooth) or the H7 (supports both Bluetooth and GymLink).

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