Have you been frantically searching the web for comprehensive information about stethoscopes? Do you want to learn more about the parts of a stethoscope and how to use the devices effectively?

I have received many emails from people requesting a comprehensive guide on stethoscopes. So, after many hours of research, I’ve finally compiled an all-inclusive guide.

In this stethoscope review, I go one-on-one on all things stethoscope. I have also linked to articles you can read to learn more about specific topics. I’ll also be compiling reviews of the best stethoscopes in the market.

Stethoscopes 101

What is a stethoscope?

Are you a medical student or a potential medical student that wants to be ahead of your class? Don’t worry if you don’t know what a stethoscope really is and how it works. You can read everything about what it is, how it was invented, and even how it works in great detail here.

How does a stethoscope work?

Curious about how medics use stethoscopes to examine patients? Wondering why they need it all the time around their neck? You will really be amazed the first time you listen to someone’s heartbeat real close…it’s like you’re having it in your hands.  You can read all about how a stethoscope works here before your very first experience with one.

What is the proper way of using a stethoscope?

Are you stressed up on what you will do when handed a steth for the first time? Most physicians never get the privilege of being taught how to use a stethoscope. They are just handed one. However, you shouldn’t worry about that. We’ve got you covered with these simple steps.

What is the correct way of wearing a stethoscope?

“I already have a stethoscope on my neck and I can see earpieces but I’m not sure what ways they go”. If this is what you are thinking, well, you’re not the first person to be confused about how the earpieces should be put on. Here’s a short article that will guide you step by step.

How should I clean my stethoscope?

There is nothing nearly as embarrassing as your patients raising their eyebrows in disgust on their first look at your stethoscope. And such a moment, your co-workers will start quoting the“cleanliness is next to Godliness” phrase and you will start being conscious of the look of your stethoscope. Don’t wait for that time. This information will give you a head start.

Where to listen for lung sounds

Being a newbie can be very challenging, especially when you have this great medical tool but don’t know how to use it to get the required results. Don’t blame yourself. Most medics didn’t even know what it is they were to listen for when they first started out. Read this detailed guide for more information.

The history of stethoscopes

Did you know that the person who invented the stethoscope was actually an engineer before being a doctor? Read here to find out how his crazy idea has become a medical wonder and a lifesaver.

Parts of a stethoscope

Which physician or medic doesn’t know the parts of a stethoscope? Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t. Most medics didn’t either when they first came to the industry. And the information they were given was never complete. For example, most new medics are told what the ear tips are but are never told that it should be maintained. Certainly, most new medics do not know about the different types of tubes and how they can be used to change sound quality. And did you know that the bell is only supposed to be used for a specific sound frequency? Well, you won’t believe these crazy things about the other parts of the stethoscope too.

Respiratory assessment

Eager to learn about respiratory care assessment?

This article will teach you all about that in an easy way that you don’t have to memorize the whole thing to remember it.

Vital signs

Do you know the major critical signs to check for in patients? Each of the signs requires a certain quality of stethoscope. Click here to learn more about them.

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