Best Lunch Bags for Nurses


Whether you have dietary restrictions that require you to make your own food, are trying to save money or simply prefer home-cooked meals, you need an affordable lunch bag. However, you may cringe at the thought of buying a lunch bag because they are covered in cartoon characters or are just plain boring. Why is this so?

As a nurse, you want to have fun too and look stylish with your lunch box. We have found few lunchboxes that will fit any budget without coming out as childish. These are the best lunch bags for nurses you can buy today.

Best Lunch Bags for Nurses – Reviews

#1.  So Young in Red Lunch Bag

  So Young in Red Lunch BagThis adult lunch bag has bright red blossoms that make it look cute. The lunch box is roomy and will fit all your snacks and Tupperware. If you need an extra hand, you can wear the lunch bag like a cross-body bag to free up a limb for holding your coffee mug!

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#2.  BentoHeaven Lunch Box

BentoHeaven Lunch BoxIf your Tupperware shelf is basically a pile of mismatched containers and lids, the BentoHeaven lunch box will help you to declutter. This box is excellent for if you do not want your foods to touch but also don’t want to pack multiple containers.

The Bento box keeps your food separated but together. Moreover, it comes with chopsticks, a knife, and a fork.

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#3.  So Young Cooler Bag in Blue Bicycle

So Young Cooler Bag in Blue BicycleIf you do not take a lot of food during lunch, this mini version of the So Young Cooler bag will be perfect for you. The lunch bag for nurses can also be turned into a bag pack and fill it with snacks for you and the kids.

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#4.  Kate Spade Lunch Tote & Tumbler

Kate Spade Lunch Tote & TumblerShow your inner girly-girly with this pink striped lunch box for nurses that comes with a Paris-inspired tumbler. For the days when you won’t have lunch that is much to look at, you are bound to smile when you look at this lunch set. Hey, who said pink is only for babies?

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#5.  Fluf Zipper Stylish Lunch Bag for Adults

Fluf Zipper Stylish Lunch Bag for AdultsThis minimal Fluf lunchbox is a great option if you want something that is practical, understated and simple. Like is depicted on the sides, this bag has only one purpose: to hold your lunch.

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#6.  So Young Lunch Box with Pink Birds

So Young Lunch Box with Pink BirdsLike other SO Young lunch bags for nurses, this lunch box has a strap that can make it transform into a wearable bag. Moreover, you won’t get tired of the sweet bird illustration on the side.

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#7.  Equinox ECO Lunch Bag

Equinox ECO Lunch BagThis lunch sack is a modern play on traditional brown paper bags. The lunch bag is strong and durable, and will not fall apart on you. The ECO lunch bag closes with a toggle. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about zippers snagging or worn out Velcro.

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#8.  So Young Bottle Bag in Purple Dandelion

So Young Bottle Bag in Purple DandelionYou need to drink lots of water during your shift to stay hydrated. Therefore, you definitely need a bag to carry your water bottle. The So Young water bottle bag has a strap that you can wear over your shoulder. You’ll never lose your water bottle when you have this water carrier.

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#9.  ECOlunchbox 3-in-1 Lunchbox

ECOlunchbox 3-in-1 LunchboxIf you are worried about toxic chemicals and plastics, the ECOlunchbox is the best lunch bag to buy. The box is made from stainless steel and looks sleek. Moreover, it is the perfect size for two sides and an entrée. You will also love the stacking, unstacking, clipping and unclipping of the containers, which almost feels like Legos for adults!

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#10.  So Young Ice Pack in Brown Birds

So Young Ice Pack in Brown BirdsWith the So Young Ice pack bag, you will not have to deal with the annoyance of ice-pack condensation. You know how disheartening it can be to find your salad is warm and wilted, especially when you wanted to enjoy fresh fries and a burger. With this extra-large ice pack, you can be sure your food will stay dry, crispy and cool.

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#11. Flat Felt Gray Lunch Box

Flat Felt Gray Lunch BoxThe Flat Felt also makes it on our list of the best lunch bags for nurses. This box is a perfect solution for nurses that prefer breakfast and dinner over lunch. If you like a small, easy meal, you do not want to carry it in a bulky bag. This is convenient compact lunch bag that you can easily slip your container and large purse in without overcrowding it.

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#12. Pink Floral Lunch Bag

Pink Floral Lunch BagThe Pink Floral lunch bag with zipper is not only cute but also looks like a tote. This designer lunch bag is made of cotton but has a waterproof coating. Therefore, the only thing you would want is to keep it dry when it is raining. You can carry your lunch to work in style thanks to this lunch box.

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#13. Aqua Chevron Lunchbag

Aqua Chevron LunchbagThe Aqua Chevron nurse lunch bag is made of neoprene and will, therefore, ensure no liquid accidentally leak from your bag. The lighthearted aqua blue is large enough for your lunch and comes with a matching water bottle holder.

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#14. Dimyar Lunchbox

Dimyar LunchboxYou can easily toss the Dimyar lunch bag for nurses into your workbag or backpack. We love this lunch bag for its perfect balance of color and simplicity. The bag is insulated inside and will keep your food hot and cold as you prefer. Moreover, it has a flexible frame that makes it easy to slip into your bag when you are leaving the hospital for home.

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#15. Heated Purple Lunch Box

Heated Purple Lunch BoxIf you are looking for a no-fail lunch pail, then you have your best match with this Heated Purple Lunchbox. This is the electric blanket of the lunch box world. With the bag, you will not have to worry about your food getting cold or waiting in line to use the community microwave. You can plug the lunch box under your desk and eat a hot meal any time you want.

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#16. Funjia Gray and Pink Felt Lunchbox

Funjia Gray and Pink Felt LunchboxThe Funjia Gray and Felt is a combination of foil and felt that will ensure your lunch is hot by lunch break. This lunch box has a double-decker and, therefore, it can fit 2-3 containers of food. The lunch box has a strap that can be adjustable so that you can carry it on your hand or sling it over the shoulder.

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#17.  Double Compartment Lunch Box with Thermos

Double Compartment Lunch Box with ThermosFinally, the Double Compatible lunch box is an excellent option for all chip and hummus lover, apple and peanut butter fans, and cracker fanatics. The thermos helps to keep your foods separate. You can use this separately or with one of the lunch boxes above.

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Editor’s Verdict: Which is the Best Lunch Bag for Nurses?

When hunger pangs call, you want your food to be ready to ease your cravings the above are the best lunch bags for nurses. The lunch bags are durable, quite roomy and long lasting. Moreover, they are stylish but not in a kiddish way. Which nurse lunch box do you use?

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