ERKA Stethoscope Review: Quality German Engineering, Unmatched Acoustics & Excellent Build


Have you heard of the ERKA stethoscope? If you have no idea about the stethoscope and how it looks like, continue reading.

About the Company

The ERKA stethoscope is made in Germany and is notably beautiful. In recent times, ERKA has been making an effort to enter the US market.

ERKA was founded in 1889 and revolutionized blood pressure measurements with the development of the first blood pressure measurement device. The company is known for its precision-driven engineering and has now ventured into the world of stethoscopes. To enter the US market, ERKA has partnered with Medelita as its distributor.

If I were a professional tester or an audiologist, perhaps I would write a better ERKA stethoscope review. However, I am an Emergency Physician. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether the stethoscope would be a great option for your profession.

Let’s get started with this ERKA stethoscope review.

Highlights of the ERKA Stethoscope

  • Features dual-membrane technology for a technically superior sound
  • Every component exudes quality and precise engineering
  • Over 10 modern colors for a unique appearance
  • Super-soft binural and parallel tubing that prevents grinding sounds
  • FDA-approved and sold in the USA by Medelita
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free returns before 30 days

Features of ERKA Stethoscopes

erka stethoscope reviewerka stethoscope review chart

All ERKA stethoscopes spot quality German engineering technology both in terms of acoustics and build.

  • Ideal for caregivers/anesthetists, nurses, medical students, physician assistants, internists, family physicians, paramedics, emergency physicians, cardiologists, anesthesiologists and respiratory diseases specialists.
  • Their binaurals are ergonomically shaped and individually adapted to the ear canal. The three Medelita stethoscopes come with an extra set of ear tips.
  • The chest-piece is ergonomically shaped making it easy to get auscultations in hard-to-reach areas or for different constituted patients.
  • The chest-piece is made from hand-polished and pore free chromed brass. The material is more resistant to bacteria and germs compared to aluminum, which most stethoscopes on the market are made of.
  • The tubing is integrated with a spring that amplifies the sound without sound loss.
  • All ERKA stethoscopes are latex-free, FDA- approved and dermatologically safe.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect all parts of the ERKA stethoscope using common medical detergents
  • The ear tips are ergonomically shaped, soft and fit the ear easily. Their shape allows them to effectively block out outside noise.

ERKA stethoscopes come in unique colors and are lightweight models.

The stethoscope works great as far as auscultation is concerned. The high-quality device comes with two interchangeable soft and squishy ear tips that provide an excellent seal. The stethoscope is safely packed in a pad case that you can use for storage after finishing your shift.

The ERKA Stethoscope offers quality auscultation sound that is more or less the same as that of the Littmann. Moreover, if you exert some pressure on the diaphragm, the quality of the auscultation surpasses that of the Littmann. This is actually the best Littmann alternative stethoscope on the markets. The quality of sound that the device outputs is marvelous.

From our testing, we recommend a bigger double tubed stethoscope such as the Littmann Cardiology for students who are about to begin and need a stethoscope. The stethoscope has the highest sensitivity and is highly recommended when learning how to auscultate the lungs and heart. Read more in this post: best stethoscope for students.

However, if you are looking for an alternative, the ERKA hand-crafted German stethoscope is ideal. This ‘scope features a dual chest piece double lumen for about the price of the Littmann Classic III. Moreover, its quality is just as good.

ERKA Stethoscope Models

There are three main ERKA stethoscope models. These are the ERKA Precise, ERKA Sensitive and ERKA Finesse stethoscopes.

ERKA Precise Stethoscope

erka precise stethoscope

The ERKA Precise stethoscope features a dual-head brass chestpiece that allows for the most sensitive auscultations for both high and low-frequency sounds. The premium, high-end stethoscope provides outstanding sound transmission, enabling you to make a confident diagnosis. The open side of the bell allows superior determination of the lowest frequencies.

The ‘scope has a sensitive internal copper-beryllium diaphragm that is protected by a rim and hard plastic diaphragm. The space between the two diaphragms has been carefully measured to improve resonance. The stethoscope also has a highly glossy polish and chrome plating and comes in 13 different colors.

Weighing just 222g, the ERKA Precise stethoscope can be used in nearly all clinic situations. Its chest-piece has a good heft and projects crisp heart sounds. The stethoscope has a 2 years warranty and comes with a zip up travel case.

The ERKA Precise stethoscope is the best Littmann Cardiology IV alternative in terms of performance. Moreover, at about half the price of the Cardiology IV, choosing the ERKA Precise is a no-brainer.

ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope

erka sensitive stethoscope

This handcrafted German stethoscope stands out for its patented dual diaphragm acoustics that provides unmathed acoustics. Its dual-membrane and optimized sound chamber geometry ensure the best auscultation for both low and high tones, even in auscultation points that are typically difficult to reach.

The ERKA Sensitive stethoscope has dual tubes to reach each ear separately, providing excellent sound quality and transmission for cardiologists. The design of the diaphragm minimizes external noise to enable you to hear bowel, lung and heart sounds perfectly.

Like the other Medelita stethoscopes above, the ERKA sensitive stethoscope comes in 13 attractive colors. The stethoscope is lightweight at only 217 g and comes with a 2-year warranty. You also get a zip-up travel case with mesh pockets for storing the stethoscope

The ERKA Sensitive is the best alternative for the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

ERKA Finesse Stethoscope

erka finesse2 stethoscope

If your current stethoscope does not provide the quality of auscultation you want, we recommend the ERKA Finesse Stethoscope. Suitable for both students and clinicians in nearly all patient situations, this affordable stethoscope stands out for its brilliant sound transmission and resonance. The stethoscope features a reversible, combined chest-piece with two membranes. Therefore, it is suitable for listening to both children and adult frequency ranges. The two diaphragms give the stethoscope a unique look.

The ERKA stethoscope has excellent auscultation and enables you to hear heart, lung and bowel sounds incredibly well without having to fumble with the ear pieces. Its quality is amazing and if you usually travel, you will love its transporting case.

The ERKA Finesse stethoscope has two soft ergonomic ear tips that effectively seal out background noises and comes in 13 eye-catching color choices. The stethoscope weighs 250 g and has a warranty of 2 years.

The ERKA Finesse works are great as the Littmann but without the Littmann cost. This is the best alternative for the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

ERKA Stethoscope vs Littman Stethoscope

erka stethoscope vs littmannERKA Stethoscopes offer excellent auscultation and are just as good, or we even dare say better than the Littman stethoscope. Check the table below for a rundown of how the two stethoscopes compare.

ERKA Stethoscope Price

ERKA manufactures various types of stethoscopes that come at varied prices. But overall, ERKA stethoscopes are cheaper than their Littmann alternatives.

Check the table below for a comparison of the ERKA stethoscope prices with the Littmann.

The above are the ERKA stethoscope prices in US. For medical doctors and nurses in India, ERKA is available for sale at Amazon India (Check the direct link here). The ERKA stethoscope price in India for the different models is as follows:

Issues with the ERKA Stethoscope

ERKA stethoscopes are excellent and their acoustics quality, in my view, surpasses the Littmann. However, the downside of the ERKA stethoscope is that its “Y part” or yoke tension is not as tight as that of the Littmann stethoscope. With ERKA, I had to pull the Y-part to tighten it.

Other than this, the ERKA stethoscopes are a perfect alternative to the Littmann models. Their build quality is excellent and acoustics are unmatched. Moreover, they are about half the price of the Littmann.

ERKA Stethoscope Warranty

ERKA stethoscopes come with a warranty of 2 years. This warranty is on a card, which is included in a box.

Where to Buy ERKA Stethoscopes

The only company selling the ERKA stethoscopes in the United States is Medelita (check their website). The company also has a store on Amazon, in case you prefer shopping there.


I am impressed with ERKA stethoscopes for their high-quality build and most important, excellent acoustics. Their earpieces are remarkable and their ergonomic shape makes them fit all ear shapes. Finally, you won’t need to purchase a stethoscope case as the Medelita stethoscopes come with their own zip storage pouches.


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