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Which are the best books for Internal Medicine? Read on for the top recommendations.

Determining the internal medicine book for you can be quite a challenge. With the many internal medicine books available on the market, how can you know which one will be suitable to buy?

To make your work easier, we have researched and reviewed the best books you should have in medical school. First off, check the table below to get started.

Best Books for Internal Medicine – Comparison Table


Harrison's Principles of Internal MedicineHarrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Textbook30002015Read Full Review

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Pocket MedicinePocket Medicine

Pocket Book2802016Read Full Review

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Goldman Cecil MedicineGoldman-Cecil Medicine

Textbook30242015Read Full Review

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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and TreatmentCurrent Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Evidence-Based19202018Read Full Review

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On Rounds-1000 Internal Medicine PearlsOn Rounds – 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls

Pocket Book2402015Read Full Review

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Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History TakingBates’ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking

Textbook10642016Read Full Review

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Step-Up to MedicineStep Up to Medicine

Textbook5602015Read Full Review

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The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board ReviewJohn Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review

Board Review7202015Read Full Review

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Best Internal Medicine Books Review

#1. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Harrison's Principles of Internal MedicineThe best internal medicine book on the market today is Harrison’s Principle of Internal Medicine. This popular book comes in two volumes:

  • Volume 1 covers classic approaches to differential diagnosis and fundamental principles of disease
  • Volume 2 covers management and treatment of pathogens, infectious diseases in a changing world, men’s health, and others

This regularly updated book covers a wide range of emerging topics such as Ebola and traditional specialties such as neurology, cardiology, and other major organ systems. The book has dozens of helpful graphics and images that make it easy for you to understand the concepts presented.

Like is the case with most internal medicine books, Harrison’s Principle of Internal Medicine is available in both print and online formats. There are videos that will enhance your approach to H&P – including bedside maneuvers, physical examinations, endoscopy, and more.

This large internal medicine book is a must-have reference for students and professionals practicing Internal Medicine.

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#2. Pocket Medicine – Best Internal Medicine Pocketbook

Pocket MedicineOfficially known as Pocket Medicine: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine, the Pocket Medicine is a must-have reference guide for medics that are on the go. This guide is useful to medics in all levels of training and its compactness makes it the best internal medicine pocketbook. This quick reference guide will easily fit into your white coat pocket.

The Pocket Medicine covers a wide range of general and special topics, which are complemented by lists, charts, and images. The book is a great resource for everything you need to know to stay sharp when dealing with different cases. Some of the areas covered include GI and renal medicine, pulmonology, cardiology, heme-onc, ID, and more.

We also love the questions framed in the book, which are important when you are dealing with a difficult case that requires input from a specialist in other fields such as ophthalmology and surgery.

We recommend this book to everyone, from nurses to physician assistants, to medical students.

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#3. Goldman-Cecil Medicine

Goldman Cecil MedicineThe Goldman-Cecil Medicine is available in both print and online formats, which the latter being updated regularly as new knowledge is uncovered. The book covers a wide range of topics such as disease management, pathophysiology, microbiome, genetics, global health and symptoms in a concise manner. There are also excellent charts and graphics that will make it easier for you to understand the concepts presented.

The digital companion of the book has thousands of questions to test your understanding of the concepts presented. Its multimedia content also brings to life the concepts of Internal Medicine.

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#4. Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and TreatmentAnother title that makes it on our list of the best internal medicine books is the CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (CMDT) by Lange. This book is a must-have for medics that want to connect clinical practice with evidence-based guidelines.

In this book, you will get information on everything, from epidemiology to diagnosis and management of over 1000 conditions. We recommend the book for providers working in both inpatient and outpatient (primary care and ambulatory) settings.

The CMDT covers core topics and conditions in both primary care and internal medicine. There are also guidelines for related fields such as dermatology, OB/GYN, and neurology. The section on infectious diseases is also decent and we like the updates included on current practice around ID topics such as dengue, ZIka, and HIV.

The pharmacology section of CMDT features tables and charts, covers pricing data and new FDA approved medications. There is also a current review covering vaccine information.

The book is available in both print and Kindle versions.

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#5. On Rounds – 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls – Best Internal Medicine Book for Rounds

On Rounds-1000 Internal Medicine PearlsStudents and junior residents will find the On Rounds: 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls an excellent reference guide. If you are scared of Internal Medicine rounds, this book will ease your transition into becoming resilient and help you recall important information.

The 1000 Internal Medicine Pearls focuses on direct patient care, helping you to identify relevant information that will help you make accurate diagnostic and management decisions. The book explains well areas that are frequently confused and coms with graphics and case studies to improve your learning.

This is not a core textbook about Internal Medicine but a quick starting point for anyone looking for knowledge on how aphorisms translate into practical clinical care.

The book is also available in online format.

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#6. Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking

Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History TakingTo successfully master Internal Medicine, you need expertise in performing a physical examination and detailed patient history. The Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking will teach you how to apply to carry out a physical examination and take patient history correctly.

The book walks you step-by-step through the necessary inquiries and reasoning processes you need when approaching a patient complaint. There are dozens of detailed illustrations in the book and procedural information is paired side-by-side with potential diagnoses within one page.

Apart from covering standard diseases and conditions, the Bates’ Guide also dives deeper into the unique considerations that special populations such as the elderly and pregnant women. Other subjects touched in the book include mental/psychiatry health and dermatology.

We recommend the Bates’ Guide for any Internal Medicine practitioner that wants to reinforce their skills in the art of patient physical examination and history taking.

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#7. Step Up to Medicine – Best Internal Medicine Book for Students

Step-Up to MedicineThe Step Up to Medicine was specifically published to help students survive their clinical rotations. When you move from the classroom to the wards, you will have to memorize large volumes of material. To make your transition to the wards easier, you should get the Step Up to Medicine book.

The book combines clinical pearls and has dozens of helpful illustrations that will help to improve your performance on rotations. The information will also help you be well prepared for exams like the USMLE Step 2.

Some of the topics covered in the book include ethical considerations, physical exam skills, EKG interpretation, and radiology. We also love the exam questions included in the book that will test your understanding of the concepts you have read.

The Step Up to Medicine is a value resource for students in their clinical years regardless of their ultimate specialty.

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#8. John Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review

The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board ReviewThe John Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review is another helpful resource for Internal Medicine practitioners. This book is highly recommended for anyone who prefers self-studying and diving deeper into the concepts of Internal Medicine. The information in the book is also designed to help you with the board recertification process.

Like other books for internal medicine, the John Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review has dozens of images and charts to cement your understanding of the information provided. There are also over 1000 questions you can go through to assess your Internal Medicine knowledge.

We recommend this book for practitioners looking to study for the boards.

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Editors’ Verdict: Which is the Best Internal Medicine Book?

As you progress through your Internal Medicine training, some books will become more relevant and others less depending on the state you are in.

To get into Internal Medicine rotation, you will have to go through the USMLE Step 1 study books and pass the exam. From there, you will be ready for direct patient care and experience with patients

During the first year of Internship, you will need the Pocket Medicine. This guide will help you get information quickly when you are in bed. If you would like more in-depth reading, we recommend you also get the Harrison’s Internal Medicine.


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