Best Pulse Oximeter for Respiratory Therapists


Looking for the best pulse oximeter for respiratory therapists? If so, you are at the right place. In this article, we review the best pulse oximeter for therapists, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeters are small medical gadgets that are designed to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood in a non-invasive manner, usually by clipping on the index finger or earlobe. In particular, the gadgets measure the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood.

The blood that flows from the heart, fresh with oxygen, to other parts of the body is known as arterial blood. The oxygen diffuses from the blood to the surrounding cells and tissues. If the blood does not have the proper saturation of oxygen, then the tissues would lack adequate oxygen to function normally.

Nurses and respiratory therapists use portable pulse oximeters to understand their patient’s pulmonary status. It’s also important for consumers to have their own pulse oximeters for use at home to keep tabs of their blood oxygen saturation levels.

Best Pulse Oximeters for Respiratory Therapists

#1.  Masimo MightySat Pulse Oximeter

mighty sat masimo pulse oximeterThe Masimo pulse oximeter comes with various advanced features that make it viable for our list of the best pulse oximeter for respiratory therapists. The features of this pulse oximeter make it an excellent device to take various readings related to your health condition.

The device will help you know your patient’s accurate oxygen saturation levels in seconds. Apart from this, it provides other respiratory information such as how much effort is put into breathing, the breath rate, and others. You can also measure the hydration level to know how it compares to the optimal levels.

The Masimo pulse oximeter provides hospital grade readings of the hydration levels, breathing rates, and oxygen saturation. You can also use the device to track your patients’ results over time to see trends or snapshost of immediate respiratory and arterial profile.

The Masimo is made from high quality, hospital grade materials and, therefore, will last long. This feature-rich device allows you to transfer data to apps on your smartphone or store them remotely on the cloud for sharing with your doctor or future analysis. The Masimo is the best pulse oximeter for nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists.

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#2.  Medi-K Pulse Oximeter

medi-k pulse oximeterThe Medi-K pulse oximeter is a high-quality device that is easy to operate. This is the best pulse oximeter for sports enthusiasts but can also be used by anyone. The device can determine your accurate oxygen saturation levels in seconds. Other information provided includes how much effort you are putting into breathing and your breath rate.

The Medi-K pulse oximeter can measure your hydration level and show how you compare to the optimal hydration levels. This hospital grade oximeter can also track your measurements results over time to provide a snapshot of your immediate arterial and respiratory profile.

The Medi-K pulse oximeter is sturdy and robust. The device has a bright LED display that is easy to read both in the light and shade. The device also fits all finger sizes (adults and children), has a comfortable grip, and provides a close contact between the sensors and the skin.

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#3.  AccuMed Pulse Oximeter

AccuMed CMS-50D Finger Pulse OximeterThe AccuMed CMS-50D pulse oximeter for medical professionals. This device is stylish black and has a bright LED screen that can be programmed to display the readout in any direction. The pulse ox comes with a lanyard and has a long battery life (more than 40 hours of continuous use).

Most respiratory therapists choose the AccuMed ox because it can be used both on adults and children. This feature also makes the device the best pulse oximeter pediatric nurses and home use.

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#4.  Santamedical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

santamedical pulse oximeterThe Santamedical is an FDA-approved pulse oximeter that is sold with a one-year warranty. This device comes with batteries and a lanyard.

The ox’s finger chamber is lined with a hypoallergenic silicone layer to prevent dermatological reactions on the fingers of people with sensitive skin. The device is durable, lightweight, and affordable.

The Santamedical ox takes a few seconds to measure the saturation of oxygen in your blood. The results, together with others such as pulse rate, pulse wave, and battery level, are displayed on the large screen.

We love the hassle-free design of the Santamedical oximeter. This design helps to conserve battery life and makes the device highly efficient.

You can rotate the display and rearrange the six present displays. This means you can operate the device either horizontally or vertically, or on your left or right hand.

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#5.  Innovo Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse OximeterThe Innovo pulse oximeter can analyze your oxygen saturation levels in seconds. The device can also automatically suggest the best time to test your SoO2 levels. The quality and advanced features of this device make it the best pulse oximeter for respiratory therapist.

You can slip the Innovo on either hand and still be able to read the results easily thanks to the rotatable display. The display is also easily visible both outdoors and in the dark. Apart from the SpO2 level, you can get a readout of the blood volume and ration of your pulsatile vs static pulsatile flow.

The Innovo is portable and comes with batteries, ready for use. Its portability makes it one of the best pulse oximeters for doctors and respiratory therapists.

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#6.  Zacurate Pro Series 500 DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate Pro Series 500DLThe Zacurate Pro is the best value pulse oximeter for respiratory therapists. The ox does a great job of delivering fast and accurate SpO2 results. While the oximeter does not have all the advanced features you would find in expensive models, it does the job well

The Zacurate Pro is sturdy and hence can take regular knocks around when you are hanging it on your neck wherever you go. This pulse oximeter comes with a lanyard for those that prefer hanging it on the neck. The device is covered with a snappy-colored silicon layer that protects it from weather elements.

The Zacurate Pro pulse oximeter is sold with batteries right out of the box. The medical device is easy to use; simply turn it on, slip it on the index finger, and in seconds, you will see the blood saturation levels on the large display. Other information that you will be able to determine with this device are the pulse strength and pulse rate.

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Editor’s Verdict: Best Pulse Oximeter for Respiratory Therapist

The above are the best pulse oximeters for respiratory therapists, nurses, and doctors. We highly recommend the Masimo MightySat pulse oximeter. This device is not only high quality but produces hospital grade results.

Another good option would be the AccuMed Pulse oximeter.

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