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Nursing can be quite a difficult career. Perhaps it is even more difficult during your studies. In nursing school, you will usually be walking around with tons of textbooks in your bag, not to mention supplies like a water bottle, clipboards, laptops, and so on.

Some nursing students opt to use collapsible milkcrate-type devices to haul their items. However, we feel that a good backpack is all you need. There are many backpacks on the market that may qualify as the “best backpack for nursing students”. These backpacks offer more room than tote bags and come with straps that help to ensure the weight is distributed evenly as you carry them.

Read on for our review of the best backpacks for nursing students. But before we do that, check the comparison table below for a visual rating of the bags. You can also see more information about each bag on the Amazon links we’ve provided.

What to Consider Before Buying a Student Nurse Backpack

There are different types of student nurse backpacks on the market. (Click here to go straight to the reviews). The backpacks come in different sizes and shapes and can be used for various functions. Deciding on the best backpack to choose can be quite a challenge. This is why we have come up with this handy guide to help you:


First off, look for a backpack that has multiple compartments and pockets for your needs. For example, if you are using an iPad or laptop in class, you want a backpack that has a separate padded compartment to store it.

There should also be a separate storage compartment for small items like highlighters, pens, and other useful stationery. A different compartment for items such as your ChapStick, keys, and the phone will also be in order.

Carrying a student nurse purse and backpack can be quite a hassle. Therefore, think of what you would like to have all the time so that you won’t need a separate purse.


You also want to check the design of the backpack. Remember, you may use the backpack for all the years you will be in nursing school. Therefore, go for a back that is comfortable and stylish. Ideally, you want a bag that will complement your scrub colors and makes you look “cool”.

You cannot go wrong by buying a stylish, well-designed bag.


Durability is another factor to keep in mind when evaluating the best backpacks for nursing students. Choose a bag that is durable and will withstand rigorous usage. You can know such a bag based on the material used to make it. The bags should be durable to last for a reasonable period.

You may also want a student backpack that is water-resistant. The last thing you want is for your anatomy books or accessories to be damaged due to moisture.

Durable student backpacks can be quite expensive. However, you will end up saving money in the long run as you won’t need to replace it often. For durability, you may want a bag that is sold with a warranty to avoid losing money. Also, stick to buying bags made from well-renowned companies as you can be assured of its durability.


Check the size of the nurse backpack that you want to buy. The backpack should be spacious and have different compartments where you can carry your nursing books and other school supplies. You do not really want the largest backpack around as it can be quite awkward to carry. However, the bag should be spacious to carry all the books you would need in any single day.

Support and Comfort

Finally, check the support and comfort of the backpack you would like to buy. The backpack should be suitable to carry on your back or pull it along on its wheels. Check that the straps and, possibly, the back are padded for comfort. Padded straps will ensure you do not strain your shoulders and end up with pains at the end of the day.

Best Backpacks for Nursing Students –Comparison Table

When coming up with this list of the best backpacks for nursing students, we considered the price, functionality, durability, design, and rating of the bags.

Let’s start off.

#1.  North Face Vault Backpack

North Face Vault BackpackThe North Face Backpack is a versatile student back that is strong thanks to its stitched foam back. The bag has comfortable shoulder straps and a wide main compartment that can carry most laptops of up to 15”. The large main compartment will also fit several binders and books. You can keep your pens, penlight, bandage scissors, electronics and other items on a second smaller compartment that is at the front.

Like most of the best backpacks for nursing students, the North Face comes in different colors, including zinnia/orange, red, blue, grey and black. Therefore, you can be sure of finding a bag that will match your personality.

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#2.  Under Armour Hustle Backpack

Under Armour Hustle BackpackAnother student nurse backpack that we love is the Under Armor Hustle Backpack. This is a high quality and durable backpack that can accommodate a 15” laptop and a number of books. The backpack has one interior slip pocket and four exterior ones. Moreover, there are two water bottle pockets on the sides to carry your bottles.

The Under Armour student backpack has adjustable straps that are padded for comfort. The bag is made of 100% polyesters and comes in different colors. The material is finished with UA Storm gear DWR to make the bag waterproof and breathable.

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#3.  Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz

Herschel Supply Co. Pop QuizThe Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack is another excellent bag for student nurses with a clean design. The bag is made from a canvas material, is simple but very functional. The main compartment is spacious and has a fleece-lined padded laptop pocket. There is also an external pocket where you can carry smaller accessories like reflex hammers.

The Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack has a heavy-duty durable bottom. The pocket zippers are white and on the bag, the Herschel logo stands out dominating. Like other bags for nurses, this backpack is available in different colors, including plaid, navy, grey, and black.

We love the Herschel Pop Quiz bag for its simple design and multiple compartments that make it easy to organize your items.

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#4.  JanSport Big Student Classic Series Daypack

JanSport Big Student Classics Series DaypackThe JanSport Student bag by JanSport also makes it on our list of the best backpacks for nursing students. The bag has multiple compartments where you can easily store your items in an organized manner. The bag also features ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps that ensure you do not get tired when carrying it.

The nurse student bag has a front utility pocket and two zippered front stash pockets. The spacious main compartment is large enough to store your laptop and other student items. This bag is made of 600 denier polyester and is available in different colors to match your personality.

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#5.  SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart BackpackThis SwissGear Backpack is spacious and has many compartments that will make it easy for you to organize your items. The stylish bag is excellent for carrying your phone, tablet, laptop, notepads, binders, books, and other accessories.

The main compartment of the bag is spacious and there is a slot for putting your tablet and laptop. There are also multiple zipper pockets, a water bottle pocket, and mesh organizes for easier storage of your items such as oximeters. See all features of the bag.

The SwissGear backpack for nursing students is made from polyesters and is, therefore, durable. The bag has comfortable straps that will ensure you do not get easily tired while walking. It also comes in a number of colors, including black/grey, black/blue, red, black, and others.

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#6.  High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Book Bag BackpackThe High Sierra Powerglide Backpack is one of the best backpacks for medical students. This backpack from High Sierra is perfect for carrying student supplies you will need such as school gear, lunch bag, laptop, and books.

The quality bag has a multi-compartment design that makes it easy for you to arrange your supplies. The material used to make the bag is sturdy, durable and easy to clean. The bag is also comfortable thanks to the fully padded cushion zone on the back. See more features of the bag.

We love the High Sierra backpacks because it comes in a variety of colors to match your style and personality.

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Editor’s Verdict: Best Backpack for Nursing Students

All the above are excellent backpacks for nursing students. The bags are made from high-quality materials, are well-stitched, and spacious enough to carry your laptop and books. If you are looking for our recommendation, we prefer the SwissGear Travel Gear. This bag is specially constructed to fit nearly all standard laptops. Moreover, it has multiple compartments and, hence, will make it easy for you to organize your items.

For those that prefer a minimalist design type of bag, you can go with the Herschel Pop Quiz bag. The simple design and quality materials make it our runner’s up. We also love the navy blue option.

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