Which are the Best Shoes for Nurses (Men & Women)?


Looking for the best shoes for nurses? We’ve rounded up the top recommendations by nurses from across the country.

Nursing is a demanding job that will keep you on your feet for hours. Therefore, you need high quality and comfortable nursing shoes to keep your feet in great form over the long hours.

When looking to buy nurse shoes, you should know better than going for cheap knock-offs. Statistics show that more than 50% of nurses in the United States suffer from feet and back pain, mostly due to wearing inappropriate shoes1.

Don’t contribute to the statistics!

How to Choose Comfortable Nursing Shoes

With that said, there are a number of factors you should consider to find the best nursing shoes. These include:

Design and Construction

There are different types of nursing shoes on the market. The most common ones are tennis shoes, athletic shoes, crocs, and clogs. All the shoes have their pros and cons depending on the surface where they are used, your type of feet, and health condition.

Before considering the style of nursing shoes you want to buy, check their comfort. You should always go for nurse shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

Another important factor to consider is the type of material used to make the shoes. Leather nursing shoes are quite durable than those made from synthetic materials.

Slip Resistance

Nursing environments are characterized by spills and liquids, which can present slipping hazards. Therefore, you should go for shoes that are slip resistant. The shoes should have excellent grip to keep you safe on your feet all day or night.

Support and Stability

You also need shoes that offer excellent support and that are stable. Wearing supporting and stable shoes is important for your comfort and health. Check that the nurse shoes you want to buy offer great ankle and back support to prevent leg, back, and foot pain. Wearing non-supportive shoes can lead to back and leg issues in the future.

The design and material used to make the shoes, height, and shape can also have an impact on their performance. Choose a pair of shoes that has balanced these features. The best shoes are both supportive and comfortable.

Comfort and Weight

Since you will be wearing the nursing shoes every day, it’s critical to consider their weight. Heavy or clunky shoes will make you uncomfortable and negatively affect your productivity during the shift. If you will be moving around when working, go for lightweight nursing shoes.

Apart from buying comfortable and lightweight shoes, you can improve your overall comfort by wearing compression socks. These socks help to improve the circulation of blood around the feet to reduce swelling.

Best Nursing Shoes for Women

#1.  Nurse Mates Women’s Shoes

nurse mates women shoesWithout a double, Nurse Mates are the best white nursing shoes on the market. These shoes have been designed for female nurses as can be seen from their style. The shoes have a pillow top insole that provides excellent arch support and a full grain leather upper that make them durable as well as protect your feet.

The nurse shoes have a padded instep collar that ensures your feet are comfortable the whole day and a slip-resistant bottom outsole to keep you stable when walking. The shoe has heart accents that make it look stylish and cute. On the upper side, the shoe is covered with a stain-resistant leather that is easy to clean. The internal area of the shoes has been lined with a comfortable fabric lining that hugs your feet snugly.

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#2.  Timberland Pro Slip On 

timberland pro slip onThe Timberland Renova has been specially designed for nurses and other medical professionals. These slip-ons are comfortable and support your legs to prevent fatigue. The nurse shoes have a heel to toe outsole and are anatomically shaped to keep your feet comfortable all through the day.

The Timberland Pro have full grain leather uppers that are stylish and durable, and microsuede upper lining that are comfortable. The shoes also feature Scotchgaurd that protects them against stains, which are coming in hospital settings. The outsole is designed to reduce pressure on the forefoot as you are bound to be standing for a long time during your shifts.

We love the Timberland Pro nurse shoes for their anti-fatigue design that ensures your back and legs are well supported when standing for a long time. The insole has excellent shock absorbing properties while the outsole is slip resistant. The great outsole ensures that you can quickly and confidently move around the hospital.

Wearing the Timberland shoes will keep your feet warm and comfortable thanks to the Bi-Fit Tri-density footbed and temperature regulator.

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#3.  Klogs NAPLES Mule

klogs womens naples shoesThe Klogs NAPES shoes have anti-slip outsoles and comfortable cushioning. This is a great combination since you will be standing for long periods of time and are bound to be working on wet or oily conditions. The anti-slip outsoles provide excellent traction.

The outsole of the nurse shoes is made from polyurethane and is removable. Both the outsoles and insoles provide excellent support, are comfortable, and durable. The shoes are supersoft straight from the box and have a short break-in period. The shoes are also a little bit wide to give your foot enough room to expand during the day.

The tooled leather design of the Klogs nurse mule is beautiful and makes it fashionable. These are the best shoes for nurses with bunions. The excellent cushioning will ensure you do not have sore or arching feet pain regardless of how long you will be standing.

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#4.  Crocs Mercy Work Clog

crocs mercy work clogCrocs produces some of the best nursing shoes on the market today. All the clogs from the company are made from Croslite material that is lightweight, odor-resistant, soft, and comfortable. These are the properties you would want in a nurse clog.

The Crocs Mercy work clog is comfortable, has a slip-resistant outsole, and a heel-hugging back strap that stabilizes your movement. The clog is recommended for nurses with flat feet that work in environments such as surgical rooms and laboratories.

The nurse shoe footbed is comfortable and supports your arches. Tiny, soft numbs on the footbed provide a massage-like feeling on your foot as you walk around. The comfortable shoes are stylish and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. These are the best clogs for medical students and healthcare professionals that need a comfortable and protective footwear.

Crocs Mercy work clogs fit perfectly and will ensure you do not get foot or back pain from standing all day through your shift.

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#5.  Alegria Keli Work Shoes

alegria keli slip onThe Alegria also makes it on our list of the best nurse shoes for women. This solid shoe provides sufficient support and excellent comfort for those long hours you will be standing. The shoes are made from premium leather and have a roomy toebox and a padded back collar and instep that prevent chafing.

The Perfect Fit Footbed of the shoe is detachable and replaceable, which is crucial in moisture management. The shoe has a polyurethane sole that is slip resistant, provide excellent traction control, and will reduce pressure and stress on the center metatarsal part of the foot.

We love these Algeria nurse shoes for their comfort and being lightweight. The shoes do not squeak and have a wide insole that makes them quite roomy. Therefore, should you experience any swelling of the feet, the shoes will still be comfortable.

If you use orthopedics, you should get the Alegria Keli Professional work shoes. These are the best shoes for people who spend the whole day on their feet.

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#6.  Skechers for Work

skechers for workThese Skechers shoes are great for the professional woman that loves style. The nurse shoes are made of smooth, solid leather that makes them durable and perform excellently. The shoes are slip resistant, have heel overlays, and protective leather to keep your feet safe.

The Skechers have a memory foam insole that makes them comfortable to wear. Its FlexSole midsoles have great shock absorbing properties and will ensure you do not suffer from foot fatigue or joint strain over the long working hours.

The outsole of the nurse Skechers is resistant to oil and chemicals. Therefore, you can be sure that your feet are protected all through your shift. The shoes also have a stretch top panel that ensures they fit comfortably and is safe from electrical hazards.

The Skechers are slip resistant, comfortable, and last for long.

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#7.  Dansko Professional Clog

dansko women professional shoesThe Dansko Professional Clogs are the best shoes for standing all day. These clogs will keep you comfortable by easily pressure and strain on your leg joints. The shoes give your foot a natural stride, which prevents you from getting tired. Wearing the shoe will keep your feet firm and support your arches.

The midsole of the Dansko women’s clog is contoured to support and secure your foot. The outsole is thick, comfortable, and a great shock absorber, like is the case with nurse athletic footwear.

The Dansko nurse shoe has a roomy toe box that ensures your toes are well aerated and can be moved around during the long shifts. The toe box lining is made from a material with anti-microbial properties that prevent the clogs from producing odors over time.

The outer sole is slip resistant and, hence, you can wear the shoes over wet and greasy surfaces without the risk of slipping or skidding. These comfortable leather nurse shoes have been approved for use by the American Podiatric Medical Association for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. They fit great, are comfortable, and stylish.

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Best Nursing Shoes for Men

#1.  Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

crocs unisex bistro clogs

If you are looking for the best Crocs for male nurses, you should check the Crocs Unisex Bistro Clogs. These comfortable nursing shoes will ensure you are comfortable the whole day or night of your shift. The clogs are made from synthetic materials and are a decent wear for any doctor, nurse, or any healthcare.

The Crocs clogs have a thick metatarsal are that will protect your foot from any spills at the hospital. Should the clogs get dirty, cleaning them is quite easy. Simply use soap and water to remove any dirt on them.

These decent shoes for male nurses come at an excellent price.

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#2.  Birki Super Unisex

birki unisexThe Birki Super Unisex clogs are a great option if you are looking for comfortable shoes for male nurses. These shoes are made to be durable and make it easy for the foot to slide in and out. We recommend the Birki for people on the go.

The shoes are roomy, which is important when you will be standing for hours during your shift. They also provide excellent arch support and keep your feet in a stable and natural position. The insoles provide good cushioning to ensure your feet will not easily get tired due to standing for a long time. You can replace or interchange the comfortable footbeds and insoles of these shoes.

The lightweight shoes will make it easy for you to move around the workplace. The nurse shoes for men are curvy all the way through and slip resistant. The shoes provide great traction and are one of the best slip resistant shoes for nurses. The shoes are also room and, therefore, recommended for nurses with wide feet.

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#3.  Calzuro Autoclavable Clog

calzuro clogA good pair of nursing clogs is one of the doctors, nurse, and nursing student must haves. The Calzuro Autoclavable Clogs are an amazing pair that has perforations at the top to ensure your feet are well-ventilated. The shoes are comfortable to wear and will ensure you remain comfortable even if you are standing for long hours.

The nurse shoes provide an excellent fit and have great traction. They also provide good arch support and the plastic material used to make them is easy to clean. When wearing the nurse clogs for men, your feet will be flexible and odor-free.

The Calzuro shoes are available in a wide range of colors. These roomy clogs for men are well-ventilated, comfortable, and can be worn with different types of socks.

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#4.  Dansko Professional Clog

dansko professional clogThe Dansko is a comfortable nurse clog for men that helps to prevent pain in your legs and feet. At the upper side, the shoe is covered with leather, which gives it a dressy look. The toe box construction is contoured nicely to ensure your toes have room to move around and are protected as you work during your shift. The inner side is lined with an anti-microbial material that ensures your feet do not get odors.

The advanced heel design of the Dansko nurse shoes for men makes it easy for your heel to move up and down naturally as you walk during your shifts. The outsoles are shock-absorbent and, hence, ensure you do not get tired quickly.

You can easily slip the Dansko clogs in and out. These are excellent clogs for people who work on slippery or wet surfaces and have to be on their feet the whole day.

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#5.  KEEN Utility Work Shoes

keen men slip onThe Keen Utility is the best shoes for doctors, nurses, and other professionals that spend a significant amount of time on their feet. The shoe has a breathable inner leather fabric and a lightly padded collar that makes it comfortable and durable.

The shoe is elastic and, therefore, can be easily put on and removed while the upper part is made from water-resistant leather. The insoles are made from polyurethane and the EVA midsole provides excellent support to your feet when standing or walking. The outsole rubber does not leave marks on the floor and offers a firm foundation.

The Keen nurse shoe for men looks good and will make you more productive on your feet. The upper leather is water resistant and, therefore, durable. You can easily clean the leather by wiping it off. Wearing this non-slip nurse shoe will ensure you are safe when walking around the hospital.

The Keen shoes for male nurses support your arches and legs to prevent back-related strains.

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#6.  Merrell Jungle Work Shoe

merrell jungle shoesThe Merrell Jungle nurse shoe for men has a full grain upper leather that is easy to clean and waterproof. The insole of the shoe is cushioned while the midsole has a unique air cushion that helps to keep your feet stable when walking. The outsole is slip-resistant and does not leave marks on the floor thanks to the SureGrip rubber that it is made from.

The Merell has a removable EVA footbed that ensures you are comfortable even if you have to stand for long hours. The footbed helps to absorb shock and does not transfer pressure or strain to your joints. The internal lining of these men’s nurse shoes have anti-microbial properties and do not lead to odors. Therefore, you can be sure of your feet smelling fresh all through your shift.

The outsole of the Merrell nurse shoes for men is made with a sticky rubber that provides good traction when you are walking around wet surfaces. These slip-ons are sturdy, durable and can be used with your preferred insoles. The Merrell are also rated as the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis.

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Are Nursing Shoes for Women Different from Men’s?

Most nurses are women and this is why the best shoes for nurses are targeted at women. However, there are also males nurses.

Men and women’s shoes are mostly alike. However, there are a few differences you should know before buying. For example, women shoes are generally made smaller and narrower. On the other hand, men’s nursing shoes are usually longer and broader than those of women.

Moreover, the arch and toes of nursing shoes for men and women are different. Women usually have higher arches than men, and thus their shoes should offer better arch support.

Nurse clogs for women also come with extra details around the edges. For example, you will find some that have some floral or abstract patterns. On the other hand, nurse shoes for men have a basic design and do not come in fancy colors. Majority of the shoes are available in white, brown, and black.

Finally, the A-Angle of women and men nurses is different. The Q-Angle refers to the angle of the kneecap when measured up to the quad muscle. Since men have narrower hips, their Q-angles are also smaller. Therefore, the way women stand is different and hence their shoes should provide more support.

Men can wear nurse shoes with less-supportive soles or that are thinner. Most of the best nurse shoes for men are those that have flat soles. On the other hand, the best shoes for women nurses are those that have more support around the foot.


[1]: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2801493/#B1


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