3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope Review


Doctors and medical assistants, especially those who often required in the cardiology unit, have so much respect for the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope. Termed the best stethoscope for  medical students, the features of this model will mesmerize you.

The best stethoscope is one which the medical practitioner is comfortable using. The ease of using a stethoscope comes with experience. You should be clear and certain of your preferences. This will make it easier for you to select a scope that you will want to carry around every day to work.

The superior quality of the Littmann Master Cardiology is revolutionary! The stethoscope has a great built that feels solid to the touch. At 6.6 ounces, some medics find it a bit heavy. However, the sound acoustic quality persuades them to acquire one.

Your skills will play a major role in correctly diagnosing your patients. The auscultation ability of a stethoscope will only promote your skills and make processes like measuring blood pressure or listening to faint heartbeats easier.

Littmann, being the top-notch brand that it is,  did not disappoint with this model. Identifying the heart rate, rhythm or quality of breathing is easier with the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology . The same also applies to listening to sounds from the lungs.

Like with other stethoscopes, follow the correct procedures when listening to body sounds. Always listen to the left then to the right side respectively before moving down to the next level. Moreover, study and master the triangle of auscultation.

Features of the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

If you’re going for the best stethoscope, be ready to spend a good amount of money. 3M Littman has become popular with medics because it provides the best stethoscopes for EMT, nurses, doctors and students. Doctors and nurses recommend Littman not only for its tunable technology that makes listening to high pitched and low frequency sounds easy, but also the bell that most models come with.

Here is a roundup of the best features of the Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope.

  • Adjustable binaural spring

Unlike traditional fixed and rotatable ear tube constructions, the Littmann Master Cardiology uses the binaural spring invention. This technology allows one to adjust the ear tubes according to their ear shape and preferences without worrying that it will fall off.

  • A solid chest piece

Though critiqued for its weight, the patented chestpiece allows maximum acoustic output. The chestpiece perfects the sound output such that you will not stress or strain when examining any body part for sound.

  • Acoustic features

Being a cardiology stethoscope, this model is meant for the more demanding medics. Its phenomenal sound capabilities include louder, clearer heart rate sounds, and non-muffled sounds from other body parts.

Even better, you don’t need to turn over the bell. You only need to apply more pressure on the diaphragm for an excellent listen to a range of frequency sounds.

  • Adapter

This is a unique feature that other Littman stethoscopes do not have. You can always plug in the adapter for clearer acoustics. It is also the feature that adds on to its price.

  • Non-chill rims.

No one can tell the importance of this feature better than a physician who has examined an infant who yelled out when their cloth was removed and a steth put on them. This technology ensures your patients will be relaxed and comfortable when you examine them.

  • Dual Lumen

The single tube double lumen is indispensable for physicians keen on sensitivity and acoustic quality. Lumens are the tubes that run through to the binaural from the chest piece. This evolution is important for medics who want to subtleties and not just mild nuances in lung or heart sounds.

  • Responsive tunable diaphragm

The traditional bell and diaphragm style scopes were incorporated into a dual frequency (tunable) by the Littman. The tunable diaphragm  allows you to listen to low frequency sounds by just applying a slight pressure on the chest piece. No more hustle of turning over the chest piece for a bell when examining children and patients with weak heartbeat.

  • Perfect fit headset

The headset  is anatomically designed to fit the ear canals perfectly. This not only improves your ability to listen, but also prevents it from continuous drop from your ears.

  • Tube length

The 27 inch tube of the stethoscope is easy to work with. You can comfortably hang it around your neck or drop it in your pocket of your lab coat.

  • Weight

Its 6.6 ounce weight will only be a problem if you prefer your stethoscope on your neck but fear neck injuries and exhaustion. Customer reviews at Amazon show a balance in the number that abhorred the weight and those that loved it.

  • Warranty

This Littman model is a bank-breaker. Its high durability, excellent feel, and the 7 year warranty pleased most customers. With the stethoscope, you won’t even need to worry about purchasing extra Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope parts.

Why We Love the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope  

After the above Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope review, do you still need more convincing? Here are some reasons why you should buy the Littmann Master Cardiology.

  • Flexible tubing

When we talked about the tube being highly portable, you may have worried about the wear and tear that usually follow this. With the Master Cardiology, there is no need to worry about this because the tubes won’t break.

  • Excellent acoustic seal

Working in a distressful and noisy environment is not a hustle when you have the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology. The tips have a soft sealing that enhances sound. So, you will get a clear listen wherever you are working from.

  • Annihilated noise disturbance

The double lumen design of the stethoscopel provides control over noise disturbance. Do not expect any interference with this model.

  • Excellent performance

The uniquely designed chest piece and the tunable diaphragm will make you enjoy examining your patients. Body sounds will be delivered accurately without you sweating it out.

Cons of the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology

Below are some cons we found of the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology.

  • Factory defect

Some customers were unhappy because their steths came with factory defects. To avoid this, purchase this item only from a reliable authorized dealer or at Amazon. Before buying,  read customer reviews to know what to expect of it.

  • Price

Be ready to go all out on cash if you are up for a great long term investment. This model isn’t as cheap as most others come by. At Amazon, the stethoscope goes for

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the warranty given for this model?

This item comes with a whooping 7 year warranty!

  1. How does this model compare to the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope?

Apart from the already mentioned quality acoustics, this master model comes with an adapter. Some customers said they did not see a difference the adapter made (for the extra cost). Others indicated it enhanced the acoustics insanely!

  1. I’m a vet doctor; can I use this for Vet practice?

Yes you can. Although designed for cardiology, you can take advantage of this Littmann steth as a vet doctor. Healthcare practitioners in CCU and ICU can also use it.

  1. Can you engrave my name on the stethoscope?

Unfortunately, if you would like your name engraved on your Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope, you will have to consult your local jeweller and bargain on the price. Be warned that this may compromise your warranty. Amazon vendors don’t currently do this service.

  1. What styles and colours will I be choosing from?

You can choose from a range of eight colours; plum, burgundy, navy blue, hunter green, dark olive green, grey and black. The Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope with plum colour is the most preferred by most reviewers.

You can also choose you’re preferred chest piece style. There is black matte, polished, brass, polished stainless steel, smoke and stainless steel.


3M Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope is a real investment if you have no problem paying for a quality stehosocpe. You can get the stethoscope at Amazon forAt Amazon, the stethoscope goes for . This is a great bargain for the unique features that you will get.

We highly recommend the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope to avoid inconveniences and disappointments in patient diagnosis.

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