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Looking for an update 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. stethoscope review? Read on to find out how the stethoscope performs.

As the name suggests, the Littmann Lightweight II is most admired for its light weight. This feature has made it a necessity not only for experienced professionals in the healthcare industry but also beginners and students. Apart from being lightweight, the steth’s sound quality makes it a favorite of many medics, not to mention its affordable price.

The Littmann II features a teardrop shape and being lightweight, the scope is convenient to carry on the neck. The materials used to make the steth also don’t compromise its quality of performance. Many reviewers give the stethoscope a thumbs up

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Features of the Littman Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

littmann lightweight ii se Compared to other higher priced stethoscopes, the Littmann Lightweight II is revolutionary! The tear-drop heart shape makes it suitable for basic clinical tasks like checking blood pressure. The steth is also an excellent choice for listening to body sounds like heart rhythm.

The Littmann Lightweight II comes with features that have made it popular among nurses, doctors, and students. Even other professionals like spies occasionally use the stethoscope in their mission. This steth may seem like it’s all about its light weight. However, read on to discover other features that make the Littmann Lightweight II one of the best stethoscopes in the market.

Here is a roundup of the features of this stethoscope:

Acoustic Features

Some students have complained of the sound quality of the Littmann Lightweight II. However, many other reviewers have applauded the acoustic sound quality of the steth. Generally, your hearing ability, experience, and mastery of using a stethoscope will determine how you rate the acoustic sound capability.

If you are working in a unit that highly values sound quality, for example, a pediatric department, go for a heavier steth like the Littmann Cardiology III. Many reviewers feel this heavier stethoscope provides better sound output. The weight, however, depends on many factors including your body build, working hours and general preference.

Tube Length

The 28-inch tube makes the Littmann Lightweight SE II a great tool. Its design and weight reduce the likelihood of it carelessly falling. No customers have complained of the length, which is comparably longer than that of other scopes.

Tight-snap Ear Tips

The tube length helps to prevent accidental falling off of the steth when you place the ear tips on your ears. The ear tips are considerably soft, but snap and fit tightly in your ear canals. Even better, on purchase, you will get three separate ear tips that you can use depending on your preference. Many medics prefer the soft, rubbery ear tips.

Tension-free headset

The Littmann Lightweight II has an adjustable headset. You can use the stethoscope without feeling tension on their ears. Even better, you can adjust the headset as you wish.

Non-chill Rims

Most patients are usually uncomfortable with the coldness of the rims. The Littmann Lightweight is designed with non-chill rims. So, you don’t have to worry about putting it directly on the patients’ skin.


This is the major reason for the high sales of this stethoscope. Most models cannot beat this the Littmann Lightweight’s 1.9-ounce weight. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about fitting the steth in your pockets or bag. Moreover, you should not worry about neck injuries or pain typically experienced when using cheap stethoscopes.


Amazon customers are happy with the durability of the Littmann Lightweight II parts. The stethoscope kit is sold with a warranty of two years. However, clean and maintain your set well to make it lasts even longer.

Pros of the 3M Littman Lightweight II S.E. 

Clear Acoustics

The Littmann Lightweight SE II has adjustable diaphragms. You, therefore, don’t have to borrow another Steth, in case of low frequency, to confirm your diagnosis.


Because of the non-chill rims, tube length and the tuneable diaphragm, this steth is fit for use on minors and elderly patients. You can use it to listen to different frequency sounds.

Comfortable Wear

The teardrop shape and light weight make this steth easy carry.


Because the tubing is made of foldable material, you can carry it comfortably in your pocket or handbag without worrying about it being deformed.

Fixed Headset

The headset conforms comfortably to the ears, providing a more accurate listen.

Cons of the Littmann Lightweight II S.E.

Below are some downsides of the Littmann Lightweight SE II.


You will get the best price of this model if you purchase it from Amazon. Students and other beginners may find this quite costly.

Detachable Ear Tips

While the ear tips are a perfect fit, some users complained about them detaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this model have a bell?

The Littmann Lightweight SE II does not have a bell. The diaphragm is however tuneable and depending on the amount of pressure you apply, you can listen to both low and high-frequency sounds.

littmann lightweight stethoscopeWill I have to purchase a classic pediatric stethoscope or can it cover pediatric use?

This Littmann model is neither designed for neonatal or for pediatric use. If your department requires a better acoustic performing steth, choose a model like the Littmann pediatric stethoscope.

Does it come in several colors or styles I can choose from?

The Littmann Lightweight features a heart-drop shape and comes in a range of colors that you can choose from. The colors are: Caribbean blue, lilac, burgundy, sea foam green, or ceil pink.

Is this stethoscope dual-head?

Yes, the chest piece of this stethoscope is dual-head. Do not confuse this with having a bell as only the head is two-sided. The design easily allows you to slide-over your fingers for an easy grip.

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Reviews

Here is one review of the Littmann Lightweight SE II as posted on Amazon. Please note we have paraphrased the review for clarity purposes

“This lightweight stethoscope is the most convenient one with its price range. It is a great investment for a long-term use.” Read full review

Although some users are not happy with the Littmann’s weight as they consider it rugged, they applaud its durability. Many customers indicate that the acoustic equity is excellent and they can listen to all body sounds, including getting blood pressure and lung sounds.

The adjustable diaphragm, which allows for the listening of low-frequency sounds, is another reason why most people go for this steth. Customers indicate that they can hear both high-pitched and low-frequency sounds. This makes the Littmann Lightweight SE II perfect during emergency cases.

The comfortable earpiece is another feature that is highly praised. Some users also love the fact that the kit comes with three different pieces of ear pieces. This means they can switch earpieces as they wish.

However, most complaints from reviewers are about the high cost. Some users consider the steth expensive for its ‘uncomfortably’ low weight. Still, many users recommend the steth because of its overall great features.


Being a top-level stethoscope and a bestseller, the Littmann Lightweight SE II is a great investment for any health practitioner. If weight is one of the things you consider before purchasing a stethoscope, you will love the Lightweight SE II.

The stethoscope is not the cheapest in the market, especially given its great features. However, investing in it will provide great value for your money.

With the Littmann Lightweight SE II, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong diagnosis. Its tuneable diaphragm enhances clarity when you apply pressure. Moreover, the non-chill rims make your patient at ease and comfortable during your assessment.

The Littmann Lightweight stethoscope works great in emergency situations. You can use it to listening to weak, low sounds. Moreover, its acoustic accuracy makes it suitable for working in a noisy environment.

The Littmann Lightweight stethoscope has an impressive auscultation capability that is highly accurate. The steth is a great device for medical students. We highly recommend it.

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