Eko Core Digital Stethoscope Review


Looking for a digital stethoscope? Read our Eko Core digital stethoscope review to find out what this unit has to offer.

Which is the best stethoscope for auscultation? Without a doubt, the answer is a digital stethoscope.

In today’s advanced medical world, it is a wonder that many doctors and RNs are still using Neolithic stethoscopes. These traditional stethoscopes hunch over patients as you try to listen to the muffled distant lung and heart sounds.

Most doctors and RNs work in noisy environments and rely on the traditional ‘scopes to listen to body sounds, often through gowns and layers of subcutaneous fat.

As clinicians age, they tend to think that their auscultation skills are improving while their sensory organs indicate otherwise.

Clinicians that are still using the traditional stethoscope do not know what they are missing. Listening to auscultations using an electronic stethoscope is a sign of professionalism and a truly pleasurable experience.

One of the best digital stethoscopes available on the market is the Eko Core. In this Eko Core Digital Stethoscope review, we find out what to expect or the must-have accessory.

Eko Core Digital Stethoscope Review

eko digital stethoscopeThe Eko Core Digital Stethoscope is not just another shiny device with an electronic amplifier. This stethoscope is much more.

To start off, the device is designed with a whole suite of technologies that power visualization, processing, auscultation and storage of EMR sounds. In the not too distant future, hospitals are likely to be required to store auscultation sounds in EMR, together with other data such as echo images.

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Features of the Eko Digital Stethoscope

The Eko stethoscope is stylish, sturdy and well-designed. The stethoscope can be folded properly and stored in a front or back pocket of the scrub. This is no small feat for a clinician that is always on the go in around the hospital.

Great Fit

The Eko stethoscope fits the ears without applying any unpleasant pressures on them. It also comes with an extra pair of ear attachments that can fit various ear sizes.

You can charge the Eko stethoscope using a typical USB charger. The device can stay charged for over two weeks. Overall, the Eko Core Digital stethoscope works excellently in busy clinical practice.

Digital and Analog Mode

The only problem you may experience with the Eko Digital stethoscope is its on/off button. If you forget to turn off the button, the battery can get depleted overnight. However, if this happens, you can still using the stethoscope like a Neolithic type. When the Eko digital charger is depleted, the device stops functioning as an electronic stethoscope and becomes and analog ‘scope.

When in analog mode, the Eko Duo stethoscope sounds as exciting as the early models of the HP Rappaport Sprague and Littmann. The good news is that the digital stethoscope can be fully charged in just 40 minutes.

According to the company, future Eko Digital stethoscope models will have an automatic shut-off feature to prevent the battery from getting depleted.

Sound Filtering Technology

The Eko digital stethoscope has sound-filtering technology that allows you to hear even the faintest sounds at high precision. When using the stethoscope in a noisy environment, it works well on both pediatric and adult patients.

You can be sure of making accurate auscultations regardless of your designation in the clinical setting.

Eko Stethoscope App

eko app screenThe digital stethoscope runs on a full-featured software that allows you to save, process and share sound data on your smartphone or tablet. After purchasing the stethoscope, you will have to download its app and connect the stethoscope to your Android, iPad or iPhone device through Bluetooth. Your device will take just a few seconds to find the connection and your stethoscope get online.

When you use the Eko Core stethoscope for an auscultation exam and your smartphone or tablet is nearby, the software will automatically guide you to record, store or share the sounds. You can also annotate and attribute the sounds recorded to specific areas of the back or chest, say upper left for lungs or aortic valve region for heart sounds. The attributing step is optional. If you wish, you can just record the sounds without attribution.

The ability of the Eko stethoscope to share data is HIPPA compliant. You can save the sounds to an EMR or share the recordings with colleagues. The stethoscope also allows you to receive recordings from other clinicians and hear them right in there. Therefore, the Eko stethoscope is both a recording and playback device, something that many doctors and RNs will love.

The Eko manufacturer also provides other software options, including MP3 recordings that you can download, an educational library of sounds, live streaming of auscultation for remote live monitoring among others.

Finally, the software has a default PDF template that you can use to record a full auscultation report of your findings for compliance or billing purposes.

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Eko Core Digital Attachment Review

The Eko Core Digital Attachment complements most analog stethoscopes with digital amplification and noise reduction capabilities, enhancing auscultation experiences for medical professionals. This innovative attachment, introduced by Eko Health, weighs only 1 ounce and offers up to 40x amplification, easily controlled with a simple toggle button. Its lightweight and user-friendly design make it an ideal addition to traditional stethoscopes, providing advanced functionalities without the need to invest in an entirely new digital stethoscope.


One of the remarkable features of the Eko Core Digital Attachment is its seamless connectivity to Eko’s software, allowing for real-time phonocardiogram visualization. This integration enables healthcare professionals to gain valuable insights into cardiac sounds, facilitating more accurate diagnoses and patient care. The attachment boasts an impressive eight-hour battery life, ensuring reliable performance throughout extended shifts or clinical sessions.

The cost-effectiveness of the Eko Core Digital Attachment is also worth noting. Priced at less than $200, it offers significant value for its capabilities and has been regarded as one of the best digital stethoscope options in recent years.

Moreover, the attachment seamlessly integrates with analog stethoscope tubing and chest pieces, making installation and adaptation simple and hassle-free. This means that healthcare professionals can easily upgrade their existing stethoscopes to incorporate cutting-edge digital technology, enhancing auscultation without the need to replace the entire instrument.

In summary, the Eko Core Digital Attachment is an excellent solution for medical professionals seeking to enhance their traditional stethoscopes’ capabilities with digital amplification and noise reduction features. Its easy installation, affordable pricing, and compatibility with various stethoscope models make it a valuable tool for auscultation in modern healthcare settings. Whether used in busy environments, for hearing-impaired professionals, or simply for improved sound clarity, the Eko Core Digital Attachment has proven to be a valuable addition to the medical community [1].

Best Digital Stethoscope on the Market

There is no doubt that the Eko Core is the best electronic stethoscope on the market. The device not only functions exceptionally well in clinical settings but can also be used to amplify other types of sounds.

For example, you can test the power of the device by listening to crickets and cicadas at night to gauge how it amplifies sounds. If you wish, you use the stethoscope to record or investigate your neighbors and loved ones.

Eko Core Stethoscope Price

The price of the Eko Core varies depending on where you buy it. We’ve found the price to range from $300 to $400. In our research, the cheapest price is on Amazon (check price).

Our Verdict

The Eko Core is a simple, practical, stylish and intuitive stethoscope that is powered by an unmatched technology. The technology enables the stethoscope to be used in a whole new range of horizons, including serial follow up of patients, EMR storage, sound amplification, education and so on. This stethoscope will make a great gift for doctors and nurses at any stage of their professional life.

The company behind the Eko Core has done an incredible job in creating a great electronic stethoscope with an easy-to-use software suite that is clinically relevant. This device is ready for a future where auscultation will be a core part of the EMR.

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