Polar FT 80 Heart Rate Monitor Review


Are you wondering which HRM professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts use to achieve the level of fitness we all envy? If so, think no further and just look at the Polar FT 80. With its easy and intuitive features, this device is the ultimate HRM for workouts.

The Polar FT80 is highly beneficial for people who do cardio and strength training for fitness. The FT 80 helps you to map out your complete workout routine.

Features of the Polar FT 80 Heart Rate Monitor

polar ft 80Tracking Features

  • Speed and Distance covered

The device has G1 GPS sensor, which will enable you to track speed and distance covered during your outdoor workouts, including biking etc. And with its S1 Footpad, runners can track speed and distance covered.

  • Intelligent Training Computer

The HRM adapts to your workout habits by giving you weekly training targets and providing constant feedback. The watch guides you without being too strict, helping you reach your goals more efficiently

  • Heart Rate Display 

Displays percentage of your maximum heart rate as beats per minute (bpm) and within a graphical target zone indicator.

  • Lower or Higher Target Zone Alarm

If you go below or above Target zone during workouts, there will be a beep sound to alert you.

  • ZonePointer

This is an audible and visual feature on the display of your FT80 that shows you where your current heart rate sits within your target heart rate zone.

  •  Polar Strength Training Mode

This feature helps you to optimize your strength training by reading your heart rate and informing you when your body is ready for the next set. Using the feature is an ideal way to optimize your weight training.

  • Polar OwnCal mode

This shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session along with accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. You can use the feature to set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure to achieve both short-term and long-term goals

  • Built-in Fitness Test

This test measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes.

  • ZoneLock Mode

Through this feature, you can activate a target zone in the midst of training with the press of a button

  • Polar OwnZone Mode

This mode provides a customized target zone for individual exercise sessions

  • OwnCode Mode

This mode prevents crosstalk from other heart rate monitors nearby.

  • Recording Mode

This mode tracks your average and maximum heart rate, calorie expenditure, distance, and total exercise time, and then puts it in an exercise file.

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The display has a backlight, which when pressed will backlight for 5 seconds.  At any given time, the Polar FT 80 displays Heart Rate,  In Zone data and Time.


The wrist unit has 5 buttons who functions are:

  • Top right: Scrolls up the menu, adjust menus, change the watch face
  • Bottom right: Scroll Down the menu, adjust values,
  • Center Right: Ok Start Button, confirm selection, select training type and settings
  • Bottom Left: Exit/ Back button, cancel selection, leave the settings unchanged
  • Top Left: is for the Light or illuminate the display

The buttons are easily accessible but a little hard to press.

Water Resistant

The Polar FT 80 is water resistant and can be worn when swimming. To maintain its warranty, do not press any buttons when under water.  The heart rate monitor is water resistant up to 30 meters. This means you can wear the device when swimming and having a shower.

Sensor Type

The Polar FT 80 has a chest strap based sensor that works well. The Polar FT80 training computer records and displays your heart rate and other data during training. The WearLink®+ transmitter transmits the heart rate signal to the training computer.


polar ft80 strapsTransmitter strap is made of polyurethane and is, therefore, flexible and comfortable to wear for a long workout. These straps are also washable.

You should wash the straps in the washing machine before storing them for a long time and after use in a high chloride swimming pool.  Regular washing will ensure the Polar FT80 provide accurate reliable measurement and its transmitter lasts long.

Recording Capacity/Memory

The Polar FT 80 comes with a storage to store up to 100 training files.

Computer Connection

Polar FT80 comes with Polar FlowLink®  and Websync for effortless data transfer to your online training diary at polarpersonaltrainer.com via both Mac and PC.  Flowlink comes by default with Polar FT 80HRM.


The Polar FT 80 kit comes with  Main Unit, Transmitter Unit, Chest Strap, Batteries and User Manual. It is also recommended to buy Polar G1 GPS speed and Distance sensor, and S1 Footpad to maximize your workouts.


The Polar FT 80 and the Transmitter use the same battery. These are user changeable batteries. Excessive use of the backlight will drain the batteries.

The device uses the CR 2025 battery that has an average lifetime of 8 months with consistent 1-hour workout each day. When changing the battery, make sure the sealing ring is not damaged.


Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces

CLICK HERE to download Polar FT80 User manual


  • Ease of Use: Polar FT 80 is easier than many of Polar HRM in terms of set up of workout schedules and other settings within HRM.
  • Chest strap: Is wider and much more comfortable and flexible.
  • Loads of extra data: They include Calories burned, heart rates, strength training features, built-in fitness test, ZoneLock mode, Polar OwnZone mode, OwnCode mode and Recording mode


  • Display issue: Even with the backlight display, the contrast needs improvement.
  • Erratic readings: The device can sometimes provide inaccurate readings
  • Websync issue: Some time people have experienced an issue with Websync when transferring data from the computer.

Consumer Ratings

From what we have found across various online portals, people love the Polar FT80 for its extensive data, which are useful for a professional trainer. Check what customers are saying about the FT80 on Amazon.

This is the best heart rate monitor for athletes or anyone that would like to plan their fitness regimen in a progressive manner. The screen can be difficult to see indoors but this is not a major issue.

The FT80 has an amazing design and does what it should.


We have checked and reviewed pricing at major online retailers for high-end Heart Rate Monitors and we found Polar FT 80 seems to be the best lot under $300 range. As of now, prices seem to be cheaper at Amazon ( click here to see the latest price ).

However, it is your choice to choose between Amazon door delivery and exceptional customer service or to buy from your nearby store. Either of the options can be good depending on what you prefer.


When you are looking at high-end Heart Rate Monitor, we recommend the Polar FT 80. This HRM comes with all the features needed for you to workout effectively.

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