Top 10 Board Games for Nurses


Looking for the best board games for nurses and nursing students? If so, you are in the right place.

After a long day standing at work, you may want to jog your mind with some board games as you snack at home. Medical board games can teach you something new and are great gift ideas for nurses.

Below are 10 board games for medical professionals that you will love.

Best Medical Board Games for Nurses and Nursing Students

#1.  Cranium

craniumThis nurse board game is a ton of fun. The board game provides all players a changed to sing, act, sketch, sculpt, perform wacky stunts, and so on. You will have fun showing your hidden skills when playing this board game.

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#2.  RNtertainment

rntertainmentThis is an educational medical board game where players take turns to answer hundreds of questions that will help you in your nursing career. The questions cover a wide range of topics including safe and effective care management, psychosocial integrity, physiological integrity, health promotion, and maintenance, among others,.

This is a great game that will help you learn new medical information in a fun way.

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#3.  Scabs ‘N’ Guts

scabs n gutsThe Scabs ‘N’ Guts is a medical educational board game that is packed with interesting medical facts. In this game, players take turns to move around the body-shaped game while answering various medical questions. The game is challenging and fun due to its unexpected twists and turns.

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#4.  Hasbro Operation Skill Game

hasbro operation skillThis is a classing board game for nursing students, nurses, doctors and other health professionals. The game is humorous and involves performing procedures with a pair of tweezer while making sure that the edges are not touched. Touching the edges will set off the buzzer.

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#5.  Quarantine

quarantine board gameThis is a fun and easy-to-play board game for doctors. In the game, players have to build the biggest and most efficient hospital while ensuring that patients keep coming in. You will have a few good laughs and learn a ton when playing the game.

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#6.  Pandemic

pandemic medical board gameThis is a team medical board game where specialists in various fields have to work together to find treatments for four different diseases that have spread around the world. The players have to find the treatments before the diseases eradicate mankind.

In this nurse board game, you will learn a lot about diseases and outbreaks.

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#7.  Doctor Wars

doctor warsThis is a strategy medical board game that is full of inside jokes that only nurses and doctors would understand. In the game, players manage a team of healthcare professionals and, in the process, collecting points.  The aim of the game is to treat patients and discharge them immediately from the hospital.

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#8.  The Thinking Nurse

the thinking nurseThis board game for nursing students and new nurses encourages critical thinking. The game covers medical-surgical nursing and uses the nursing process to formulate diagnoses, outcome criteria, interventions, and goals.

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#9.  Medical Monopoly

medical monopolyIn this board game for nurses, four hospitals compete with each other to fill beds with patients and treat them.  Players can perform transplant procedures, purchase organ parts, and so much more.

In the game, you will learn a lot of anatomy and first aid lessons. This medical board game is, in fact, used to teach healthcare in various district schools.

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#10. Infection

infectionThis fun board game for nurses, doctors, students, and other healthcare professionals focuses on pandemics and outbreaks.

In the game, icky-looking players have to race around the board as they get infected with different diseases and attempt to treat them.  The goal of the game is for players to pass on diseases and infect other players with lots of illness.

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Which Board Game for Nurses Do You Play?

Did we miss your favorite nurse or medical board game? Share them in the comments section below with other nurses!

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