Ultrascope Stethoscope Review

Ultrascope stethoscopes are made in the USA and come with a lifetime quality warranty on all parts. The stethoscopes are made for doctors, nurses, and paramedic that work in noisy and high intensity environment such as hospitals and the outdoors. You can also use them to carry out assessment through dressings or thick clothing, when it is impossible to access the skin.


Types of Ultrascope Stethoscopes

There are different types of Ultrascope stethoscopes that will suit pediatric nurses, veterinaries, medical professionals that work long hours, and nurses looking for custom designed stethoscopes. Below are quick links to the different stethoscopes available:

  • Ultrascope Pediatric Stethoscope (Check Price)
  • Ultrascope Animal Stethoscope (it can hear through purring and animal fur)
  • Customized Stethoscopes (You can design your own stethoscope)
  • Ultrascope Lightweight Stethoscope

Superior Sound Quality

As a medic, you need to make critical decisions fast to save precious lives. For this reason, you need a stethoscope that delivers excellent acoustics.

The single-sided Ultrascope stethoscope has superior technology and design that allows you to accurately assess or diagnosis lung and heart sounds in both human and animal patients. The pressure-sensitive acoustic stethoscope works perfectly even under the worst possible conditions by monitoring sounds by alternating pressure between sites.

The Ultrascope cardiology stethoscope delivers crystal clear sounds even in noisy environments. The instrument easily picks up on split S2s and murmurs better compared to standard stethoscopes. The dual lumen tubing eliminate any distortion and deliver maximum sound quality.

Comfortable for Patients

One of the important parts of medicine is managing patient comfort. Most stethoscopes on the market have cold, hard steel heads that feel uncomfortable on the bare skin. On the flipside, Ultrascope head is made from hardened acrylic and has a chrome plated rim. Therefore, your patients will not get shocked every time you place the ‘scope on their skin.

Smarter Design

The Ultrascope has a smarter design that makes work faster. The stethoscope has a single sided heat while makes it easy to zero down on the sound you are searching for during diagnosis. Both the diaphragm and the bell functions are available on one side. Therefore, you can easily switch between them without having to lift the head.

To switch between low and high frequently sounds, simply press the head down lightly. This smarter and efficient design works faster than the standard bell and diaphragm.

Ultrascope Stethoscope Features

Ultrascope stethoscope come at an affordable price and are a perfect Littmann alternative. Every stethoscope comes with:

  • 1 name tag
  • 2 pair of eartips
  • 1 colored tubing
  • 1 designed head with single stem


A little weight may not hurt you. However, when you are carrying a stethoscope across your shoulders for 10+ hours, you can leave your shift with shoulder or neck pains.

Dragging a heavy stethoscope in your pockets or carrying it on your shoulder for many hours will make your neck stiff, increase your stress levels, and make you get tired faster. All these result will impact your ability to give your best given the already stressful environment you are working in.

To avoid a stiff neck, get the Ultrascope stethoscope. Weighing just 60z, the stethoscopes are 25% lighter than common stethoscopes in the market. Making your rounds will be easier when carrying a lightweight stethoscope like the Ultrascope models.

Stainless Steel Binaurals with Springs

Ultrascope stethoscope binaurals are made from stainless steel and, therefore, do not break. The binaurals have an internal spring that provides extra flexibility.

Thicker and Latex Free Tubes

Conventional stethoscope tend to get stuck or yanked in bed trails and gurneys since you are always on the move. To counter this, Ultrascope stethoscopes have an extra thick tubing made from latex free Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Shatter Proof Head

As you run from place to place around the hospital, the stethoscope is bound to get knocked on different surfaces along the way. The frequent bumping can end up damaging the head. To prevent head damage, Ultrascope stethoscope heads are designed to take a beating in high pressure environments such as the ICUs. The heads are crack resistant, shatter proof, and will last a lifetime.

Why We Love Ultrascope Stethoscopes

  • Superior stethoscope with excellent acoustics
  • Sold with a 60-day full refund guarantee
  • Built to last a lifetime. Has a lifetime warranty
  • 25% lighter than regular stethoscopes. You will make your rounds easier when carrying the stethoscope around your neck.
  • You will never lose your stethoscope as it will be easy to differentiate it from others
  • Offers a faster way of switching between the bell and diaphragm
  • Available in over 500+ customizable designs to match your personality

Editor’s Verdict

The Ultrascope stethoscopes are a great alternative to Littmann stethoscopes, which are more expensive. The stethoscopes come in a wide range of colors to match your personality and have great acoustics. You can hear inspiration and expiration through chest tube dressings with this stethoscope.

We recommend this stethoscope for nurses and EMT paramedics that work in noisy environments as its acoustics are superb. Moreover, the excellent acoustics make the ‘scope an excellent instrument for detecting early pregnancy and analyzing fertility treatment results.

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