Best Wi-Fi Microscope

best wifi microscope

Are you looking for the best microscope for the money? If so, we have scoured and tested different microscopes and came up with the winner.

best wifi microscope

Buying Guide and Comparison of the Best Wi-Fi Microscopes

What is the best microscope with Wi-Fi? In this guide, we review the top Wi-Fi stethoscopes on the market to help you make the right decision on which one to choose.

But before you start shopping for a microscope, there are a number of factors you should consider. These include:

Choosing a Wi-Fi Microscope

  • Software

First off, assess the quality of the microscope driver. For example, check the editing capabilities and measurement of the software. With some microscopes, the only thing that the software can do is enable transfer of the images to your computer or laptop.

Also, check whether the microscope driver is compatible with your computer Operating System (OS).

  • Check the Camera

Microscopes are fitted with different types of cameras with various resolutions. If you will want to showcase your images, perhaps in a presentation at school or at work, it is important to get a microscope with a high-resolution camera.

At the minimum, get a microscope with a camera resolution of between 5MP to 10MP.

However, some Wi-Fi microscopes do not have high-resolution cameras. Apart from this, microscopes with high-resolution cameras are usually expensive. In this case, you will have to work within your budget to know which microscope would be ideal for you.

  • Handheld or Self Standing

Like the name suggests, handheld microscopes can be taken with you wherever you wish to explore. These units do not have to be placed on a plane surface to do what they are supposed to. However, most of the units will work well only if your hand is stable. If you cannot keep your hand still, the images will tend to be a bit shaky.

self standing or handheld microscope

If you would like crisp and clear pictures, and shoot balanced videos, get a self-standing microscope. With some self-standing microscopes, you can remove the main body from the structure and use them as handheld models.

  • Magnification Capabilities

Apart from the inbuilt optics of the microscope, check the magnification capabilities of the unit. What you intend to use the microscope for should help you determine the magnification range to look for. For example, if you want a microscope to look at insects, coins, or other large items, you may not need one with a very generous magnification range.

On the flip side, if you want to use the microscope to look at mold, electrical components, or other small things that may not be visible to the naked eye, choose a device with multiple magnification settings.

  • Compatibility

Not all microscopes have the same components or are made with the same materials. Therefore, think of the compatibility of the microscope with the devices you may want to use it with. For example, confirm that the device will work with your computer Operating System.

The best Wi-Fi enabled microscopes for the money can connect with many mobile devices. Still, it does not hurt to check whether the microscope you want to buy is geared for Android, iOS or devices using other mobile operating systems.

Wi-Fi Microscope Reviews

Below are reviews of the best Wi-Fi microscopes for the money.

#1.  ProScope Mobile

proscope microscopeThe ProScope Mobile is a convenient wireless handheld microscope that is durable and produces clear images. The device is also Wi-Fi compatible, which is something you may want when you need to transfer images or videos to your mobile devices.

The ProScope Mobile is a versatile microscope that can be used by students, nurses, or hobbyists. Whether you are a coroner looking for crucial detail at a crime scene or a veterinarian looking for a unit to help you identify parasites, you will find this device invaluable.

The ProScope microscope works with separate lenses and has a magnification range of 10x to 400x. However, the unit only comes with 50x and 200x lenses in the box.

Why We Love this Microscope

The ProScope Mobile is a versatile microscope that can be used for science education in a classroom, crime scene investigation, law enforcement, and patient or laboratory examinations. The wireless, handheld digital microscope can be used with your smartphone and other mobile devices to view live video or stills.

The microscope generates its own Wi-Fi network and, therefore, can be used anywhere. You can connect up to 253 devices to the microscope at the same time through Wi-Fi.

The optical device comes with 50X and 200X lenses, which are adequate for magnifying the finest details of the specimen under observation. You can view live images through the device, store them in the Photo Album or any compatibility device, or freeze them.

The performance of the ProScope Mobile is way ahead of any other digital microscopes on the market.

What We Don’t Like

Comes at a quite expensive price. (check current price)

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#2.  Koolertron 720

koolertron 720If you wish to buy a wireless microscope, we recommend choosing one that can be used both as a self-standing and handheld unit. The Koolertron 720 is the model that best fits this requirement.

The optical unit comes with a stand, which makes it easy for you to look at your specimens in a stable and calm environment. The microscope has a 5MP camera, which ensures it takes clear pictures or your samples. With a magnification of 300X, the Koolertron 720 is easily the best microscope for students, professionals, and science enthusiasts.

The Koolertron’s software is compatible with both iOS and Windows Operating Systems. Moreover, its drivers allow you to take measurements.

Why We Love this Microscope

Assembling the Koolertron 720 is easy and fast. You will not require any additional tools for the assembly.

The microscope has a 3MP true resolution image sensor and its magnification rate reaches 220X. This magnification is sufficient for you to see objects in depth and clearly. You can see all the details of your specimen vividly.

It is easy to use the Koolertron 720 microscope. The unit’s software makes it easy to take videos and photos and upload them to your computer via a USB port. The software is also compatible with iOS and Windows.


The firmware and software are still a work in progress. Hopefully, they will be improved with time.

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#3.  BarskaWiFi AY12584

barska wifi digital microscopeThe BarskaWIFI is an affordable microscope for beginners. This unit is illuminated with six LED lights and comes with a number of essential features. The microscope has a free mobile app and comes with a USB charging cord.

The Barska microscope is powered by a 1500mA Lithium battery. However, it does not have a stand.

 Why We Love this Microscope

The BarskaWIFI microscope can connect with different Wi-Fi enabled devices. This makes it easy to collect samples in the field for on-spot microscopic observation or research online. The device is illuminated by 6 LED lights that make it easy for you to observe your specimen even in poor lighting conditions.

You can recharge the beginner’s microscope through the included USB charging cord if you will be using it in an area without electricity. The unit’s 1500mA lithium battery lasts long and can be optimized for better performance if you plan to use the Wi-Fi feature.

The Barska wireless handheld microscope works with both Android and iOS devices. You can stream live footage from the unit to your device from more than 50 feet away.

The optical zooming capability of the microscope ranges from 75X to 300X.


Some customers have complained that the Wi-Fi unit stopped working after a few months. We didn’t, however, experience this problem during our tests.

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#4.  TOOGOO 053495

toogoo wireless microscopeLast on our list of the best Wi-Fi microscope is the TOOGOO unit. This cheap microscope is a good option for anyone that would like a unit for home use or hobby.

The TOOGOO is illuminated by 8 LED bulbs, and the lighting can be adjusted depending on your needs when observing a specimen. You can use the light to take pictures of your specimen using the microscope’s app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The TOOGOO captures images with a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

Why We Love this Microscope

The TOOGOO microscope has a Wi-Fi range of up to 5 meters. You can easily send specimen views for remote viewing on compatible devices.

We love the 1000X magnification capability of the microscope. No matter the size of the specimen you are observing, you will see the details. The 8 LED lights will illuminate the specimen to make your observation easier.

You can capture still images using the TOOGOO microscope. An integrated snapshot allows you to capture photographs of your specimen for documentation or further research


The pictures captured by the TOOGOO Wi-Fi microscope have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is a little low if you are observing minute specimens.

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Editor’s Verdict: Best Wi-Fi Microscope

From our tests, the ProScope Mobile is the best Wi-Fi microscope. This user-friendly device comes at an affordable price and can be used under any circumstances.

Whether you are looking for an educational microscope or a hobby one, the ProScope mobile will not disappoint you. The Wi-Fi capability means you can connect it to your iPods, smartphones, and various tablets to send stills and video. The magnification setting of the ProScope ranges from 10x to 400x.

Coming close to the ProScope is the Koolertron 720.

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