Best Compression Socks for Nurses


Compression socks are specially designed socks that help to improve blood circulation in the legs, alleviate foot stress and prevent the progression of venous disorders. Wearing the socks will greatly improve how you feel the whole day or night during your shift.

There are many types of compression socks on the market. For example, we have compression socks for nurses, pregnant women, travelers, physical laborers, office workers, and other professionals. In this guide, we review the best compression socks for nurses based on performance, quality of materials, and various features.

Top 10 Best Compression Socks for Nurses Review

#1.  Sockwell Women’s Circulator Compression Socks

Sockwell Circulator Graduated Compression SocksThe Sockwell Circulator compression socks help to prevent swelling, soreness, and foot fatigue. These socks are not only ideal for nurses, but also athletes, pregnant women, and any individual that spends a lot of time seated or standing.

The compression socks offer a moderate level of compression to improve blood circulation around your legs and feet. The socks are made from a combination of wool, bamboo rayon, stretch nylon, and spandex materials and is available in different colors. The spandex material used to make the socks is stretchable while the footbed is lightly cushioned for additional comfort.

The Sockwell Compression Socks has 4 zones of graduated compression. The socks features graduated compression throughout the calf muscles, a light cushion sole to the ankle/heel, and seamless, non-abrasive toe closure.

The material used to make the compression socks is comfortable and has great wicking properties to prevent sweat odor.

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#2.  A-Swift Compression Socks

A-Swift Compression Socks For Women & MenA-Swift compression socks for women are specially designed to reduce swelling and prevent build-up of lactic acid on the feet. Wearing the socks also helps to prevent conditions such as shin splints, blisters, plantar fasciitis, and inflammation.

The A-Swift have a compression level of 20-30 mmHg and are made of a breathable silver yarn with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The socks will ensure your feet are healthy by absorbing sweat and ensuring the surrounding environment is clean.

The A-Swift socks are rated as the best compression socks for male nurses as well as female ones because they have the strongest compression around the ankles. The compression gradually decreases up the leg to ensure proper circulation of blood. The socks are also recommended by runners, tennis players, Crossfitters, pregnant women, and travelers.

The A-Swift compression socks come in a wide range of designs, including gradient styles, sheep, rainbow, polka dots, heart, and others. The socks are also available in different colors such as white, grey, blue, olive, brown, and black and would be great gifts for nurses.

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#3.  CompressionZ Compression Socks

CompressionZ Compression SocksWearing these graduated compression socks helps to improve blood circulation in the body. The socks provide strong compression on the ankles that gradually decreases as you move up the leg. Apart from nurses, athletes would benefit from wearing the socks.

The CompressionZ is designed with an anti-bacterial fabric that has great moisture wicking properties. The fabric absorbs sweat from the feat and prevents bacteria build-up that can lead to various illnesses. The material also has anti-odor properties and hence your feet will not smell.

The CompressionZ compression socks for nurses help to reduce muscle fatigue on the legs due to prolonged standing. They also improve blood circulation to aid in muscle recovery. The socks also come in different colors and can make you stand out at the ward.

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#4.  Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression SocksThe Wanderlust are true medical graduated compression socks that are largely made of cotton. Therefore, the socks do not feel too much tight regardless of the nurse shoes you have. Moreover, wearing and removing them is quite easy. Moreover, the cotton material is comfortable and friendly to the skin.

The Wanderlust compression socks can be worn by both men and women. These compression socks for nurses are also recommended for pregnant mothers. Wearing the socks every day helps to prevent conditions such as fasciitis and arthritis.

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#5.  CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks

CopperJoint Performance Compression SocksThe CopperJoint compression socks are designed for nurses, diabetics, athletes, or anyone with an active lifestyle. These socks are built tough enough to stand up to the most extreme training.

The CopperJoint compression socks are specifically designed for nurses or other professionals that stand or sit for long period of time. For nurses, the socks help to improve blood circulation on the feet by providing a tight compression that eases up from the ankles to the cuff.

The long-lasting socks help in muscle and joint recovery. Moreover, they help to relieve pains, aches, and arthritis by stimulating the flow of oxygen into the leg muscles. You can wear these odor-less socks both during the day or night shift.

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#6.  TreatMyFeet Compression Socks

TreatMyFeet Compression SocksTreatMyFeet are medical grade compression socks for nurses that provide instant pain relief to the calves and prevent escalation of varicose veins. The socks also aid in the recovery of swollen feet and legs and prevent you from getting tired easily due to standing for a long time during your shifts. The socks have a moderate compression strength of between 15 to 20 mmHg.

The TreatMyFeet compression socks are long lasting, odor-free and register with the FDA. The socks can be worn by both men and women and are stretchable and, therefore, provide a universal fit. You can wear the socks to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis and varicose veins as well as improve blood flow in your legs.

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#7.  Eurosocks Compression Socks

Eurosock’s Graduated Recovery Compression SocksEurosocks Graduated Recovery Compression socks provide shin splint relief and help to minimize fatigue, swelling, and stress on the legs. The socks also boost recovery time on leg soreness by improving blood and oxygen supply to the muscles and providing adequate calf support.

The compression socks for women are made of Drystat fiber, which is known for its antibacterial and moisture wicking properties. Therefore, you will not have to worry about fabric odors or growth of fungus in your toes due to sweating the whole day.

Other materials used to make the compression sick as include Lycra, spandex, and nylon, all of which make it stretchable, reduce blisters and provide a more consistent temperature control. These materials are also used to make some nurse scrubs. The compression provided by the socks helps to alleviate the symptoms of lactic acid build up.

Eurosocks unisex compression socks are great not only for nurses but also athletes, pregnant women, crossfitters and everyday wear.

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#8.  Go2 Compression Socks

Go2 Compression Socks For Women And MenGo2 unisex compression socks are firm and provide all-around compression of 20 – 30 mmHg, which is firmer than most compression socks provide. Wearing the socks can help to improve circulation in the legs and reduce numbness and swelling.

The socks have an extra cushioned underfoot with soft and snug materials that provide gradual compression and stimulate oxygen supply throughout the cables. The socks are extra cushioned underfoot and hence very comfortable.

Wearing the Go2 compression socks can help to alleviate the symptoms related to conditions such as varicose veins, DVT, edema, shin splints, muscle crimpling, and aching legs. This high compression socks are available in different colors and can be bought in multiple pairs

The Go2 compression socks are ideal for anyone that sits or stands for an extended period of time, whether at work, traveling or engaging in an athletic activity.

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#9.  SB Sox Compression Socks

SB SOX Compression Socks For Men & WomenThe SB SOX compression socks are a popular and affordable pair from SB SOX that provide excellent support to your calves, ankles, feet, and legs. The socks offer a firm level of compression that helps to improve circulation of blood and oxygen in the calves and prevents the buildup of lactic acid.

The SB SOX compression socks are made of lightweight, breathable materials and have a cushioned heel that makes the back of the foot comfortable. The material has antibacterial properties, is sweat resistant and durable and aids the mobility of the legs. At the front, there is toe support that improves the overall comfort of the socks.

You can wear the SB Sox compression socks for men and women on a daily basis when going for your shit or engaging in sports activities such as hiking and running. Wearing the socks helps to reduce the stress your legs are subjected to when seated or standing for long periods of time.

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#10. MudGear Recovery Compression Socks

MudGear Sports Performance & Recovery Compression SocksMudGear is one of the leading manufacturers of compression socks for athletes. However, the compression socks are also great for all-day wear for nurses and other professionals that work in healthcare, law enforcement, hospitality, and travel.

MudGear compression socks are made of high-quality spandex, polyester and nylon materials. The blended material is comfortable and has great moisture wicking properties and hence will absorb sweat on your legs during your shit. The materials also have antibacterial properties that ensure your toes stay healthy.

The compression socks for women and men are woven from 168 needlepoint compression with tough fabric composition. The socks have built in padding on the calf and lower leg that provides protection against abrasions, scuffs, and cuts that are often caused by contact with abrasive surfaces.

MudGear are graduated compression socks and therefore improve blood flow from the ankles to boost circulation and reduced muscle fatigue.

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What Are Compression Socks and How Do They Work?

Compression socks are specially designed socks that help to improve the flow of blood in the legs to increase circulation and reduce pain. These socks are made from a wide range of materials and come in different supportive designs.

Wearing compression socks will help to reduce swelling on the legs and provide additional support when you are standing for 10+ hours during your shift.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Compression socks can help to prevent a wide range of leg conditions, for example, varicose veins.  The tight, elastic material increase pressure on the legs, ankles, and feet to improve oxygenation and circulation of blood.

If you have venous conditions such as varicose veins, you will benefit from wearing compression socks for nurses.  However, if you have diabetes, a leg/skin infection or advanced arterial diseases, you should consult your physician before using compression socks.

In a nutshell, the benefits of compression socks are:

  • Improves the recovery time of sore/achy muscles
  • Improves circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Helps individuals with lymphedema
  • Reduces venous ulcers
  • Prevents or reduces varicose veins
  • Reduces swelling of the legs

Choosing the Right Compression Socks for Nurses

You should research well to find the best compression socks for you.  The socks come in different compression levels, which is usually listed on the package box. The main compression levels are:

  • 8-15mmHg (mild compression)
  • 15020 mmHg (moderate compression)
  • 20-30 mmHg (firm compression)
  • 30-40 mmHg (extra firm compression)

Compression socks with a higher compression rating have a greater impact on the flow of blood around your legs. Your needs should help you determine which the best compression socks to buy are.

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