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PCAT, also known as the Pharmacy College Admission Test, is designed to assess your abilities in your journey to becoming a pharmacy school student. You have to pass the PCAT examination if you would like to enroll in pharmacy school or college.

The examination does not focus on knowledge but the skills you have as a pharmacy student.  While basic knowledge is tested in the exam, the main thing that is focused on is your academic ability to start pharmaceutical education in general.

Not all medical or nursing students have to take the PCAT exam. The exam is only mandatory for those that would like to get into a pharmaceutical career. You can study for the PCAT by yourself with some of the best PCAT books available or take a course.

The computer-based standardized test lasts for about 4 and a half hours and can only be taken on specific months every year. The tests for the 2017-2018 cycle will be administered in July, September, October, November and January 2019. You can see the date and locations of the exams here.

PCAT Prep Course Comparison Table


Next Step Test Prep PCAT Prep CourseNext Step Test Prep PCAT Prep Course

#110 practice exams
2420 questions
On-demand online with live office hours
20 + 4 office hours per weekYesRead Full Review

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Kaplan PCAT Prep Course Kaplan PCAT Test Prep

#22 practice examsLive in-person
Live online
On-demand online
36 hoursYesRead Full Review

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Dr. Collins PCAT Prep CourseDr. Collins PCAT Prep Course

#340 practice questionsLive in-person
Self study
30 hoursNoRead Full Review

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Best PCAT Prep Courses Review

#1.  Kaplan PCAT Test Prep

Kaplan PCAT Prep CourseThe Kaplan PCAT Test Prep is endorsed by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and has all the information you would need to pass the exam.

The course features 36 hours of class and is available online on-demand, in person, and online live sessions. The cost of the PCAT prep course is $1,499m which can be a little steep for students. However, the live access you will get to PCAT experts is priceless. Moreover, you can sign up for a trial period to gauge how the course is and decide whether to stick with it or ask for a refund.

The Kaplan PCAT prep course has five full-length practice tests that will help you gauge your preparedness for the exam. The tests are administered on an online interface that is similar to what you would see in the final exam. More revision materials are available through the PCAT Diagnostic tool and the over 2,500 practice questions.

Apart from the online content, you will get color Review notes with color Study Sheets (16 pages), flashcards, and the PCAT Lesson book to complement the online material. These additional materials will help you internalize PCAT concepts faster.

And there’s still more to keep you busy over the months as you prepare for the PCAT exam. For example, you will have access to regularly updated online workshops, section tests, and quizzes that are prepared by the instructors who take part in creating the test.

Finally, we love the fact that Kaplan experts will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths by reviewing your tests. You will get personalized recommendations on the best Kaplan sources to focus on to improve your preparedness for the PCAT.

The Kaplan PCAT prep course has a lot of information, practice questions, and tests that will help you internalize PCAT concepts and improve your preparedness for the exam.


  • You’ll get access to dozens of live classroom hours
  • Free grading of your essay by expert PCAT instructors
  • Multiple offerings and schedules that will be suitable for you, whether you prefer in-person or online classes
  • Guaranteed to increase your PCAT score


  • The price of the course is quite steep

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#2.  Dr. Collins PCAT Prep Course

Dr. Collins PCAT Prep CourseIf you are looking to joining the best pharmacy schools in the country, you should need to pass the PCAT exam. One PCAT prep course that will help you in this regard is the Dr. Collins PCAT Prep Course.  You can take the course in person or in a self-study mode.

Dr. Collins PCAT Prep Course is over 30 hours and costs $725. The course covers all the topics that are tested in the PCAT exam and is updated to reflect the changes made in the PCAT exam. If you prefer to study on your own, the book has over 700 pages of in-depth content reviewing the topics that will be tested in the exam.

Majority of students that enroll in the Dr. Collins PCAT Prep Course improve their scores because they get help from experienced instructors and also have access to dozens of reference materials.  The course content is well-laid out and structured to allow to progress easily as you study for the exam

The instructors that teach the Dr. Collins PCAT Course are experienced professors that know what you need to be well prepared for the exam. This is critical as your exam score will largely determine whether or not you will get into a career in pharmacy.


  • Students that take the class see an average improvement of 35% of their scores
  • The course has all the materials you need to prepare for the different sections of the PCAT exam
  • Collins is well-known in the PCAT world for its high caliber instructors


  • There are no online classes
  • The live classes are limited to a few cities

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#3.  Next Step Test Prep PCAT Prep Course

Next Step Test Prep PCAT Prep CourseThe Next Step Test Prep PCAT Prep Course is an online on-demand course that will allow you to access to PCAT study materials and instructors to help you as you prepare for the exam. The instructors are former exam takers that scored a 99 percentile on the exam.

The Next Step PCAT course follows the 2017 PCAT Blueprint and will help you get familiar with the real exam. When you register for the course, you will get access to over 20 hours of video courses taught by instructors that make the test materials. Moreover, you can access the instructors live during office hours to ask questions to gauge your level of preparedness.

When you join the PCAT prep course, you will have access to two live small group sessions every week. The sessions are held during office hours to make it easy for everyone to participate.

When you sign up for the Next Test PCAT Prep Course, you will a personal course orientation that will show you how to use the platform and where to get the resources you will need. You can also email the support department 24/7 in case you get stuck with navigating or using the platform.

What We Love About Next Step PCAT Course

The Next Step PCAT course is designed to equip you with all the skills you will need to pass the PCAT exams. The course has a student forum where you can interact with other students and get help on the areas you have problems with.

This course is filled with interactive video content and also comes with an eBook that covers all the sections that will be tested during the exam. The lesson book is a great complimentary PCAT study material for the video lessons.

Going through the course will increase your chances of passing the PACT exam. There are five online practice exams that will help you get familiar with the types of questions that are likely to be asked at the final exam. Moreover, you also get a customized daily study plan for 1-month, 2 months and 3 months study schedule. If you do not pass the exam, you will receive a full refund for the amount you paid.

Finally, every practice test that you take and essay you write is graded.  The instructors break down your performance and highlight the areas where you need to put more effort in.

Next Step PCAT Course Interface

The PCAT course has five practice tests that are presented on an exam-like interface. By going through the practice tests, you will be familiar with the questions as well as the interface of the actual PCAT exam.   The practice test interface has the same colors, tools, subject breakdowns that the Pearson VUE test centers have.

The Next Step PCAT course is up to date with the changes that were introduced in the exam in 2016. Moreover, the course is regularly being updated and, therefore, you can be sure of studying the latest and accurate information.

The Next Step is the best PCAT prep course on the market. This course had all the information you need to prepare well for the exam.


  • You are guaranteed to improve your PCAT score when you enroll in this course
  • The test interface is the same as that which you will see on the test day
  • The course is fairly priced and offers excellent value
  • You have live access to the instructors for 4 hours a week to ask any questions
  • The instructors are the best in PCAT, having scored at least 99 percent.


  • There are no in-person classes

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Editor’s Verdict: Best PCAT Prep Course

If you want to get into a good pharmacy college, you need to score highly in the PCAT exam. You can use the above PCAT prep courses to prepare for the example. All the three options are reliable and have all the information you need to improve your scores.

When choosing the courses, you may want to look at the cost, availability of online classes, and whether you can attend live in-person classes. The choice will all be on you. Most students rate the Next Step PCAT as the best PCAT prep course on the market.


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