Tread Labs Review: Best Insoles for Walking All Day

tread labs review

Does Tread Labs offer the best insoles for walking all day? Read this Tread Labs review to find out.

When I reached my 30s, I decided it was time for me to spend more time outdoors. I mean, you only have so much time to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. I’ve been mainly focusing on hiking and camping. A few months ago, I started noticing some pain on my knees whenever I went hiking. In most cases, pain on the knees is an indication that the insoles are pretty much used up.

When I looked at my shoe inserts at home, I realized they were trampled up completely. Therefore, they were not providing the amount of support I needed.

If you are like me, always standing on your feet due to hiking or work (I’m talking to you nurses), you probably hate replacing your insoles. It was time to replace the insoles. And so, I started my search for the best insoles for standing and walking all day.

Choosing the Best Insoles for Walking All Day

When looking for the best insoles for standing or walking all day, you want something that will last. For me, I was willing to shell out some money for quality. Rather than paying $30 for cheap insoles that only last for four months, how about paying more for those that will last for a year or more?

Replacing the insoles multiple times every year is not something I wanted to deal with. Replacements are not only a nuisance, but you can also forget when you are supposed to replace. The result? Subjecting your feet, knees, and ankles to unnecessary strain after about every 4 months.

I’d been through it all, so I needed to find quality insoles.

Tread Labs Review

stide tread labsI read dozens of insole reviews online and came across Tread Labs. Most of the insoles I’d bought in the past were based on consumer reviews on Amazon.

However, with Tread Labs, I got most of the information on how the insoles work, how they support the foot and so on from the manufacturer’s website. What particularly drew me to Tread Labs insoles is that they provide arch supports. The insoles spot a solid build of well-formed material that will not bend out of shape. Tread Labs arch supports are more resilient since they are made from sturdier materials than the supports for insoles made of foam.

As a person with plantar fasciitis due to my flat feet, finding the best shoe inserts is really important. And in Tread Labs, I found the solution I was looking for.

tread labs sizes

Tread Labs shoe inserts are offer low, medium, high and extra high support. It is easy to decide on the best insoles for you by checking the Tread Lab fitting page. For me, I went with the medium and high Tread Labs Stride insoles.

How Does Tread Labs Perform?

I inserted Tread Labs insoles in my favorite hiking shoes, which I wear almost every day when I’m outdoors. The insoles were a perfect fit. When I put on the shoes, I immediately felt a difference in my legs. I started walking and could not help but notice the sensation of the Tread Labs Stride insoles as they supported my legs.

The insoles straightened my muscles, gait, stance, and entire walking biomechanics.

Like is the case with wearing any new shoe inserts, I felt a little bit uncomfortable at first. However, I really didn’t mind the discomfort since I knew this meant that the inserts were working.

plantar fascia

It took me a couple of weeks to get used to Tread Labs insoles. And this is another reason why I feel that they the best insoles for nurses or anyone that is at risk of plantar fasciitis. If you don’t have plantar fasciitis, the orthotic inserts will go a long way in preventing the condition. Regardless of the type of tennis shoes you wear, the inserts will transform their average support to excellent.

As a person that walks most of the day, I used to suffer from regular knee pain. For decades, my knee joints have been cracking and popping a lot. Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve just started taking measures to ensure I don’t have to undergo knee surgery. Tread Labs insoles have helped to get rid of my knee pain.

When I’m at home, I’m usually walking around in socks. This means that my knees are not getting the support they need. However, whenever I’m outdoors or going to work, I make sure that I’m wearing my Tread Labsies to provide my knees with the support they desperately need.

I’ve been wearing Tread Labs insoles for months now. I have a pair of Asics and use the insoles when walking in them. After many months, the arch support material still holds up well. While there are a few scratches here and there, the insoles can still bear my body weight and continue supporting them.

Why I Love Tread Labs Insoles

There are a number of reasons that make me rate Tread Labs as the best insoles. These include:

Fresh Shoes

The top cover of Tread Labs has a PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment that kills 99.9% of bacteria. When you wear your shoes with the inserts, they feel pine fresh. The new insoles prevent your shoes from smelling.


Tread Labs insoles provide solid support. The shoe inserts for flat feet do not give way under pressure in the long run. When wearing the inserts, you will feel your legs being supported.

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike some insoles that I’ve bought in the past, Tread Labs come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the performance of the inserts, you can return them for a full refund. The company even pays the shipping fee. This is the confidence that the company has with its products.

Value for Money

Tread Labs insoles are quite expensive than regular insoles. However, like they say, you get what you pay for. These insoles last longer and provide the best value for your money in the long run.

overview of stride tread labs

The top covers of Tread Labs are replaceable. The arch supports are Velcro and hence you can take them off the top of the covers. The replacement covers cost just $15.

I’ve been wearing my Strides for months now and they haven’t shown any signs of needing replacement. Just like is the case with buying shoes, you are better off making a solid investment in the long run. This is why I highly recommend the Tread Labs insoles over other shoe inserts.

What I Didn’t Like

I found my two insoles to be a little squeaky when I wore them around the house for some time. Given how silent the house is, the noise may be a little audible. However, when I wear the shoes outdoors, the ambient noise drowns the squeakiness of the inserts and, hence, I do not get bothered by the noise.

This is a minor issue that I happily ignored given the excellent support that the insoles provide.  Moreover, Tread Labs is working on a new line of insoles that will not produce any squeaks.

Where to Buy Tread Labs

Currently, Tread Labs is available online at the official manufacturer’s website. On Amazon, the company only offers it’s popular Stride Tread Labs option. If you would like other options, you should check the manufacturer’s online store.

Recommended Resource: Tread Labs Videos.

Tread Labs Discount Code

Tread Labs offers discount codes from time to time. If you are a member of the military or a first responder, you are eligible for a discount. The option is available on the shopping cart page.

For other shoppers, you may have to check Tread Labs website for any coupons or discount codes.

My Verdict: Overall Assessment of Tread Labs Insoles

I highly rate Tread Labs Strides and consider them the best insoles for walking or standing all day. The inserts have provided me with the support I needed, even in the long run. They look and feel great, helped to get rid of my knee pain and prevent plantar fasciitis.

Comparing Tread Labs to regular insoles, I find that the former are sturdily built and do not bend even when under pressure. Tread Labs insoles keep their form and provide excellent arch support.

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