Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review


Polar FT4 heart rate monitor meant for the female fitness as is evident by its pink color. You will be able to get the most of your workout with this simple yet distinctly cute HRM.

Overall, if you need a quality heart rate monitor and are not afraid of a big price tag, then the Polar FT4 would be a great choice.

Features of the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

ft 4 heart rate monitorTracking Features

Polar FT4F displays all the bare necessary data like Heart Rate, Calories burned, Total time spent on Training, Time of the Day and In Zone training details. Let’s see what these features are all about.

  • Automatic In Zone Display

This helps you to work out efficiently. The training computer automatically determines your heart rate target zone limits according to your age-based maximum heart rate (220 minus age). The limits are determined either in beats per minute (BPM) or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.

  • Heart Rate Display

The display will either be in Heart Beats per Minute or as a percentage of MHR (maximum heart rate).

  • HR-based Target Zones With Visual And Audible Alarm

Helps you to train in the predefined Target Zones. If you go out of these zones, Polar FT4 will give an audible and visual alarm for you to correct the intensity of your workouts immediately.

  • Manual Target Zone Setting

Enables you to manually enter the target zone for your training either as BPM or percentage of maximum heart rate.

  • Polar OwnCal Indicator

Calculates the number of calories burned during training, individual sessions and cumulatively over time.

  • Graphical Target Zone Indicator

Graphically displays heart rate zone, helping you to stay on the desired intensity.

  • Heart Touch

Different training information can be accessed without pressing buttons. This feature is handy when you are training while wearing gloves, which make pressing buttons difficult. To activate the feature, simply bring your training computer close to your transmitter.

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The display shows the following:

ft4 heart rate monitor display

  • Heart Rate: Your Current Heart Rate
  • Calories: Total Calories burnt during the workout sessions
  • Duration: Total duration of workout session and time of the day
  • In Zone: The Polar FT4 displays if you are training in the correct fitness zone by reviewing your Maximum Heart Rate automatically. The device will also display your current Heart Rate. If you are not in the defined Zone limits, it will indicate NOT IN ZONE to enable you to immediately correct your workout.

The display has a backlight for easy reading even in poor light or in the bright sunlight.


The wrist unit has 5 buttons. Below is an overview of the functions of the buttons.ft4 heart rate monitor buttons

  • Top right: Helps you to Scroll up the menu list. You can long-press the button to change the watch face.
  • Bottom right: Helps you to Scroll up the menu list. You can long-press the button to change the watch face.
  • Centre Right: Helps you to confirm the selection and fix the training sessions and settings.
  • Bottom Left: This is the Exit/ Back button. You can also use it to cancel a selection or to leave the settings as is.
  • Top Left: For illuminating the display with backlight.

As with other Polar heart rate monitors, the buttons of Polar FT4 are easily accessible and smooth for your gentle fingers.

 Water Resistant

Polar FT4 is water resistant up to 30 meters. Therefore, it is suitable for swimming and can also be worn when bathing.

However, you should take care that you do not press buttons when you are underwater. Pressing the buttons when the watch is in the water can spoil it

Polar FT4 is the best heart rate monitor for women who like working out both on land and underwater.

Sensor Type

The Polar FT4 has 2 key components that measure heart rates. These are:

  • Training Computer that is on your wrist. The component records and displays the heart rate and other data during training.
  • Wearlink transmitter in the chest strap. The transmitter has a connector that transmits the heart rate signal to the training computer.




The heart rate monitor’s back is made of stainless steel while its wrist strap is made of polyurethane material. The WireLink transmitter is made of 35% polyester, 35% polyamide, and 30% polyurethane. These materials are non-allergic and pretty comfortable to wear for long workouts.

For precise measurement and to increase the lifespan of the transmitter, always rinse the strap under running water after use and wash it in the washing machine after every 5thuse or after wearing it pool water with high chlorine.

Remove the connector and wash it dry using a cloth. Avoid using alcohol and abrasive materials to clean the straps.

The FT4 chest straps come in 3 sizes: M-XXL (28 to 44 inches), XSS (smaller than 28 inches), and XXXL (above 44 inches) chest.

Recording Capacity/Memory

The Polar FT4 can store up to 10 Training Files. If you wish to store more files, you will have to transfer some data to your computers. The device can store data from the last reset. Therefore, you to track long-term training.

Computer Connection

Polar FT4, just like any other Polar heart rate monitor, allows manual transfer of data to polarpersonaltrainer.com. There, you can view detailed information regarding your training.

Registering at and using the site is free. Therefore, make sure you register here to take advantage of online storage and access to your FT4 data.


Polar FT4 comes with a Training Computer, Polar WearLink and Transmitter to wear around your chest. There is also a Quick Guide to help you with the settings.

It is advisable to buy an Electrode Gel for your HRM so that it gets data accurately consistently during your workouts.


Polar FT4F is powered by a CR1632 battery that can last for 12 months. However, using the backlight excessively drains the battery rather quickly.

Sometimes, you will get a false alarm of low battery when using the heart rate monitor in cold conditions. However, the alert will disappear when the temperature rises. The low battery indicator will display when your device has 10% of battery remaining.

While you can replace the batteries on your own, it is advisable to get them replaced at an authorized Polar service center. The technicians at the center will test the water resistance of the device after replacing the battery, something that you will not be able to do if you replace it yourself.


Item Weight: 11.2 ounces

Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Polar FT4 is pink in color and comes with chest straps of different sizes.

CLICK HERE to download Polar FT4F User Manual


  • Water resistant

Both the chest strap connector and wrist watches are water resistant. However, don’t press the buttons while underwater.

  • Adjustable Chest Strap

The heart rate monitor comes with an M/XXL strap that fits even the BIG girls.

  • Ease of Use

You can scroll through different screens during workouts.

  • Comfortable Chest Strap

Made of a nice flexible material that makes wearing chest strap comfortable during workouts.


  • Sporadic Readings

Sometimes, readings seem to be inaccurate. This can be addressed by strapping the chest strap properly.

  • Usability of Buttons

The buttons may be difficult to press for some people, thus making it tough to operate the heart rate monitor.

  • Low Volume in some units

Sometimes, the Out of Zone audible sound is weak and, hence, difficult to hear when working out.

Consumer Ratings

Many customers love the Polar FT4 for its great set of features and ease of use. Majority of people rate this as the best heart rate monitor for women as can be seen online.

The device helps you to know if you are getting healthier by showing the calories burned and tracking your previous workouts. The chest strap is also very comfortable.

The PT4 is a trainer’s best friend. This is a quality HRM that does not have a HUGE price tag.

However, there are a couple of issues with this women’s heart rate monitor. The main issues are erratic readings, difficult to find replacement batteries and inaccurate calorie calculation. on how calories are calculated.

Overall, there is no doubt that the Polar FT4 is the best heart rate monitor for women.


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The Polar FT4F is simple but the best heart rate monitor for women. The device has great features and a comfortable strap, making it the best HRM within sub the $150 range.

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