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In our previous reviews, we studied the 3M Littmann stethoscopes keenly and gave our verdict. In this review, we’ll introduce to you to other devices from one of the best stethoscope brands; MDF Instruments.

Manufactured by a renowned company in the USA, this stethoscope brand is carefully “handcrafted”. If the Littmann brand mesmerized you, especially after seeing a couple of doctors on Grey’s Anatomy hanging it on their neck, then the MDF brand will blow you off your mind.

A stethoscope is the most important instrument in the healthcare profession. It is the primary instrument used in examining different parts of the patient’s body for diagnosis. The variation in auscultation level in each type of body assessment is wide. Yet, many brands claim they have the best stethoscopes in the market. To avoid disappointments, take time to do your selection. Invest in the finest steth in the market to make the right diagnosis every time.

MDF Stethoscope Reviews: Find Out the Quality of Acoustics, Build & Prices

By writing this MDF stethoscope review, we do not aim at convincing you to choose this brand. Our aim is to highlight key and unique features of this stethoscope brand. We will also point out the advantages and disadvantages of MDF stethoscopes.

This review, therefore, aims to provide useful information that will help you determine whether the MDF stethoscope is right for you.

Here are the top MDF stethoscopes on the market:

MDF Procardial C3 Cardiology Stainless Steel Stethoscope

Despite how you use the MDF Procardial C3 Cardiology stethoscope, you can be certain of its durability. The stethoscope is packaged with additional spare part pieces. You can easily change from one to the other when you need to. Moreover, it has a lifetime cover for replacement parts.

This stethoscope is best for any general or specialized worker in the healthcare industry. It has crisp clear acoustics that make it suitable for examining both adult and minor patients. The ear tips are easily adjustable and conform perfectly to your ear canal, giving you a comfortable wear. You don’t need to worry about acquiring a separate unit for pediatric patients when you have this stethoscope.

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MDF Classic Cardiology – with Stainless Steel Chest Piece

This all-black MDF Classic Cardiology stethoscope was designed exquisitely for cardiologists. With its dual lumen tubing and double-sound channel (a channel for each ear), it’s among the most expensive of this brand.

MDF Classic Cardiology Stethoscope Review

The stethoscope has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for use for both you and your patient. Most of its parts, including the headset, are made of stainless steel. To ensure longevity, the stethoscope has a dual leaf spring, a feature that’s patented. Apart from having a stainless-steel design, the headset is also pre-angled. These features make it a premium stethoscope

The sound-tight technology makes the MDF one of the best stethoscopes for medics working in noisy environments, like an ambulance. The technology ensures that there is no interference by surrounding noise. To identify different sound channels, it has been fitted with a green indicator.

There are nine different configurations in its chest piece. This is inclusive of a complete cardiology scope for infants. Overall, this steth is a beauty. You will, however, part with a good amount of cash to acquire it.

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MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 LCD Clock

If you want a unique scope that lets you look into your patients’ eyes while assessing them, the MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 LCD stethoscope clock is your model. The stethoscope has a timing feature that makes it unique in the market. Although non-medical professionals and others may not see the importance of having a clock in a steth, a medic will jump on an opportunity to have one. Monitoring of vital signs is made easier when you can time your stethoscope.

The chest piece has a 24-hour crystal quartz piece on its pulse time. The steth is made of anodized aluminum, which makes it lightweight. The steth also has an ultra-thin fibre diaphragm fitting that amplifies sound. This ensures heart and lung sounds are transmitted a lot more clearly.

For improved custom fit and durability, the headset is made of chrome-plated brass. The ear tips are made of silicon for a more comfortable wear. The tubing is a non-stick Y-construction that not only seals off noise from the surroundings, but also improves insulation for better sound transmission. The MDF Pulse Time stethoscope also has an acoustic pyramid chamber that enables maximum sound transmission as it opens up to the headset.

To add on all these, this unit is packaged with various accessories. These include an ultra-sensitive fibre diaphragm, extra ear tips, and an ID tag. In spite of its high price, this is the ultimate choice stethoscope for any physician.

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MDF ER Premier Cardiology Stainless Steel

The MDF ER Premiere Cardiology is one of the best stethoscopes for ER units. The stethoscope, which equals 3M Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope in acoustic output, is a good investment. Its sound performance is excellent in all types of environments. You can hear subtle murmurs as well as accurate lung sounds with it. With the clarity in sound output, there will be no need for you to purchase a different bi-lumen unit.

However, the stethoscope has a stiff cushion on its earpiece. This might make it a little uncomfortable for you at first wear. However, you get used to it with time. The stethoscope is all-black in color and looks attractive on the neck. The price range for this unit is very affordable.

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MDF Sprague-X Redesigned

This is among the cheapest stethoscopes in the market that offers value for money. The MDF Sprague-X has a perfect fit, excellent sensitivity and comfort, and a great finish.

Its price notwithstanding, the unit performs excellently when getting the blood pressure. It also blocks ambient noise when you’re working in a busy environment. Even better, you will not hear any sounds when you rub the two tubes against each other due to the X-configuration in this scope. With the MDF stethoscope, you are in a better position to differentiate body sounds from outside noise.

Compared to other dual-head units, the MDF Sprague-X gives a full-feeling click. Medical students will be happy with this unit bot only due to its affordable price but also for the great sound performance. It performs just as well as the 3M Littmann Classic II S.E stethoscope.

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MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology

This is a pioneer scope for the cardiology department. Unlike most cardiology steths, the MDF ProCardial ERA stethoscope is considerably lightweight. The stethoscope also has a better headset. On purchase, you get 3 pairs of diaphragm and bells for adult and pediatric patient diagnoses. The diaphragm fitted on the chest-piece has a non-chill retaining ring. Moreover, it’s ultra-sensitive, giving a fine-tuned and safe sound transmission.

The MDF ProCardial has patented sound seal tubing and extra large bells that isolate low frequency while amplifying sound. Lung sound auscultation is far better with this unit than other cheap stethoscopes in the market.

Paramedics and other physicians will agree that the MDF ProCardial is one of the best cheap quality stethoscopes available.

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MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual-Head – Convertible Chest Piece

Often termed the five-in-one steth, the MDF Sprague Rappaport stethoscope is loved for its classic versatile design and clear acoustics. Medics rely on it to listen to even the faintest body sounds. This makes it useful even in infant and pediatric assessment. You won’t need to purchase a separate adult and pediatric kit if you own this unit.

The chrome-plated brass headset allows a custom fit. The silicon ear tips also provide a comfortable fit and are easy to maintain. The MDF Sprague stethoscope accessory kit allows you remove the diaphragm and replace it with an adult, infant or pediatric bell.

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MDF Dual Head Lightweight – All Black

This all-black MDF Dual Head Lightweight stethoscope is among the best dual-head stethoscopes. The higher priced stethoscope features an aesthetic color that makes it stand out. The steth is also light in weight and comes packaged with a small pocket of spare parts and a name tag. To be eligible for its lifetime parts warranty, you should register the model as soon as you pay for it.

This model is the best family stethoscope. Any family member, even without medical training, can use to take blood pressure for instance. This is because of its good acoustic clarity.

The package has extra ear piece just in case you need a change. The tubing is also sturdy and therefore noise disturbance is minimal.

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MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head, Pink

Acoustica Deluxe is an excellent acoustic performing lightweight stethoscope. The stethoscope has patented safety-lock ear tips that make it convenient to use without puncturing your eardrums. Its packaging has extra earbuds for back up.

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope Reviews

The MDF Acoustica Deluxe stethoscope has densely thick tubing with a Y-configuration. Because of this thick tubing PVC, it’s immune to cracking that comes with wear and tear of repeated use. The tubing also promotes a clearer listen to body sounds including heartbeats, even in a busy environment.

Specifically designed for high performance, this stethoscope has a full-rotation valve stem that makes it durable. The aluminum chest piece and large bells allow you to hear sounds clearly and not confuse them with outside noise.

If you have a small budget, this unit offers excellent performance at almost half the price of similar performing steths in the market. The unique pink color can however be challenging if you do not like bright items.

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MDF ONE Stainless Steel Premium

Available at[amazon_textlink asin=’B000RQL2CC’ text=’MDF ONE Stainless Steel Premium’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’steth09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4e504b48-50e4-11e7-9f25-61294f5d8fea’] on Amazon and offered with a lifetime warranty, the MDF ONE Stainless Steel stethoscope is foolproof of why medics have trusted this brand since 1971. You can also find the stethoscope at the official MDF Website at a lower price. The stethoscope has great acoustic clarity and an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for both you and your patient. The unit is latex free and features a double-head handmade stainless steel chest piece. The green indicator on the chest piece is important for sealing sound and differentiating sound channels.

The MDF ONE’s non-stick acoustic tubing enables superior sound transmission. This also helps to minimize wear and cracks after years of repeated use. Although not a Littmann model, this scope is loved by nurses.

The insane chest piece sensitivity and durability of the MDF ONE Stainless Steel stethoscope give it an edge over the competition. This explains the many positive Amazon reviews of the unit. Termed stethoscope for nurses, this scope unit is cheaper than most stethoscope for doctors.

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MDF Cool Stethoscope Models

There are various MDF stethoscopes that come in funky colors but spot the same build quality and excellent acoustics as the above. These stethoscopes usually come in limited edition models and are excellent for showing your personality.

Below are some of the funky stethoscope models by MDF Instruments:

Check the complete list of cool stethoscopes here.

MDF Stethoscope Warranty

MDF Instruments manufactures high quality stethoscopes for all kinds of medical situations. The stethoscopes come with a lifetime warranty when purchased at the MDF Instruments Official Website

MDF Stethoscope Review: Conclusion

Most MDF Instruments stethoscopes are exceptionally versatile and convenient to use. They are great for use by non-medics like family members, medical students, nurses and even experienced doctors.

MDF stethoscopes have excellent acoustics, are light weight and have beautiful colors. This is why they are highly rated on Amazon. MDF stethoscopes are a cheaper alternative to the Littmann brand. The stethoscopes offer value for money for both medical students and certified healthcare professionals.

We hope this MDF Instruments stethoscope review has been helpful to you. If you are not a fan of Littmann for one reason or another, we highly recommend you check out the above MDF stethoscopes.s

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