Littmann Veterinary Stethoscope Review


Famous for its durable single sided chest piece feature, the 3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope is perfect for veterinary practitioners.

Littmann Veterinary Stethoscope Features

Acoustic Features

The sound quality of this good veterinary stethoscope is praised by many users. Customers cite the steth for clarity and ease while listening to heart sounds. They also love the tunable diaphragm which can fine-tune both high pitched and low frequencies.

However, from Amazon reviews, some vet students and practicing vet doctors do not quality of the sound output. They complain that the Littmann veterinary stethoscope cannot pick heart murmurs. These customers instead prefer  using the Littmann cardiology stethoscope.


The steth weighs 6.3 ounces, which makes it easy to wear on the neck. No worries about having any neck pains when wearing this stethoscope on your neck the whole day.

Tube Length

The extra-long length of the tube makes it perfect for getting around large and medium sized animals. This is why the stethoscope is the best for examining huge dogs. The modelis also recommended as the best stethoscope for vet students.

Ear Tips

This large animal stethoscope has the soft sealing rubbery gel that most Littmann stethoscopes are famous for. The ear tips are designed to not only be comfortable but also reduce background noises.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. Can I use this stethoscope on humans?

If the 3m Littmann Master Classic II veterinary stethoscope is already being used on animals,  clean and disinfect it before using it on anyone. So, yes! You could use it to examine human patients.

2. How many ear tips does it come with?

Unlike most Littmann stethoscopes with three ear tips, the Littmann veterinary stethoscope only has one ear tip. The ear tip is the type with a rubbery soft sealing that blocks and reduces environmental noise.

3. Is there a variety of colors to choose from?

At the time of this review, only the navy blue color was available. However, you can check at Amazon to see the current colors available.

4. Can I use this Littmann Master Classic II on small animals?

The chest piece size of this medical vet stethoscope might be too big for use on small size animals like birds. You might want to go with the Littmann Pediatric Classic, which has a double sided chest piece that makes it perfect for use on both small and big animals. However, the vet stethoscope is perfect for examining medium to large sized animals.

Should I buy the Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope?

Absolutely! This is the best vet stethoscope in the market. It is not only comfortable to wear around the neck due to its light weight, but its extra-long tubes allow one to easily get around large and medium sized animals.

The stethoscope also has excellent sound quality. Although some users complained about the one-sided chest piece, saying it limited them to only using it on big animals, the extra-long tubes compensate for that downside. If you are a vet tech or vet doctor, you should definitely consider having this stethoscope.

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