Best Stethoscopes for EMTs & Paramedics


There is no medical device in an EMT’s kit that is as important as a stethoscope. EMTs use stethoscopes to examine the lungs and heart for abnormal sounds and also determine a patient’s blood pressure.

The decision of purchasing a stethoscope is a big one for most EMT doctors. Should you buy one or borrow? If you want to buy, what model or type of stethoscope will meet your needs?

As an EMT, you will find yourself working in loud, harsh environments. Yet even in these scenarios, you are expected to diagnose your patients accurately. This means the stethoscope you choose must have excellent acoustic capabilities. Moreover, it should be sturdy and portable.

Top 5 Best Stethoscopes for Paramedics and EMTs

The best EMT stethoscopes in the market are:

Check the comparison table below for an overview of the features of the stethoscopes:

Best EMT Stethoscope Reviews