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Which is the best MBLEx study guide? Read on for the top prep books you should buy.

Entry level professionals looking to become massage therapists should take the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx). This examination is mandatory for all professionals that work in the massage industry and is administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTH). So, before you start shopping around for the best massage chair for your business, you need to pass this exam.

As you study for the exam, you will learn about the procedures and regulations to follow to ensure your customers are safe. The studies also cover effective bodywork and massage therapy practices.

The MBLEx exam takes 2 hours and comprises of 100 multiple-choice questions. The exam is prepared by vetted massage, bodywork, and somatic professionals to ensure that anyone looking to enter the massage therapy industry is qualified.

There are 8 different areas where you will be tested in the MBLEx. With the right resources, study materials, and some bit of organization, you are sure to ace the MBLEx exam. There are different MBLEx study materials on the market. To make your work easier, we have reviewed the best MBLEx study guides that will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to pass the examination.

MBLEx Study Guide Comparison Table


mblex test prep - study guide and workbookMBLEx Test Prep – Study Guide and Workbook

700+ questions

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mblex study guide 2017MBLEx Study Guide 2017

2 practice exams

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mblex study guideMBLEx Study Guide

100+ questions

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essential review guide for passing the mblexEssential Review for Passing the MBLEx

300+ questions

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the mblex content unlockedMBLEx Content Unlocked Review


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MBLEx Study Guide Review

#1.  MBLEx Test Prep – Study Guide and Workbook

mblex test prep - study guide and workbookThe MBLEx Test Prep is a 298-pages book that is helpful for both massage experts and students. This book has information that you are likely to be tested on in the MBLEx exam. The book is well-organized and does not have fluff.

The MBLEx Test Prep is a comprehensive MBLEx study course that covers a wide range of topics, including physiology, anatomy, pathology, medical terminology, massage therapy, and others.

Below is an overview of the MBLEx Test Prep:

  • Contains more than 700 questions that are similar to the ones asked in MBLEx exams
  • Uses techniques that will help you be calm and take the exam, even if you suffer from anxiety
  • Contains tips on improving your study skills
  • Crossword puzzles and word games that make studying more interesting
  • Has dozens of illustrations that make learning easier
  • Matching and labeling exercises
  • Has reviews with fill-in-the-blanks to make it easy for you to remember information
  • Has extensive information that you are likely to be tested about on the exam

When you buy the MBLEx Test Prep, you will also get additional resources in the form of flashcards, video lectures, and unlimited practice exams. There is also an online portal with free resources.


  • Affordable MBLEx book (check current price)
  • The online video lectures are great for visualizing information, especially in the areas you are weak
  • Has comprehensive information that is likely to be tested on the exams
  • Divers content (videos, crosswords, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.) that makes learning enjoyable
  • Dozens of practice questions


  • None!

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#2.  MBLEx Study Guide 2017

mblex study guide 2017The MBLEx Study Guide by Ascencia Test Prep also makes it on our list of the BEST MBLEx study guides on the market. This comprehensive book is written for both professionals massage therapists and students. The content is supplemented by end-of-chapter questions that make learning easier and help to stimulate retention.

The MBLEx Study Guide 2017 covers all the topics that are tested in the exam. The book also comes with two full practice tests that will help you get accustomed to the questions asked in the real exam. By going through the book, you will learn real-life examples that will allow you to practice the theoretical knowledge and how to undertake the exam even when stressed.

Among the topics covered in the book include:

  • Massage and its benefits
  • Pathology and Contraindication
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Professional practice (getting supplies, keeping records, confidentiality, and so on)
  • Ethics (relationship and communication between therapist and client)
  • The history of Swedish massage and skills

If you are preparing for your MBLEx exam, we recommend this study guide. The book has many diagrams and photos that will make it easier for you to visualize the complicated processes and concepts.


  • Intuitive and well-laid out for easy study
  • Concise and well-written
  • Has dozens of pictures and diagrams that make learning easier


  • There are a couple of editing errors

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#3.  MBLEx Study Guide

mblex study guideThis MBLEx Study Guide is a bit short with its 154 pages. Also, as expected, the book does not go deeper into the details like the two MBLEx study guides we have reviewed above

However, the MBLEx Study Guide is an excellent complementary resource for anyone that is already familiar with most topics in the massage therapy industry. The book is well organized and covers all the topics tested in the MBLEx exam in a concise manner. Moreover, you will get some tips and tricks on how to study as well as take the test.

Below is an overview of what is covered in this MBLEx study guide:

  • Professional practice guidelines
  • Ethics, boundaries, laws and regulations
  • History of massage and bodywork modalities
  • Client assessment, treatment, and reassessment
  • Benefits and physiological effects of stimulating soft massage tissues
  • Pathology, contraindications, areas of caution, and special populations
  • Kinesiology
  • Anatomy and physiology

All the eight focus areas of massage therapy are covered in this MBLEx Study Guide. Moreover, the book has 100+ practice questions with answers. The explanations will help you understand why particular answers are correct or not, which is important in helping you identify the mistakes you are likely to make when answering the real MBLEx questions.

Finally, the MBLEx study course has test-taking strategies that will help you save time and avoid error when taking the exam.

The MBLEx Study Guide is well-organized and each section ends with practice questions and answers. The book has tables, graphs, charts, and other visual aids that support the information provided.


  • Has lots of visual aids that help you to understand the information presented
  • Each section ends with questions’
  • Detailed explanations are offered for the answers to help you learn from your mistakes
  • Concise and straight to the point


  • Does no provide in-depth information on the topics covered

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#4.  Essential Review for Passing the MBLEx

essential review guide for passing the mblexWhen you have a lot to cover when revising for an exam, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the information presented in the revision guides. To make your work easier, the Essential Review Guide for Passing the MBLEx Licensing Exam is well organized and its content is broken down to make learning a fast, fun, and easy experience.

The book is divided into three sections:

Section 1

This section contains test questions and answers. The book has over 30 practice questions that are broken down into chapters. Therefore, it is easy for you to follow along with the questions.

In every chapter, there is an answer key that will help you identify your weaknesses.

Section 2

The second section covers pathology and medical terminology. In this section, you will learn about various parts of the body as well as different conditions. There is also a guide on medical terminology that includes examples, suffixes, prefixes, root words, and definitions.

Section 3

The final section is a quick review sheet on massage therapy. This section contains facts and information that you can easily browse just before the exam. The topics covered in this section include the history of massage, business, the joints, the muscles, the skeletal system, and others. The section also has crossword puzzle reviews.

The Essential Review Guide for Passing the MBLEx Licensing Exam book does not go in-depth into the topics tested in the final exam. However, if you are looking for a quick way to brush your skills or test your knowledge, then this 200-page book would be perfect.

We especially love the hundreds of practice exam questions and word games in the book that make it easy to remember complex concepts.


  • Organized in a manner that breaks the monotony of studying
  • Has a quick review sheet that is helpful if you would like to cram information right before the exam day


  • Does not go in-depth into the information. It only has questions and word games

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#5.  MBLEx Content Unlocked Review

the mblex content unlockedAnother great guide you should have in your arsenal is the MBLEx Content Unlocked Review. This book is a great resource for former massage therapy students and will help you to refresh your knowledge of complex concepts.

The book presents information in a clean and concise manner without any fluff. Moreover, it covers the importance of each topic in the MBLEx, which makes it a great resource if you would like to focus on particular areas.

The content in the MBLEx Content Unlocked Review is introduced following the format required by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and is, therefore, easy to follow. However, the book is short (169 pages) and does not go in-depth on topics about the body and system. For this reason, we only recommend it as a supplementary guide to one of the above best MBLEx study guides.

One thing that the MBLEx course lacks is practice questions. You will need to use this book together with one of the guides we have reviewed above to get the most benefit from it. However, the book is quite affordable.


  • Information is presented in a clear and concise manner
  • The content is presented in the same format as the FSMTB content outline


  • The information does not go deeper into the topics
  • There is no practice exam or questions

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Editor’s Verdict: Best MBLEx Study Guide

Studying the MBLEx can be quite challenging. However, if you have the right resources, you will be on your way to becoming a licensed therapist in no time. The MBLEx resources we have reviewed above will help you pass the exams with excellent grades. The books are also quite affordable

The best MBLEx study guide is the MBLE Test Prep. This comprehensive book is well-organized and has tons of practice questions and flashcards.

If you are looking for something shorter, you can go with either the MBLEx Content Unlocked or the MBLEx Study Guide. Both of these resources have concise content and will be helpful if you are already familiar with massage therapy concepts.


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