Best Emergency Medicine Books

Looking for the best Emergency Medicine books? From our poll across 132 colleges in the United States, these are these books emerged the top.

Choosing the best emergency medicine book can be quite challenging given all the books available on the market. Regardless of the type of EM book you are looking for, you may end up spending quite some time comparing the options available if you do not know specifically what you are looking for.

To make your work easier, we have written this emergency medicine books review to save you time and educate you on the best options available.

Best Emergency Medicine Books – Comparison Table

Some emergency books are long and have in-depth content while others are concise and would best be used as references on the go.  All the books below deserve to be mentioned in this post on the best emergency medicine books.


Rosen's Emergency MedicineRosen’s Emergency Medicine

Textbook26882017Read Full Review

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Tintinalli's Emergency MedicineTintinalli’s Emergency Medicine

Textbook21762015Read Full Review

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Robert's and Hedges ProceduresRoberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine

Textbook15602013Read Full Review

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Tarascon Adult Emergency PocketbookTarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocket

Pocket Book2342017Read Full Review

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Ma & Mateer's UltrasoundMa & Mateer’s Emergency Ultrasound

Pocket Book7202013Read Full Review

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Emergency Medicine ProceduresEmergency Medicine Procedures

Textbook12712013Read Full Review

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Critical Care Emergency MedicineCritical Care Emergency Medicine Manual

Textbook7202016Read Full Review

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Fleisher and Ludwig'sFleisher & Ludwig’s Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Textbook15522015Read Full Review

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Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency DepartmentAvoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department

Textbook10802017Read Full Review

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Minor Emergencies- Expert ConsultMinor Emergencies: Expert Consult

Textbook8482012Read Full Review

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Overview of the Recommended Emergency Books

#1.  Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – Concepts and Clinical Practice

Rosen's Emergency MedicineRosen’s Emergency Medicine is one of the most comprehensive EM books on the market. The book is available in two volumes and is a must-have for all emergency medicine practitioners.

The chapters in the book dig into a wide range of conditions that you may encounter when practicing Emergency Medicine. Diseases are examined in-depth and from multiple angles and various differential diagnoses and treatments are reviewed.

This book is written by leading experts in the field of Emergency Medicine. The book is packed in two volumes and is, therefore, long. If you are looking for information on sections of the Emergency Medicine, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

There is also an electronic version of the book.

The Rosen’s Emergency Medicine book does not come cheap (check current price). However, given that it’s a book that you will use as a reference for years, the price should not be a deal breaker.  This is a must-have library book for anyone that is in the Emergency Medicine field.

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#2.  Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine

Tintinalli's Emergency MedicineThe Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine is concise but covers a lot of Emergency Medicine topics. We love this book because it often covers some topics that are usually ignored, which can be relevant as you get more experience in the field.

The concepts you learned in medical school as well articulated in the book in a manner that reinforces your understanding. For example, the book has information on how fresh frozen plasma is prepared for clinical use. You are likely to have forgotten this information way after you graduated.

Both expert and beginner practitioners will find the Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine book as a worthy reference. The book is reasonably priced, compact and has straight-to-the-point information on multiple EM topics.

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#3.  Roberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine

Robert's and Hedges ProceduresWithout a doubt, the best procedure book on the market is the Roberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine. The book covers both common and esoteric procedures and would be a great guide for any medic looking to dive deeper into a medical technique or learn a new procedure.

The book is generally organized by organ systems such as gastrointestinal, vascular, and cardiac procedures. Each procedure is covered from the beginning to the end in its own chapter. The applicable physiology and anatomy concepts are reviewed in each procedural section as appropriate to give you a firm foundation around a particular Emergency Medicine procedure.

The procedures are reviewed comprehensively and are, sometimes, accompanied by detailed graphics for better understanding. There are also reviews of the complications that may occur during the procedures.

The Roberts and Hedges Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine covers some procedures you are not likely to encounter in your daily routine working in the ER. For example, the book covers how to perform a balloon tamponade of gastroesophageal varices while a patient is vomiting bright red blood.

This book is one you need as you progress in your EM career. We recommend it to both beginners and more experienced medics involved in Emergency Medicine procedures.

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#4.  Tarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocket

Tarascon Adult Emergency PocketbookThe Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook is a handy reference guide packed with information you will find useful in your daily work in the hospital. The book easily fits in your shirt or white coat pocket and this is why it’s rated the best Emergency Medicine pocketbook.

You can easily get the information you need in the Tarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocketbook. This is the best book for quick reference for information that you need on the go.

We rate the handy Tarascon as the best Emergency Medicine pocket guide.  The updated book is a concise handy guide that should always be at your bedside.

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#5.  Ma & Mateer’s Emergency Ultrasound

Ma & Mateer's UltrasoundThe Ma & Mateer’s Emergency Ultrasound is the ultimate book for anyone that is interested in emergency ultrasound. Every chapter of the book covers a clinical overview of anatomical considerations, problem-solving, ultrasound techniques, and visualization.

The EM book also has case studies that will help you understand and differentiate normal scans from pathological ones. All elements of emergency ultrasound are covered in the book, from classic ones like cardiac, hepatobiliary, and trauma to newer ones such as testicular and renal.

The reference guide on emergency ultrasound is a must-have for anyone interested in getting into the details of emergency medicine.

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#6.  Emergency Medicine Procedures

Emergency Medicine ProceduresAnother book you will need to help you through the complexities of Emergency Medicine is the Emergency Medicine Procedures. The book has excellent pictures, graphics, and charts that help to enhance what is covered in the chapters. Inside, you will get detail explanations on how to carry out procedures from the start to finish. There is also a section on ultrasounds, which is a great addition.

We love the Emergency Medicine Procedures of its solid procedure review.

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#7.  Critical Care Emergency Medicine Manual

Critical Care Emergency MedicineAdvanced critical care knowledge has become more important for medics that work in the Emergency Department. The Critical Care Emergency Medicine is a comprehensive guide on the practice of critical care in the ED.  The book bridges the gap between Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.

In Critical Care Emergency Medicine, you will learn how to approach a number of issues such as toxicology, cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders, airway and ventilator management, among others. The detailed book has dozens of color illustrations that complement the anatomical explanations and goes deeper into subjects you will rarely encounter when practicing Emergency Medicine.

We recommend the Critical Care Emergency Medicine book for anyone that would like to refine his or her approach to critical care in the ED.

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#8.  Fleisher & Ludwig’s Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Fleisher and Ludwig'sThe well-written and comprehensive Fleisher & Ludwig’s Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine covers all the issues you are likely to face when treating children in the Pediatric Emergency Department. The book starts with an overview of pediatric resuscitation and how to approach an injured child.

Other chapters go deeper into how to approach different signs and symptoms when treating a new pediatric patient in the ED. There are also interesting sections related to pediatric procedures and clinical pathways.

Experienced providers may not find the book a lot useful. However, if you are still fresh in the pediatric department, this is the best pediatric emergency medicine book you should have.

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#9.  Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department

Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency DepartmentAnother book that makes it on your list of the best emergency medicine books is the Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department. This book highlights the common errors medics are likely to make in the ED and provides recommendations on how to address them.

We love this book for its practical approach to treatment. The book takes common knowledge and attempts to reason through diseases management and processes at a higher level. If you are an experienced medic, you will love how the book digs into subtleties that are critical and may confuse even an experienced professional.

The Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Departments offers evidence-based guidelines and is more of a companion book that we recommend to anyone that works in the Emergency Department should have.

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#10.  Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult

Minor Emergencies- Expert ConsultThe final book to make it on our list of the best emergency medicine books is the Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult. This book covers hundreds of minor disease presentations in a compact manner. The content is well presented in form of bullet points, illustrations, and commentaries using evidence-based medicine. This book is a useful read before or during an ED shift. You can easily refresh your knowledge on minor care.

The book is also paired with online content in case you would want more information. More details on the available topics can be accessed online by simply scanning a QR code on the book with your tablet or phone to access dozens of videos.  The videos make it easier for you to understand the procedures discussed and would particularly be helpful when you are about to perform an uncommon procedure, for example, remove a foreign body.

We recommend the Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult for nurse’s practitioners and physician assistants that are in their early stages of training, or anyone working in low acuity clinical settings.

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What to Consider Before Buying Emergency Medicine Books

There are dozens of emergency medicine books on the market and determining the right one for you can be quite difficult.

One thing you may want to check when evaluating different emergency books is the author and editors. The principal authors and editors of a book will help you know whether they practice in community or academic settings (or both). Generally, academic contributors are current on recommended best practices in Emergency Medicine. On the other hand, community EM contributors may provide hands-on insights on how theoretical Emergency Medicine is applied in community situations.

If you want a book that you will use as a reference guide for years, go for a comprehensive option such as the Rosen’s Emergency Medicine or Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine. On the other hand, if you want a portable book to use for reference on the go, get the Tarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocket.

Editor’s Verdict: Which is the Best Emergency Medicine Book?

The best emergency medicine book for you will utterly depend on your career path. Below is an overview of the books we recommend for different professionals.

Best Emergency medicine Books for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

Most nurse practitioners and physician assistants work in lower acuity settings. The best book for them would be the Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult. This book has a comprehensive overview of the conditions that NPs and PAs will often encounter in the Emergency Department.

Best Emergency Book for Pediatrics

The best pediatric Emergency Medicine book majorly discus child-specific issues, including pediatric-specific gastrointestinal conditions, formula choices, and growth curves. The best book we recommend is the Fleisher & Ludwig’s Textbook for Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Best Emergency Book for Medical Students

For students interested in specializing in Emergency Medicine, the best book to buy would be the Rosen’s Emergency Medicine.  If you have already started practicing Emergency Medicine, you can buy the Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual.


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