Best Baby Bath Thermometer

best baby birth thermometer

As a parent, you always want to ensure your baby is safe and healthy. This means giving the child the best nutrition, attention, care, love as well as hygiene.

Speaking of hygiene, it is important to ensure you have the perfect bathing environment. If the bath water is too hot, your child can get miserable and even end up getting burned. On the other hand, if you do not get the water warm enough, it can be difficult to effectively wash and scrub off bacteria from your child.

Since you want to ensure your child has a great experience when bathing, it’s important to have a way of monitoring the bathwater temperature. This means using one of the best baby bath thermometers you can find.

Read on for our guide on baby bathwater thermometers that we recommend.

How to Choose the Best Baby Bath Thermometer

Consider the following points to find the right toddler bath water thermometer:

      i.)            Usability

The best baby bath thermometers on the market also double up as bath toys. Choose a device that is colorful or fun so that your child can play with as you give him or her a bath.

    ii.)            Indicators

You also want a thermometer that has an excellent display or indicator to help you read the temperatures easily.

   iii.)            Safety

Another factor to consider when choosing a toddler thermometer is safety. Look for a thermometer that does not have small pieces that could present a choking hazard for your child.

   iv.)            Precision

Look for a digital baby bath thermometer that is accurate. A thermometer is only as valuable as its precision. A versatile thermometer that cannot measure bath water temperature properly would be worthless.

Consider the accuracy level of the baby thermometer you want to purchase to ensure your bathwater temperature would be properly measured for your baby to have a great time when bathing.

With that said, it’s time to check the baby thermometer reviews of the devices we recommend.

Best Baby Bath Thermometer Reviews

#1. Ozeri Turtlemeter – (Editor’s Choice)

ozuri turtlemeterYour kids will love this cheerful, turtle-shaped toy as it floats on the tub.

When in the water, the thermometer indicates the water temperature instantly both in terms of Fahrenheit and an easy-to-understand LCD stoplight color display. Green indicates that the water is just right, blue is for too cold, and red for too hot.

The Turtlemeter keeps updating every second. Therefore, you will instantly know when the temperature has fallen past 95 degrees, which means your little one is bound to get chilly.

The Turtlemeter baby thermometer is ideal for parents and children that need attention. Even if you are busy with the kids, you will only need to glance at the device to check the water temperature. If you usually leave your kids with other caregivers, for example, a nanny, babysitter, or grandma, they can easily determine whether the water temperature is right for the babies.

Simple to Use

The Turtlemeter is simple to use. The device is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which can be changed as necessary. The batteries are housed in a small enclosing that is tightly sealed with tiny screws. You will need a small screwdriver (we recommend this one) to open the compartment to change the batteries. No screwdriver is included in the original package.

After changing the batteries, make sure you seal the compartment securely.

Great Design and Cool Features

The Turtlemeter only turns on when in contact with water. Therefore, the batteries can last for up to a year.

The personable turtle face makes the Turtlemeter a great device for kids. While this thermometer is technically for use by adults, kids will love taking bath with it as they try to sink it in the water. No matter how many times the thermometer is sunk, it will always end up floating with the smiling face staring at the kids.

Editor’s Verdict

The Turtlemeter features an easy-to-read color-coded LCD display and an adorable turtle design. This baby thermometer is fully submersible and has a digital display that shows the temperature in Fahrenheit.

However, its battery housing can be difficult to open when you need to replace the batteries.

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#2. Philips Avent Blue Flower Bath & Room Temperature

philips avent blue flowerThe Philips Avent baby thermometer is made of durable materials and meets the toy safety standards. This means you can leave it with your child to play with, drop, or even put in the mouth during bath time. If you have a toddler that likes to explore everything in the bath, get this product.

The Philips baby bath thermometer has a waterproof outer casing that makes it float in the tub, ensuring that you can see the water temperature. After bath, you can take it to the bedroom to check the room temperature.

The Philips Avent baby bath thermometer features a unisex flower design and makes it easy to read the temperature in Celsius. At the top of the device, you will see the optimal water and room temperatures for easy comparisons.

Editor’s Verdict

The Philips Avent is one of the best baby bath thermometers on the market. The device is sturdy, functional and fun for the baby. You can use it to check both the water and room temperature. On the display, the optimal water and room temperatures are shown for easy comparison.

The only issue we have with this thermometer is that it displays the temperature in Celsius only.

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#3. 4moms, Spot Cover

4moms spout coverUnlike the two baby bath thermometers we have reviewed above, the 4moms, Spot Cover does not float in the tub. Instead, it has a simple strap that you can use to hook it on the bathtub faucet. Therefore, as the water is getting into the tub, the thermometer will be taking its temperature and you can adjust accordingly.

The 4mom baby thermometer is made of soft foam, which also acts as a spout cover to keep your kids safe from the bumps coming from exposed metal faucets. If you share a bathroom with your kids, the thermometer has a diverter access point. When you want to shower, you do not have to remove the thermometer.

Things to Consider

Like is the case with any spout cover, the effectiveness of this baby thermometer will depend on the style and size of your faucet. You may have to wiggle it around a little bit as you fill the tub with water to hit the sensor on the right spot. You may want to use the attachment loop to adjust the device without a lot of hassle.

The thermometer will indicate the temperature of the water in Fahrenheit as it exits the faucet. Also, the LCD screen will change colors depending on the water temperature, going from blue (cold) to green (perfect), to red (hot).

If the water is hot, the thermometer will beep.


The temperate ranges of the 4Moms Spout Cover is a little different from that of other baby thermometers. For example, the “hot” range activates when the water is exactly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If your kids love to bathe in hot water or if the room is a little cold, making the water cool faster, you may have to intentionally get the thermometer in the hot range with the red display. However, keep in mind that the thermometer will keep beeping when the water is in the hot range.

Editor’s Verdict

Generally, the 4Moms Spout Cover baby thermometer looks like a small computer screen on your tub faucet. The thermometer has a full digital readout and is easy to adjust. The device is also mildew resistant and made from soft materials.

However, it only monitors the water as it comes from the faucet and not the water in the bath. Moreover, it may not perfectly fit every type of faucet. Finally, it has a lower range of temperatures for triggering the “hot” beep.

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#4. Dreambaby

dreambabyThe Dreambaby has a number of features that make it an energy-efficient baby bath thermometer. Like is the case with Avent Blue thermometer, the Dreambaby measure both room and water temperature. The device is shaped like a green alligator, floats in water, can be fully submerged, and meets toddler toy standards.

The Dreambaby is small and will perfectly fit your toddler’s hands. The cute little face will keep your toddler happy during bath time or when changing clothes for bedtime.

Display Switch and Temperature Readings

The Dreambaby allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit when reading the temperature. The device also has a two-tone color display: green for “cold” and red for “hot”. If the temperature is perfect, no color will be displayed on the grey screen.

The Dreambaby thermometer will switch on when it senses water and will provide the temperature readings as long as it’s in the bath. When you take it out of the water, the thermometer will start taking room temperature every 10 minutes for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down to save energy.

Editor’s Verdict

The Dreambaby has a good size and is fun-shaped for babies to play with. The thermometer has a convenient display option and can measure both water and bedroom temperature. We love the auto shut feature that enables the thermometer to save energy.

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#5. Skip Hop Moby

skip hop mobyThe Skip Hop Moby is a whale-shaped baby bath thermometer that features a modern design. The thermometer is blue, giving it a relaxed bath feel and does not look cartoonish.

This thermometer would be a great option for adults that do not like having a bunch of cartoon characters overrunning their bathroom. You can also get other bath option to match the Moby thermometer, for example, a cute whale shaped non-slip baby mat.

How it Works

The Skip Hop Moby thermometer floats in the bathwater and provides instant readings. The device has a digital display that changes between green and red to indicate “just right” or “too hot”. The temperature can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. However, you cannot switch between the two.

The thermometer may take a few minutes to calibrate and provide an accurate water temperature if you have been storing it on a cold wall. Therefore, we recommend that you let if float in the water with a “just right” reading for a few minutes before putting your kid in the water. When the thermometer has calibrated, you can be sure of getting accurate readings for the rest of the bath time.

The Skip Hop baby bath thermometer has a special suction cup bottom that you can use to stick it to any glass or tiled surface when not in use. For example, you can stick the thermometer on a wall and use the whale tail as bath poof or washcloth holder.


Your kids are bound to play with the whale thermometer as it floats in the bath .The good news is that the device is made from BPA-free materials and, therefore, is safe for your little kids to explore. Sometimes, the suction cup can  stick on the bottom of the bath if the thermometer if intentionally sunk. To release the thermometer back to the safe, simply finger on the suction cup.

The average lifespan of the Moby thermometer battery is six months. When the batteries are depleted, you can replace them.

Editor’s Verdict

The Skip Hop Moby baby bath thermometer has a whimsical but subtle design. The device is easy to store and can be used as a washcloth holder. We love the accuracy of the device as well as its easy to read display.

However, the thermometer will take a few minutes to calibrate if it was stored on a cold wall. Moreover, the CR2032 batteries can get depleted fast.

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Which is the Best Baby Bath Thermometer for You?

When the bath water is always of the right temperature, your baby will enjoy bath time. He or she will have fun in the water and relax as you wash him.

Toddler skin is very sensitive and can be easily burned by water that you may think is of the appropriate temperature when you touch it. Using an accurate baby bath water thermometer will ensure that the bathwater is safe for your child.

The above are the best baby bathwater thermometers on the market. However, to determine which one would be suitable for you, ask yourself how long you would want the device to last. For example, would you need a thermometer for multiple purposes, not just measuring bathwater temperature?

Also, consider the accuracy of the thermometer. What is the average temperature of bathwater your child would need?

Finally, go for a thermometer that will complement other toys in your child’s room. If you have some yellow toys, you can go for the Turtlemeter thermometer.

If you still cannot decide which thermometer to go for, we recommend the Ozeri Turtlemeter. The device is colorful, accurate and offers good value for money.


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